Blumenthal Lies About Vietnam Service, Says He Misspoke…But Surrounds Himself With Other Liars


Isn’t this special….Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, running for Dodd’s seat, was exposed for a liar yesterday by alleging he served in Vietnam.

The New York Times reported that Blumenthal, the front-running candidate for U.S. Senate in his state, has on several occasions suggested — and in at least one instance, flat-out claimed — that he served in Vietnam even though he did not.

His excuse today? He meant during Vietnam…not in Vietnam.

Is that pathetic or what?

Lefty Marc Ambinder:

Blumenthal is correct that no one can control the articles that are printed about him. But surely this is a misdirection. Ambitious politicians have teams of communications professionals devoted to shaping, manipulating and repairing their public images. It is undoubtedly clear that Blumenthal sought out the identity of a Vietnam veteran, wrapped himself in that cloak, and used it to perpetuate his power. Even if he did not intend to mislead voters about his service, it is incumbent upon him to make sure that he did not use his position to perpetuate a myth that enhanced said power. To me, that DOES make him responsible for being accurate about his service record and going out of his way to correct the perceptional. Military service is threshold-honorable. But after that threshold is crossed, people judge you differently if they know you actively sought a position in a service that put your life in harm’s way. Blumenthal did not.

He’s a lying SOB…plain and simple.

And now look what RaceBannon from FR found, one of those standing behind him during his “apology” is also a liar.

Second from right, Mr. Elliot Storm:

CLAIMING BRONZE STAR w/VALOR device. Claims 2nd Lt, Claims/wears 3 Purple Hearts, 2 Bronze Stars w/V. The jacket in EARLIER pictures boasted 8 ribbons. This NEW pic has more and includes V device on Bronze Star and 2nd Lt bars.. Claims he worked with Ollie North.


National Defense Service Medal, Vietnam Campaign Medal, Vietnam Service Medal, Combat Action Ribbon, Purple Heart w/1*. Served 11 Oct 1968 to 30 Jan 1970 as a USMC rifleman (MOS 0311). Has enlisted service number (not officer’s)

He served IN Vietnam in the Marine Corps and I thank him for that. But there is no reason to claim 3 purple hearts, a Bronze Star and so on.

The liar surrounds himself with liars.

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No chance this guy didn’t know exactly what he was saying. Shades of Slick!!

Here’s Blumenthal, “misspeaking” on YouTube:

Blumenthal is and will always be a narcisstic jerk. The problem is that this state is so stupid that lying is not discouraging to left wing voters.

Blumenthal said that he was not about to let anyone take a few misspoken words and use them to disparage his service.

How Obamaesque. Blumenthal obtained five deferments to avoid going to Vietnam and then claimed to have served in Vietnam.

That is despicable.

But as I have said, Blumenthal’s being a liar makes him a perfect fit for Dodd’s shoes.

Now seriously folks, if Blumenthal had been to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, DMZ Korea, Somalia, the Balkans, Iraq or AfPak, he would remember it very clearly. Parris Island Bootcamp, after FIVE deferments and then back on the block maybe left things a little hazy for him.

Veterans and Active Duty Service Members do not need friends like him. Ilario Pantano, Allen West, Duncan D. Hunter and some others that actually did go to war are deserving of support. The term “misspeak” is inappropriate. The term Liar is appropriate and fitting. If his six years of CONUS Reserve Service left him traumatized then I am left speechless. Perhaps some professional help is in order for the man. Warriors do not associate with posers.

The term Stolen Valor comes to mind as do others that I will not use here on this forum. And please do not get me started on John F. Kerry who is also a lying SOB. America has real Warriors that most of you pass by on the street every day that have performed honorably, bravely and well that do not warm barstools at the local VFW or tell you how tough they had it when they returned home. Only a few serve in elected office or ever wanted to. The majority of them just got on with their lives as I intend to do when my business in boots is finished again.

I have spent the majority of my Adult life in boots and have no desire to enter the world of Career Politicians where lies and half truths seem to be the order of business. The term Public Service and Military Service are not within the same venue and the two should not be confused. There is a not so subtle difference between the two. Self Service separates them by a country mile.

West, Pantano and Hunter are worthy of your respect. Blumenthal is worthy of my disgust.

West, Pantano and Hunter have served the Nation and can Serve America again. Blumenthal has served himself from the safety furnished by the courage of others. There lies all the difference in the world.

Typical Liberal bravado.

@Old Trooper:

Standing O out to you, you have a fine way with words, honest, no nonsense and they mean something! For some time I have grown to expect it from you and a few others in here, time to let them know how appreciated they are!

BTW Curt, you are the little engine that generates all of this, and I appreciate your straight forward, no nonsense style too! Ever sit back and think of what an outstanding blog you’ve created or are you just to busy doing the work, no time to pat yourself on the back? I have and I suspect many others are in awe of what you have put together for us, thank you so much!

I watched that dog and pony show, couldn’t help but focus on those the weasel surrounded himself with, disappointed is putting it mildly. Later others in the hall were interviewed, some weren’t to happy that their club was used and it was also reported that some were waiting for an apology, they didn’t get it.

Having lost a cousin, friends and men my ex-husband trained with that I personally knew in that war, to me it’s like this man is walking across their graves, a short cut to getting something he wants. Trotting out there in his clean little expensive suit to lie while those we lost died in their bloodstained uniforms, honorably serving our country. CT voters would have to be mentally ill to elect this phony after this.

I guess it wasn’t enough for Blumenthal to lie about service in Vietnam. To complete the picture one of the guys behind Blumenthal is a member of the POW Hall of Shame.


Here’s a great article about how unforgiving Bulmenthal is of others for “misspeaking” and more:

“1. Beware those who exploit veterans. Last year, Blumenthal denounced “exploitive, poorly managed or even fraudulent fundraisers” who raise money in the name of veterans. He warned the public to donate only “to well-known organizations with a history of helping veterans.”

Today, to dispel the allegations against him, Blumenthal stood in front of veterans at a press conference and boasted: “They’ve heard me again and again and again stand up for justice and fairness to our veterans.”

2. Blurring is lying. Last fall, Blumenthal launched an investigation of food companies that put a “Smart Choices” logo on their products. He called the labels “potentially misleading” and decried marketing gimmicks that “blur or block the truth.” Though the labels made no explicit claims, he protested that they “misguided” the public and sowed “confusion.” He pledged to teach companies, through his investigation, that “labeling must be completely truthful and accurate without hype or spin.” And he depicted the industry in the harshest terms: “Big Food has been feeding big lies to consumers about nutritional value.”

Today, Blumenthal said he merely “misspoke” about his service, using the wrong preposition in a small and “unintentional” oversight.”

“Misspeaking” was never forgivable for Blumenthal’s opponents. For him to dismiss that which would he would not dimiss of others is the epitome of hypocrisy.

He is just following the examples set by J F Kerry and Tom Harkin.
Both of whom told shameless lies about their Military Service.

Jane Fonda can claim to have been in Hanoi and never lied about it.

Having served two tours in Vietnam, IMHO Blumenthal is not fit to hold office. He lied and then lied again trying to cover things up. Can’t say much nice about the cretins in Marine Corps jackets standing behind him during the presser either. Guess they weren’t Vietnam vets.

CURT:hi, i love my blog, thank’s for having me; i appreciate, and all the writers are SUPER QUALIFIED;and i feel they are my friends along with the smarts knowledgebles commenters; i am not including all the beast and thoses of the sames. 🙄 bye

This man, blumenthal, stole valor when he stated he served in Vietnam. He should have resigned and hopefully the voters will vote him out.

I am a life member of various organizations, MOPH, DAV, 1st Marine Division Association, and the 26th Marines Association and detest fraudulent people who make false claims, as blumenthal has.

The members of the chapter of the Marine Corps League, standing behind and up for this liar, should be banished from the Marine Corps League, as well as the chapter(s) they hail from.

I am ashamed of this thief of Valor, blumenthal, as well as the Marines who hooted and hollered their undying support for such a liar and one who steals Valor.

blumenthal, you are a liar and thief of valor. you are a disgrace to all Marines, all Veterans of War, the VFW and the Marine Corps League.

you should resign from public office and perhaps life… for sure you should be voted out of any office.

you are an abomination to our creed and motto!

your motto should be “simply lie” as opposed to Semper Fi.

G. H. “Sonny” Hollub, Jr.
USMC – Vietnam 68-69
2/26 Echo 3rd Plt. 0331

“I am very proud of our Country’s Military Services and am very glad to have participated in our efforts in Vietnam, the longest battle of CWI (Cold War One). I believe our efforts in Vietnam and Korea were part of a glorious victory for this country and the world in general, against the aggressive soviet block of communism, the end of such, (and my claimed victory date) occurring in 1989, when that said block crumbled and fell apart….. UUUUUURAHHHHH!!!

Fellow Veteran and American, read it and believe it… Claim Your Victory!!”

– Sonny Hollub- 1968, 1973, 1975, 1989, today and tomorrow… –

I think all of those guys standing next to Blumenthal should be checked out (especially the one with the pony tail).

Elloit Storm’s actual says he served from October 11, 1968 to Jan 30, 1970. Normal time of a incountry tour of South Vietnam for Marines was 13 Months (actually 395 days) and extensions were for 6 months. Unless he was was sent home early, then his time in country is off.

Credendials of veterans can be easily verified by making them show their original DD214 (not a copy that can be doctored using a photocopy machine).

Marine Corps, RVN tour-October 11, 1967-November 3, 1968

There is also another “Poser” Vietnam Vet… Un real to see three on one stage..How Ironic is this…

If I am 56 years old, and I am making a speech, and I say “In all the 51 years I have been on this earth” — I am LYING!!! He lied. He did not “mispeak”. A liar is a liar is a liar, and they will continue to lie. If he told me he was a male I wouldn’t believe him now. He could be Elena Kagan in drag, HAHAHA. back to serious speaking – He is unethical (but he would fit right in with the Obama administration.

The people who run POW Watch Dot Org have always been pretty meticulous about their work. You will see that their archives run fairly deep and feature a lot of follow up and cross checking.

Kudos to racebannon.

Hello John, John Kerry? John, this is Dick, Dick Blumenthal. Well I was wondering if you might give me some advice. What’s that you say? Call, Bill? Bill Clinton? He’s not accepting my calls right now. So John, John? Damn he hung up.

I wasn’t going to say anything. At some point I guess you’ve got to.

Shameless lies have been told about John Kerry’s military service, but it wasn’t John Kerry, the members of his swiftboat crew, or those who commanded him who told them. Nor was it Navy Vice Admiral Ronald A. Route, who conducted an investigation into Kerry’s contested decorations 30 years later.

In my view, the attack on Kerry by the Swift Boat Veterans for “Truth” was nothing less than a politically motivated betrayal of a fellow vet by those I would have thought of as brothers. What they did for the sake of politics 30 years later crossed a line, and I’m a hell of a long way from forgiveness. Forgiveness isn’t even on the radar.

Kerry’s opposition to the war never felt to me like a betrayal. I’d come back from my own year on his side of the argument. The way I was saw things then, loyalty to the friends I’d left behind demanded it. There are a lot of truths about Vietnam. Kerry spoke his. Some people didn’t want to hear them. Hey, deal with it. What Kerry said was never disproven, only rejected. And it sure as hell wasn’t through want of trying.

I’m not blinded by my politics. I’ve always known John McCain to be a good and honorable man. I would oppose any questions raised about his service record decades later as strongly as Kerry’s. I figure there’s a line where vets should stand together, despite political differences. John McCain certainly gets that. He was quick to come to Kerry’s defense in the face of the Swift Boat attack, for all the good it did.

John Kerry’s service record shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same breath as Blumenthal. It should be enough to observe that Blumenthal is a lying weasel.

Kerry LIED to Congress about “what he saw”… witnesses put it straight. The rest, well read the reports…. Kerry is a piece of CRAP!

As to the latest… There is nothing lower, in my view, then LYING about being in the service to fool people for your own personal and/or POLITICAL gain! I’ve never been in, but I respect those who have, they’ve put way more on the line for this Nation than I have.
But to LIE about doing so for personal gain, is the lowest of the low!! He’s SPITTING on those who did the Sweating and Bleeding!!! Hopefully some vets somewhere will set him straight about it. If he shows up with Black eyes, you’ll know some one did…. He and Kerry out to hang out together, both are = as far as lowlife goes……..

What @Old Trooper said… service on that battlefront, and sundry others, is not easily forgotten.

@Greg, I don’t want to nitpick with you about Kerry too much, as this thread has nothing to do with John “they are baby killers” Kerry. But unfortunately, as a Navy wife who had just gotten out of Great Lakes Naval Hospital with my son right about the time Kerry was standing up in front of Congress, pronouncing pretty much everyone I knew in all branches of service as “baby killers”, I’m going to take exception with your defense of him. Most specifically…

In my view, the attack on Kerry by the Swift Boat Veterans for “Truth” was nothing less than a politically motivated betrayal of a fellow vet by those I would have thought of as brothers. What they did for the sake of politics 30 years later crossed a line, and I’m a hell of a long way from forgiveness.

That’s an interesting statement that, perhaps, reveals your age group, Greg. [CORRECTION: you say you were there, but remained silent about your opinions in respect. ] But what you said fits perfectly with every surviving Vietnam vet I know today says about Kerry. His “…politically motivated betrayal of a fellow vet” is, to this date, still unforgivable.

So the question on the tip of my tongue today is, why do you give Kerry a pass, and only assail the Swift Boat Vets? This isn’t about the fact that vets may, or may not, have felt negativity towards the war, but about what you did with that negativity. And what comrades in arms you placed on the chopping block for your own political advantage. Kerry fits that bill perfectly. You, to your credit, did no such thing.

I will say one more thing, here. If *anyone* has the right to take Kerry on INRE his big 4 months of brown water service (admittedly, a tough gig, even if his perhaps was not…), it’s the vets that were there, doing that same service – acting as sitting ducks on those waters. So I’ll step back, and allow them to take him on, 30 years later, for his “unforgiveable betrayal”. In addition, his disdain for the military was confirmed by me when he tossed medals – even if not his own, or what he could manufacture for himself – over the fence.

You may hold Kerry in esteem, but you weren’t there. The Swift Boat Vets were, and were quite convincing in their evidence that Kerry was simply looking for the quick, easy, and highly decorated out so he could embark in politics. He isn’t worthy of shining those guys’ boots on a dusty day.

Kerry LIED to Congress about “what he saw”… witnesses put it straight. The rest, well read the reports…. Kerry is a piece of CRAP!

What you’re probably referring to is Kerry’s testimony before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in April of 1971, concerning what he had heard from fellow Vietnam veterans during the Winter Soldier Investigation. He never claimed to have seen much of what he reported in that testimony personally.

None of the accounts given during the Winter Soldier Investigation have ever been shown to be anything other than factual, nor have any of the numerous first-hand witnesses who spoke there ever been discredited. Their military histories were all authenticated by Vietnam Veterans Against the War before they were allowed to present their testimonies. The accounts they gave were detailed and were checked for error both by members of the press and the Pentagon. Nothing was ever disproven. Some of the incidents that were officially denied have subsequently been proved with the declassification of old military records.

There are reasons so many soldiers came back from Vietnam psychologically damaged. During and after Vietnam, a lot of people didn’t want to hear about it. That’s a selective rejection of the consequences of what we sent them to do–for our own peace of mind rather than theirs–and a rejection of the wounds they carry from doing it. If you want my opinion–and here it is whether you want it or not–we’re doing the same thing to the young men coming back from war today. We don’t want to hear what they sometimes need to tell us to put the war behind them.

#22 was in the wire before I saw your #21, Mata.

I won’t drag the digression about Kerry on, having said what I wanted to say. I’ll only throw in the observation that Kerry’s own boat crew have remained behind him. They were there at the time of the incidents in dispute. I figure their testimony and support carries considerable weight.

I’ve still got old buddies from the RVN. Their politics these days seem much like my own. Maybe we were similar to begin with, and then struck in the same mold of a time, place, and experience. It was an intense year at so early an age.

So you are saying they did in fact cut off heads, hack off ears etc??? And this was PROVEN??? You just claimed he “heard” these things.. “Hearsay” is inadmissible in a court of law….. We’re talking Kerry, not the rest of the Hearing. My initial opinion still stands…….. As to the crew?? Well we all saw the differing testimonies there…. too bad no one pushed to take THOSE “testimonies” to their rightful conclusions, Legal wise….. Then again, The Dems would never have allowed THAT to go down! IMHO….. yours may vary.

Greg, apparently we are from the same era. And I can say that none.. and I do mean *none*… of those I know of my generation (still alive, I might add…) share your politics. In fact, you standing up for Kerry pretty much makes you a lone ranger, save what friends you say “shares” your politics.

As far as giving Kerry’s testimony a pass merely because he was passing on hearsay to a Congressional hearing…. my question would be this. In a courtroom, hearsay testimony would meet a firm “objection, your Honor”. Not so in a Congressional hearing. It’s a political dog and pony show, and Kerry never gave a second thought to passing on (if even true to the extent he suggests…) hearsay evidence to advance his own esteem in the eyes of the Congress he so wished to join. Kerry was unsuccessful in his first attempt, despite his political groveling at the expense of his fellow soldiers in arms.

Look, I don’t argue that those years were tough on all of us. Not only those who were in the front lines, but those waiting at home, those who watched our classmates leave after graduation, never to return. We put a serious dent in young American men during those years. Those of us with friends and relatives serving had to watch this nation daily, demeaning our loved ones. And even today, few will ever speak of those years in depth, not unlike our soldiers returning today from Iraq and AfPAK. War is not a pleasant casual conversation subject for first dates and breakfast tables.

But my beef with you remains the same. You give Kerry a pass for his overt political assault on fellow soldiers… based on heresay…. then whine about the Swift Boat brown water vets calling Kerry on the carpet three decades later. Political hypocrisy at it’s finest, Greg. And as far as the Swift Boat crews, damned long time overdue, IMHO. OT was kind in calling him an SOB. Hankster was probably right on the money, calling him “crap”… tho it does give a normal body function a bad name when linked with Kerry.

Kerry’s behavior, his short tour there, the backtracking on stories (i.e. Cambodia), his returning physical condition, and too much other evidence weighs heavily against Kerry’s self-glorified records. His utter disrespect for the CIC, chain of command, the military and servicemen since his presence in Congress also condemns the man.

And you, Greg, are doing a serious disservice to other brown water warriors when you slam the Swift Boaters. They are doing today what they could not do three decades earlier… responding when that same turncoat was demanding not only their respect, but their vote. Fat effin’ chance.

How is it Sly Stallion put it? Kerry drew “first blood”.

Oh yes… let’s not play games with the Hanoi Jane sponsored “Winter Soldier”, upon which Kerry rested his laurels. How odd that, when given the chance to speak with Naval Investigative officers with immunity for any atrocities they may have committed, so many refused to do so. Note Guenter Lewy’s book, “America in Vietnam”.

Faux soldiers even back then for political agendas? Hell yes. But it was enough for John Kerry to launch his political career on the backs of his fellow servicemen… even as he stated on MTP on Apr 18th, 1971, that he had also committed those atrocities. That story changed again with his POTUS run against Bush.

I’m a bit, how can I say this, confused over all of this with this liar. I’m confused in:

Isn’t it against the law to fake military service or pose as a serviceman or a veteran?

I’ll attribute our disagreement concerning Kerry to honestly held but very different perspectives, and let it go. We already did the ’60s and ’70s.

Maybe there’s hope in the fact that everyone here at least agrees that a better man than Blumenthal could be carved out of a banana using a plastic spoon.

Agreed… in fact, I’d rather vote for the banana married to the spoon.

I had the pleasure and honor of being a small part of the SwiftVets forum for a year 2003-2004. They are one heck of a group of guys. I also dove deeply into the Kerry history. The guys on Kerry’s boat weren’t all on his boat for all of the four months Kerry served in Vietnam. If he scratched himself shaving he demanded a Purple Heart. He got his Silver Start for shooting a kid with an empty missile launcher after beaching his boat against all protocols.

Guys like John O’Neill were there for a great deal longer than Kerry.

Mata- do you really have a 29 year old son?

I’m hoping that’s a typo, DrJohn…. make that 39 years old. Yup.. he ages, and so disrespectful to drag me along with him. LOL


#28 – we totally agree.

And for record, Kerry had his medals re-issued on June 4, 1985 by the Secretary of the Navy. The only reason for re-issue of awards is that they were taken away.

Nixon fired Kerry from the Navy, taking away his awards.

Kerry claimed to throw his medals away, but in truth he threw his ribbons away. He has never been an honest person.

Yes, a typo. Congrats!

My oldest is 27. They grow up fast, don’t they. Fortunately we don’t age as quickly as they do.


They sure do… and been a long time waiting for that conservative in him to finally emerge. Unfortunately, in my daughter in law, I’m still waiting…


What bugged the crap out of me wasn’t as much that Kerry claimed to have committed those atrocities as his claiming to have witnessed his fellow soldiers committing them.

He never did.

OT.. just curious, What branch of the Military are you in, what do you do, etc, and for how long?? Seriously…..

“Just when I thought I was out… they pull me back in.” (Michael Corleone)

Would you deny that there was a heavy dose of misrepresentation in the the Swift Boat ads, DrJohn? Quite a lot of politically motivated editing of Kerry’s actual testimony?

And the reissue of the medals? That was stated by Navy Vice Admiral Ronald A. Route to have been nothing more than a totally routine reissue of a copy of the original award document. Any vet can request such. Or a correction, provided there’s supporting evidence. I’ve considered doing so myself because my original DD214 doesn’t reflect the gallatry cross awarded to my unit retroactively by the Republic of Vietnam. It’s a small matter, but I appreciate the irony.

Have you always been in the same unit etc???

Sucked back in, and using the link I gave you, eh Greg? LOL Well, there is little about that FactCheck site that exonerates Kerry.

The editing doesn’t misportray his intent in the slightest. And if the PC site, FactCheck, tries to spin (or repeats Kerry’s spin attempts…) that Kerry was not bashing his fellow soldiers, but insisting “the military made us do it”, they’ll all be whistling up that dead pine for a long arse time.

INRE the medals, I’ve already mentioned that Kerry was not throwing away his medals, but someone else’s.

Regarding Kerry’s medals, there was an emotional ceremony on 23, 1971, in which about one thousand veterans who were against the Vietnam war shed their military medals by throwing them over a fence barricade onto the steps of the capitol building in Washington D.C.

One of them was John Kerry and it was thought that he had forsaken his Vietnam medals.
The 1988 issue of Current Biography Yearbook says that Kerry explained that the medals were not his but those of another veteran who asked him to throw them on his behalf.

Critics of John Kerry say he either created a false impression by throwing the borrowed medals or spent a long time letting a false impression remain before he admitted that he still had his medals.

Defenders say Kerry never misrepresented the medals because he did not claim that they were his and openly displays them in his office.

Even in dissent, the man’s a pure political snake, using someone else’s awards or money for his own purposes.

Hankster 58, US ARMY, retired after 28 years Service and recalled to Active Duty last year in September. I retired in Feb of 2005 and was ranching in Montana, Cattle by God and not Sheep.

I am an O-6, Promotable, and Command a Joint Force Unit that is larger than a BCT. We provide a wide variety of Services that range from Civil Affairs, Intelligence and Threat Analysis to good old fashioned Threat Reduction and breaking bad guys toys. I am in AFPAK at this moment and engaged in Current Operations in that Theater. I fall under CENTCOM and not NATO but serve to support ISAF and am not Missioned to train up the Afghan Army or Police. I am not a Nation Builder or play well with the Dept. of State. 👿

Thanks for asking.

WHOA!! A bit over my head there!!!! LOL!! OK…. reason I asked, the wife does web sites… currently does two now for 2 Navy ships “veterans groups”…… The USS Lofberg and the USS Knudson… She’s been invited to Chicago this fall to the Lofberg reunion to meet some of the guys she’s been working with etc building the site/posting thier history/stories etc…. Was trying to size up if the Group you were with was something that might be doable in the same fashion. Do you guys have a veterans/survivors type organization???

“Is that pathetic or what?”
That depends on what the meaning of “is” is.

Blumenthal is not only a liar but a shrewd calculating malingerer. I am sure he chose the Marine reserves in 1970 after receiving 5 deferments prior to that knowing that most of the Maine Infantry had been removed from the RVN or soon would be. Now this liberal maggot has the audacity to steal the honor of those who did go, bleed and die on the battlefield while he worried about the quantity starch in his state side fatigues for his next weekend duty. And, anyone who stood behind him shames those who served by backing this lying A..hole’s game. His 30 year lie should be thoroughly investigated–after all he is a lawyer and the current top prosecutor in his state. If he is a member of the VFW then he has presented false information to gain that membership. Has he ever displayed service medals that support his lie and how many private conversations has he had with others he works with that have been witness to this lie. I believe that 18 USC Section 704 sub (b) applies to Blumenthal’s dishonor. Claiming he served in Vietnam implies the receipt of the Vietnam Service and Campaign medal and ribbon and the Combat Action Ribbon.

18 USC Section 704
(b) False Claims About Receipt of Military Decorations or Medals.— Whoever falsely represents himself or herself, verbally or in writing, to have been awarded any decoration or medal authorized by Congress for the Armed Forces of the United States, any of the service medals or badges awarded to the members of such forces, the ribbon, button, or rosette of any such badge, decoration, or medal, or any colorable imitation of such item shall be fined under this title, imprisoned not more than six months, or both.

USMC Echo 2/4 2nd Platoon 0311 67/68