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Kerry was obligated by the UCMJ, the Geneva Cponventions and the Laws of Land warfare to report the alleged “war crimes” that he offered up in his testimony. Commissioned Officers bear that as part of their Oath and Duty.

He obviously did not. He slandered Members of the US Armed Forces and his Awards are meaningless. His meetings with the North Vietnamese Government in Paris is nothing short of Treason.

Enough said.

John Kerry is a disgraceful Marxist SOB. He is in lockstep with Obama in trying to destroy our republic as evidenced with his voting record and more recently in introducing cap and trade legislation. His service in Vietnam was pitiful. He ducked out on serving a full tour and received awards for which he was unqualified by doctoring the paperwork. The Swift Boat guys had him pegged during the time he ran for POTUS. And as OT states above, anyone who consorts with the enemy is a traitor. Lastly the Winter Soldier hearings mentioned in another post was Communist bullshit. Most of the testomony was from people who were never in the military but claimed to be. Kerry is in a class with Hanoi Jane.

You’re relying on Carlton Sherwood? A guy who wrote a book extolling the virtues of Sun Myung Moon, the cult leader who has proclaimed himself to be the second coming of Christ?

You’ve got to be kidding.

Sherwood brings it all back.
Sherwood is not a Harvard-educated elite. Therefore he does not represent the effete intellectual snobs who live at the top of the food chain and look down their noses at those who work for a living. Obama, Napolitano, Holder, Biden, Kagan, all the other Czars in the BO regieme–they hate and despise America.
Remember: Kerry is a Senator for Life from Massachusetts.
His mentor, William Fulbright, also brought us Bill Clinton.
And Clinton made an unexplained trip to Moscow while at Oxford.
Every action of the current administration is intended to bring America down, down to the level the elites think she deserves: Cuba, Somalia, North Korea–fifth world status.
This means bankrupting the U S Treasury, destroying the dollar, opening the borders wide to all terrorists worldwide, destroying our health care, destroying our industry, destroying our energy industry, tearing down everything which was once so wonderful.
Socialism, according to the late father of Sen Chris Dodd, is the wave of the future.
Of course it has brought incalculable harm every time it has been tried, but that does not matter.
Not if you are an ideologue.
Meanwhile Kerry is a traitor. Doubly so, once for his secret negotiations with North Vietnam and once for his false testimony before Fulbright’s committee.
But Kerry has not given up his treason. He keeps trying.
Remember what motivates these guys and gals: “it isn’t fair.”
It is not fair that capitalism should succeed and socialism fail.
It isn’t fair that individuals thrive under freedom and suffer under a police state.
It isn’t fair that good should be good and evil should be evil.
The playing field has to be leveled.
And that can only be done by abolishing freedom.

This post is in memory of Major Charles Lyndon( killed defending Hong Kong ) and Corporal John Martine (pow of Hong Kong ).

Winston Churchill had asked for reinforcements from Canada to help with the defense of Hong Kong before the war started in the Pacific. The Winnipeg Grenadiers and part of the Royal Canadian Armored were sent, woefully unprepared. Hong Kong was held from 8 Dec 41 until Xmas 41. Uncle John told me the Japanese started executing the Canadian wounded after they had surrendered for lack of ammunition.

Uncle John was starved and brutalized until freed by the Russians in Aug 45. He was spared because he was a locomotive mechanic working for the Japs in Manchuria( Manchueko). When he got home, my parents told me, Uncle John weighed about 90 lbs, had broken and missing fingers, and could not fend for himself. I held him in awe, until he died in 1980.

The Lyndons are neighbors from Claresholm, Alberta.

Kerry, Hanoi Jane, and horrible Hayden are abominable pieces of shiit! Throw in Tom Hanks!

@Greg, just out of my curiosity, Who are You trying to kid, fool, impress or indoctrinate?

Most of US are not one source informed or share your liberal bias. Kerry was/is a traitor and that has not changed. A Commissioned Officer in the Naval Reserve meeting with the North Vietnamese Government in time of war to negotiate a peace with no US Official Government sanction was/is subject to Court martial, Skippy so don’t try to BS me. The UCMJ and Federal Law strictly forbids such activities. If You ever Served You should know that.

Your credibility with me is less than zero. We can agree to disagree on political matters but I have to call you out on support for Kerry’s actions. I know better and so should You.

I’m not trying to kid, fool, impress, or indoctrinate anyone, Old Trooper. I try to state my views and to do so respectfully. The matter of Vietnam punches buttons hard on both sides of the political divide, particularly with people who were directly caught up in the issues of those times. With the discussion about Kerry I’ve had my button punched.

From my own perspective, Mr. Sherwood has presented information selectively to the point of outright distortion. I consider that sort of presentation itself to be indoctrinational, and the timing of it to have been politically motivated.

With respect to the legality of Kerry’s meetings, I would suggest there’s a difference between discussion and negotiation. “With the intent to influence” seems to me to be the critical point. So far as I know, all anyone has got to go on there are assumptions. If there was anything more, we probably wouldn’t be having this discussion.

OIL guy from ALBERTA: hi, I bow my head in a prayer for thoses who came back like one of your’s and suffer the ultimate pain of hell. i had some also in my own family that i remember where cripled by the wars and knew not to complain; thank’s for having us never to forget them,and make sure the leaders do what is best for making their life best as they diserve it 100 per cent. that’s why we areliving with freedom today. bye 🙄

I hear you beewarzone. Conservatives fight, liberals advertise. Conservatives cope, liberals politicize. Here’s the liberal lineup for the 21st century:

Playing left- Al Gore

Pitching left- John Kerry

Batting left-Barrack Obowma

You guys have better get your country back. And yes, I’ve got a vested interest, because of your insatiable thirst for energy. America has over 300 million to sustain. Canada is always 10 % of everything you do and say, except for energy and kickass infantry.

Greg – Since your such a big John Kerry fan, might you be a left wing Communist mfer also? Or perhaps one of his aides? In any event, if you hold the same beliefs as Kerry, IMHO you also are a traitor.

@Old Trooper:

Not to gloss over the treason thing, as I agree with you 100%, but the more compassionate among us could also use the Logan Act. I am tired of the leftards in this country going off and conducting their own foreign policy, which is more often than not contrary to the national security interests on the United States, and contrary to those with constitutional authority.

Minuteman26: The fact that I object to seeing the reputation of decorated Vietnam veteran slimed by a political hack bent on swinging an election via defamation of character doesn’t make me the man’s biggest fan, or his best friend forever. “Traitor” is a very heavy word, friend. The occasions when it truly applies are pretty damn rare. I suspect that, by your definition, half of the voting population in America are “traitors”. They’re just other Americans with a different set of views. “Liberal” doesn’t preclude “patriot”. You don’t know what’s in someone else’s heart when he or she sees the flag.

Do we really want to get into the Logan Act?

How many republican congressional reps and senators made trips to Honduras last year and conducted unauthorized private discussion with Roberto Micheletti?

Connie Mack (R-Florida); Brian Bilbray (R-California); Jim DeMint (R- South Carolina); Aaron Schock (R-Illinois); Peter Roskam (R-Illinois); and Doug Lamborn (R-Colorado); Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Florida); Lincoln Diaz-Balart (R-Florida); and Mario Diaz-Balart (R-Florida).

The Obama administration’s clearly articulated official policy at the time was that representatives of the U.S. government should have no contact with Micheletti. Micheletti was in power as the result of a coup. The Obama administration’s stated position was that Honduras should be allowed to resolve its own constitutional crisis without interference.

Greg – I’m going to say this one more time. If you support the Progressive/Marxist/Communist policies and direction Obama and Kerry are taking this republic then you are one with them. The Obama administration and Kerry along with him are trying to destroy this nation from within. They are the enemies domestic from which I took an oath to defend both the Constitution and country. I look at Obama and all who support what he and Soros et al are trying to accomplish as traitors. From your comments it sounds like that shoe might fit.

More on that Logan Act business:

Mark Kirk (R-Illinois) met with representatives of the Chinese government last year, and told them that the Obama administration couldn’t be trusted. His own words: “One of the messages I had — because we need to build trust and confidence in our number one creditor — is that the budget numbers that the US government had put forward should not be believed. The Congress is actually gonna spend quite a bit more than what’s in the budget, and the health-care bill probably being the lead driver of additional spending by the Congress.” How’s that for building trust and confidence? What it is, really, is working to undermine the an elected President’s policy by directly influencing a foreign government.

Eric Cantor (R-Virginia) made a trip to Israel last year. He condemned Obama’s opposition to expanded settlements, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s criticism of the eviction of Arab families from East Jerusalem. He was part of delegation of 25 republicans who met with Israeli officials. Apparently they saw no reason why they shouldn’t be having their own policy discussions with a foreign government, taking positions contrary to those of the guy in the White House and his SoS.

Then we’ve got Jim Inhofe (R-Oklahoma) who conducted his own “Truth Squad” mission to the climate change conference in Copenhagen last last year. Since when is it acceptable for a minority Senator to attempt to influence foreign officials at an international conference, with the specific intention of undermining executive branch negotiations?

This and the previously mentioned examples, just in the 17 months since Obama took office…


John Kerry wasn’t a member of Congress in 1971, nor was he part of a government sanctioned delegation.

Unlike Kirk:

“Larsen, a Democrat from Washington state who co-chairs the congressional US-China Working Group with Kirk, agreed that Chinese leaders were seeking a signal from the United States on taming the giant deficit.


Larsen and Kirk’s trip was one of a series of high-profile US visits to China.”


Or Canter:

“The mission was led by Jewish House Minority Whip Eric Cantor of Virginia. The GOP legislators were received well in a country where 88 percent of Israelis considered former President George W. Bush pro-Israel and just 6 percent define Obama that way, according to a recent Smith Research poll sponsored by The Jerusalem Post.

A larger delegation of some 30 Democratic members of Congress led by House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer of Maryland will visit Israel next week under the auspices of the same organization, the AIPAC-affiliated American Israel Education Foundation.”


Or Pelosi when she went to Syria during President Bush’s term or Obama when he attempted to convince the Iraqis to delay the SOFA on his trip to Iraq prior to the election.

No, John Kerry had no business in Paris negotiating with the enemy. IMHO he has no business being a senator.

BTW, you do remember 337 members of the House sent Obama a letter last March denouncing his treatment of Israel, Canter doesn’t appear to be the lone House critic of the manchild’s Israeli policy.

@Greg, your list is incomplete. How about the BCC trip to Cuba or Pelosi’s visit to Syria among others.

You are less than objective and still nowhere close to credible.

I’m a Vietnam veteran, I am not an expert on John Kerry, but I have done enough research to find out that John Kerry betrayed all of us, even the generations who have come after him. If you want to do your own research, try the following websites. They are fully sourced and documented.

I spent more time just flying missions over the killing fields of Cambodia
than John Kerry spent in his entire abbreviated “tour of duty”.

…by the way, here is a more accurate definition of the term “swiftboating”
than the pejorative it has acquired through misunderstanding and intentional
distortion by media and pundits, (page 324 of “To Set The Record Straight”):

“Swiftboating: Exposing the lies, deceit and fraud of self-glorifying public officials
or candidates for public office who exaggerate their military service by lying about
their feats of heroism and combat wounds.”

Benedict Arnold was also a highly decorated, wounded veteran. I have more respect for him than I do for John Fraud Kerry.

…my concept of loyalty: