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At least a few of my fellow Cheeseheads get it….Regrettably not enough of them do thou….

Can’t really impeach the guy for doing things/acting exactly like those of us who didn’t vote for him knew he would do/be.

I say impeach the people who voted for him, and those who didn’t come out and vote against him. So far nothing Obama has done has come as a surprise to me….

Its about time in our country that we only allow tax payers to vote….We would not be in this mess if the people who funded the governement made 100% of the decisions at the poles….”We the people” really means “We the Tax Payers”!!!!!!!!!

Impeachment of President Obama is not possible because the Democrats will never allow it, but it is fun to consider. Remember the last time that a Democratic President was caught having committed a felony in office and undermined the lawful conduct of a court: the Democrats didn’t care that the evidence was overwhelming, and they voted to acquit.

Do not fear the idea of President Joe Biden: his teleprompter can run the country just as well as Obama’s teleprompter.

Getting Obama to lie under oath would be a start.

And I could think of a hundred or so questions that he would answer with a lie.

In fact, I can’t think of many at all where he wouldn’t, save asking him about the color of the sky.

“President Obama, did you, working with Sen. Dodd, Franklin Raines, et al., knowingly use the tactics of Cloward and Piven in order to bring down America’s lending institutions, while at the same time taking large sums of cash from Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac, and did you and other actors do these things in order to blame the opposition and win an election?”

“President Obama, did you and other actors knowingly skirt campaign finance law by removing all restrictions on your campaign website on credit card payments?”

There are so many unasked questions of this man it’s not funny.

I’m not too hopeful they will EVER be asked under oath. I would break out the popcorn and watch with great interest if it ever took place.

I think these signs are great. They give a little notice that all is not content out in the fly-over county. No, he probably can’t be impeached, but it’s probably even more effective to poke fun at our dear leader. Openly mock a sitting president? It’s been done before.

How about some billboards showing O with his halo or superman suit or some of the other fun pictures people have made. Puff him up. Make fun of him. Derision is tough to respond to…

Although too… seriously, I must also say… respect for the POTUS, the office, is more revered and honor and all, we probably shouldn’t make fun of him… but it sure would be fun to give back what the left and media did to President Bush over his terms in office.


Barack Obama Al-Husseini, Grand Mufti of Washington, is far more dangerous, because he shares the agenda of the Islamists. At least O’Bidet would would be a washout, and instead of being a lame duck, would be a lame rubber chicken. If he were an Islamist plant, would he be doing anything differently?

I say, get him the #%&& out of there!

Al-Husseini, what a legacy!

@ Liberty Tree

Only tax payers vote? Where does it say that in the constitution?

What about the person who spends 10 years becoming a doctor? Can’t they vote for ten years? How about retirees? How about hard working people who were laid off with no fault of their own?

I understand the frustration, but consider what you are saying. Pre-revolution, it was only the landholders who had rights. Is that what we want to go back to?

Though impeachment is far from being a reality, I would rather have Biden. Not that I like him, but he isn’t part of the Chicago boys that are pulling the O-strings.

Only taxpayers voting would not necessarily be a bad idea. I don’t think the statement would have to be interpreted that only active taxpayers vote – perhaps earning (in some way) the right to vote would indeed be a good thing. I think that one of the reasons New Jersey is in such a mess is due to the fact that the majority of the electorate gets a check in some way shape or form from the state government – but they don’t all pay taxes, either – so it is easy to keep voting oneself more handouts, because they are being paid for by someone else.

As long as we defeat his programs in detail he is a lame duck and embarrassment to the left. If we keep the battle about the issues we can not loose, if we make it personal, we might. He can convinece people that he is a “nice guy” but he can not convince them that his programs are good for the country, that window has closed.

When your enemy is making a mistake you should not interfere. He has wasted 1/4 of his presidency fighting to solve a problem (government provided health insurance), that frankly does not exist, he is likely to spend 1/4 fighting to solve global warming (which also probably does not exist), and finally he will spend 1/4 fighting to open the borders and give amnesty to all of the illegals, he should ask his old chums McCain and Bush how well that will go over with John Q Public.

Do not let the left shed their mill stone so easily, keep Barry front and center as his facade crumbles every day, while he lies more openly every day, while he becomes an object of ridicule more and more every day.

JustAl – I agree with your assessment – it is very powerful to let obama stay and continue allowing us to point out factual issues. Personal attacks are no good.

Biden is a one dimensional man, he can only handle one teleprompter: Bo can handle two; personally, I don’t find this to be that much of a difference; certainly not enough to disqualify a man for the presidency.

It’s that lilting voice and that darting back and forth, to make sure the TOTUS hasn’t malfunctioned, that drives me to distraction. Biden merely squints to read. Now what’s wrong with squinting?


His programs are only part of the problem. His appointments, who’s influence will be long ranging and concealed from our view, are very dangerous. The damage Obama can do as long as he’s in office isn’t to be taken lightly.

True, but Biden’s appointments would likely be no better. When you consider that Bush 41 appointed Stotymier to the federal bench and Souter to the SCOTUS it really is a long shot to predict how judicial appointments might or might not change depending on who makes them.

If conservatives can actually take over the Senate. . . just dreaming.

In order to Impeach a President that have to be LEGITIMATE under the Constitution. Obama is a USURPER (someone assuming legality eventhough he does not) b/c he fails to be a natural born citizen under the U.S. Constitution of Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5. The DNC and members of RNC (including McCain) were complicit in this coup de tat.

If Obama is removed, others will be removed as well. Call it Nixon vindication.

Constitutional Crisis of epic purportions.

God Bless America !


Yeah, but an impeachment would put a major speed bump in their path. And, yes, he IS an usurper, with the complicity of the Dems, and even Reps by their silence in not demanding verification.

Saw one of these in NYC, Long Island too. They were in the street trying to get signatures.

OK, say whatever you want about Old Joe, …. no, really, anything at all. He is bald-face liar, and a morally bereft total idiot. I wonder what he’ll do after he leaves the White House, sell snow to the Eskimos?

Global warming and the birth certificate, none of us will ever live long enough to know the absolute, undeniable truth. Hell, poor Husein doesn’t really know, he’s heard different stories from his grandmother, his mother, his aunts, the newspapers and his own political advisors.

So, just for fun, how about this one; One of Hillary’s very first trips as Sec. of State was to Kenya, maybe she has the real birth certificate and is sitting on it to force “O” out of the primaries in 2012. Who knows? The point is your attack on his being a natural born citizen will get you no where.

If less government is what you really want then a gridlocked government is the very best kind. He sets up the pins, our side knocks ’em down, and we kill time till the next election.

@yippie21 asked: “How about some billboards showing O with his halo or superman suit ”

You mean like the Super Obama float at Carnivale in Rio?

Except they are not making fun of him.


“…your attack on his being a natural born citizen will get you no where.”

True, no one seems to care, but we don’t even need his birth cert. Why? His father was a British citizen, therefore under the Constitution he isn’t qualified to serve as Pres.

And since when do we have to not tell the truth, even though no one will listen to us?
@Mike’s America:

What’s all that green in his hand? Is that a money ice cream con? …uh, cone, heh heh heh.

Our last impeachment folly distracted us from the growing threat of terrorism at the worst possible moment, and eventually morphed into the crippling polarization that afflicts the country today. I don’t know why anyone would be in a particular hurry to see another national orgy of self-inflicted damages.

While I admire your intent and agree you have the right question what ever you like, the citizenship of the parents does not matter if the child is born (as claimed by His “O”lliness) in the US. That is why so many border towns are in danger of loosing their hospitals as women flock across to give birth to “anchor babies.” It is covered by the 14th amendment.


So, damned if we do and damned if we don’t? Remember, every day Obama’s agenda is unobstructed, the damage done grows greater. Besides, how much more distracted could we be from the terror threat than by the Dems denying that it exists?

Dems stink! And Reps just don’t seem to know how to take out the garbage.


Sorry, Al, you are wrong. He’s not eligible to be President, period.

Do we follow the Constitution, or not? If not, then where do you draw the line? Once you compromise on one thing, and such an important one, there will be no end to it.

@yonason: You’re not giving any credit to the GOP in Congress who have managed to hold off the worst of Obama’s agenda (health care and can and tax) with some help from frightened Dems?

@Mike’s America:

True, but the problem is that when they think we are “out of the woods” they may start getting all bi-partisan again. At least if past performance is any indication. That’s what I’m worried about. But, sure, they do deserve a lot of credit for holding the line in this pinch, as do the Dems who have sided with them.

@yonason: There are going to be some issues where the GOP unity breaks, but I never thought they’d be able to hold the line as long as they have.

Interesting that Barney Frank is complaining that partisanship is “out of control” yet never seems to understand that it was his folks partisan attempt to jam this crap down our throats:


@Mike’s America:

“…I never thought they’d be able to hold the line as long as they have.” Yes, again. Gotta give ’em credit for that. I hope they are an inspiration to those who come after them, as well.

I suspect Barfy Frank may understand it all too well, and count on the fact that most Americans don’t, though we are catching on. As you well know, that is their ploy, accusing us of not compromising, and, after we do, repeat the liable and continue to repeat it until they have gotten as much out of us as they can. Then, when things don’t work, they point to our hand in it, and blame us for the whole mess.

Anyway, I do agree that things seem to be going better. I just hope we don’t blow it when the momentum shifts to our favor.


Why just holding the line in congress is not anywhere near enough.

The Lefties are fighting an all out battle on all fronts, and must be resisted on all fronts.

With Nancy Pelosi at the number THREE position of succession in line to POTUS and biden being as old as he is, DO you really want Nutty Nancy THAT close to the presidency???

:”I just hope we don’t blow it when the momentum shifts to our favor.”

That is exactly my concern in the upcoming election. I just hope that they do not get the big head and think they are back in the saddle because they are great! I would hope that they understand that Americans are tired of being bent over the barrel!


“With Nancy Pelosi at the number THREE position of succession in line to POTUS…”

Of course, at least then we could call her “Wicked Witch Of the West Wing.”

Yeah, the prospect of any of them as president, let alone having as much power as they do now, is indeed frightening.

UPDATE: And the damage continues to escalate…

UPDATE2: I just found this material on O’Bidet, and can’t pass up sharing it…


Why, I do believe the man is a GENIUS! …in his own mind, that is.

I’m way ahead of you on this.


I’ve got lots of reasons to impeach the guy.

The hat trick is to take Biden down with him after we get a Republican Speaker of the House. The Speaker is third in line, recall. In theory, we could have a Republican President by the end of 2010, but early 2011 is more likely.

Finding causes for impeachment isn’t an issue. The issue is getting a majority in the Senate this year, and that is becoming more likely every day. I’m expecting conservatives to control the Senate at the end of the year. I expect charges to be leveled against the House and Senate leadership. I expect jail time for them. And I expect a call for impeachment of the President and Vice President in late 2010 or early 2011.

Well, hope-and-change hype is over even for the trusting individuals who belived this guy last yr.
It is time to take action. We need to clean house in congress in Nov’10.

I am also sick and tired of being lectures by this communist fraud. Let our voice be heard and put some duct tape on this man-boy incompetent fraud pres until he is thrown out of position.

Still love this country and proud to be an american. Our best days are ahead of us….

#16 It’s coup d’etat. A sudden unconstitutional takeover of the government. As in corpsman the p is silent.He was elected with a 9.5 million vote plurality and an almost 2-1 electoral margin.
IMHO the birthers look like sore losers. Just move on and find someone who can beat him in 2012.