Obama foreign policy: weakness through weakness [Reader Post]


On March 26, in what was clearly an act of war, a North Korean torpedo sank a south Korean ship, killing 46 sailors. The Obama administration reacted by expressing a strong amount of “caution.” Two months later, Hillary Clinton finally got around to calling the situation “highly precarious.” The Obama adminstration supported South Korea’s move to cut trade with North Korea but then made clear it was afraid – afraid of pissing off North Korea:

“We are working hard to avoid an escalation of belligerence and provocation,”

This has become the hallmark of Obama foreign policy. Hillary Clinton has become Neville Chamberlain. I expect to hear that she’s gotten a “Peace with honour” accord with North Korea that will include a bundle of concessions. The US has been frustrated at the hands of the North Koreans before. A quick search for “North Korea reneges” yields 29,700 hits. But it’s not just North Korea. It seems to be the official policy of the Obama administration to have its ass kicked over and over and over.

Obama unilaterally decided to drop a plan for missile defense for Eastern Europe. Obama hoped to get support for sanctions against Iran in return without any commitment from Russia.

Obama’s climb down is likely to be seen by Russia as a victory for its uncompromising stance.

Today, however, analysts pointed out the decision would help Obama secure Moscow’s co-operation on a possible new sanctions package against Iran and would further his desire to “reset” relations with Moscow following a dismal period under the Bush administration.

How did that work out? Not so well:

Brazil, China, Russia: No To Iranian Sanctions

So what does one do when this approach fails? Why, you keep repeating it if you’re Obama.

Iran has been thumbing its nose at the US continuously. During the Presidential campaign Obama asserted that the world must keep Iran from getting nuclear weapons. What does Obama do?

Obama Accepts a Nuclear Iran

Iran’s obstinance continues to bear fruit:

The Obama administration on Friday removed sanctions against three Russian organizations the US had previously accused of assisting Iran’s effort to develop nuclear weapons.

Penalties against a fourth Russian entity previously accused of illicit arms sales to Syria were also lifted.

The timing of the decisions, published in Friday’s Federal Register but not otherwise announced by the State Department, suggested the possibility of a link to US efforts to win Russian support for a new UN Security Council resolution expanding sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program.

It didn’t work last time, so why not try it again?

Sometimes Obama competes with himself for the title of Biggest Loser. He has decided to tell everyone in the world exactly how many warheads we have, and when we plan to make secret missile launches.

And Obama has decided that Congress doesn’t need to know any of this. Maybe it’s to spare them the anguish of watching a great nation’s downward spin in the current of the commode.

We can’t says we weren’t warned, and warned by Obama himself.

Obama has made clear that his policy for the United States is to diminish us, to humiliate us, and to weaken us. Our adversaries, in return have also made clear their policy toward the US:

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Kick him and he bows!!!

May I have another please …

You know, this could be the opportunity to see what happens when someone insists on re-turning his cheek. Because he keeps doing it and doing it. It certainly is strange behavior in any “boss.” If this wasn’t my country I’d call it a fascinating social experiment. 🙁 Indeed the Dems are doing a great job of running a lot of real-life pilot studies in sociological theories, and we’ve become like lab rats.

Patter: You know, this could be the opportunity to see what happens when someone insists on re-turning his cheek.

Is this a polite way of suggesting that, the next time Obama decides to bow to some foreign dignitary, he should turn around and do so with his backside to them? 😉

Showing weakness and doing nothing in front of this country’s enemies is just a part of the Obama/Soros plan to bring down the republic. Getting to be time to fight back.

@Mata Harley
🙂 It’s a two-sided statement. I was actually considering the Biblical idea which has so seldom been tried in practice. But, considering his rumored proclivities–your idea may be more likely than we want to know.

LOL! Yes, Patter. I got the Biblical reference of tolerance. Just couldn’t resist the obvious. I mean, there’s few foreigners he *doesn’t* bow to, so he may as well make those “cheeks” turn. Makes you wonder…. he addresses the nation with his snoot in the air, looking down at us. Entirely different body language to some very nefarious characters.

I begged and pleaded with anyone who had ears, don’t vote for this snake oil salesman. They all assured me, that he was a) more to the center than I gave him credit for being, b) far more competant than I gave him credit for being, c) a refreshing change of pace from the politics as usual cynicism we were witnessing from both parties, and d) going to do a better job of handling both the economy, and national defense than McCain.

Sadly, Obama has done the exact job I believed he would. He is a) a flat out marxist, b) incompetant at every level, including each and every one of his appointments, c) more thuggish and cynical than any politician in American history, and d) working feverishly to destroy our economic system and weaken our nation on the world stage.

I have tried not to be guilty of Obama derangement syndrome, as those on the left were quick to blame Bush for every ill in the universe, (including cold and flu season and ingrown toenails.) To be honest, I can only think of one positive thing Obama has been involved with during his Presidency. (I think Obama managed to stay out of the Navy’s way in dealing with the Samali Pirates last summer.)

To my friends who were fooled by Obama, I blame you. To my Jewish family members who voted for Obama, I especially blame you. It is not like this prediction was not made, and made loudly. Before you chime in with the, “they’re all the same meme,” I am here to tell you it is a load of crap. Jimmy Carter’s name can finally be removed from the worst President in history position. We have a new owner of that moniker. I believe he wishes to hold it for quite some time.

“I expect to hear that she’s gotten a “Peace with honour” accord with North Korea….”

Maybe Obama and Clinton will qualify for the first “Courageous Restraint” medal.