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40 plus years and 40 trillion plus dollars later they still don’t get it. Bill Cosby did a skit on this a few years ago and it was in an email but I can’t find it or I would post it here.

“Semper Fi”

Someone should tell the kid that it’s practically a negro league _now_.

If we had real integration, and real affirmative action, there would only be one negro permitted on a basketball team. (that’s what’s playing now.) I guess football and baseball teams would be permitted 2 each.

The left should just come out and say they’re anti-white.

It’s so obvious they hate white people.

First complete spelling class then worry about what league you will be playing in……..

I thought Leno and Gregory sounded pretty snobby and fairly clueless about the Tea Party protests. Lenos’s aloof elitism is getting tiresome. These out-of-touch TV personalities apparently just don’t understand what those peasants in fly-over country are griping about. Gregory’s spent too much time in Washington DC and “Burbank” Leno needs to talk to people outside of his own social class.

How cute! Anyone else notice that the sign being held by the tall, thin guy in the background appears to be in the same handwriting? Or, that the “in Rand’s world…” was written by a female hand? Nothing worse than astroturfing a child’s sign with the old faux, backwards-letters canard. Shouldn’t there be a lemonade stand involved?

And this is the reason I voted against Rand Paul. He is a libertarian who people didnt look into his past long enough before penciling in that oval in the voting booth. While he has a few good ideas, his misguided ideas far out weigh the good. Once again KY has shot themselves in the foot and handed the Dems the ammunition. We havea Governer who has spent us in a hole and told everyone he was going to do that before he was elected, then he jacked up taxes the moment his out of state shoes hit the office. Now he wants to slap on a VAT tax and charge people for using a new bridge they have been planing on building for over 12 years.

“KY” a state so great they named a Jelly after it.