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geez this guy is just a total embarrassment. can’t we just turn him in for a new model. clearly our model is dented.

Bowing has become a bit of a habit for him, eh?

Once you start bowing, it’s kinda hard to stop.

On the other hand, maybe when they said “Tampa” he heard “Tehran”? And, he was just being polite to this nice Iranian woman?


Maybe this is what happens when you don’t have any backbone….

“What is wrong with this guy? ”

Perhaps it’s not so much of something being wrong as much as it is that there is very little right about him.

Maybe he’s checking out the cockroach or palmetto bug on his shoe… I expect that excuse any second now….

Can you see my bald spot.

Oh! You miss the obvious, she used her power as Mayor of Tampa to set aside a National CAIR Day (Council Of American Islamic Relations, a major front group for funding and promoting Islamic Terrorism.

When you step back and analyze the situation, it makes perfect sense. Someone who is sympathetic to Muslim Homicidal Maniacs deserves an extra measure of respect in Obama Land.

It will be time to hamstring this National Embarrassment in November. We must gain control to bring impeachment into the realm of possibility: otherwise this witless wonder will continue to destroy this great country and weaken us to the point of absurdity. Impeach Obama and Holder in 2011!

The Superbowl is deemed safe! Napolitano has reviewed the plans for security and doesn’t see how she can improve on them. Imagine that! I am sure everyone can relax, now that she has given her seal of approval.

Maybe he is having an identity crisis. 🙁

maybe in his islamic muslim world, she out ranks him in some way. how embarrassing. – and look at her she acts as if she deserves the bow. – there is more under the tip of this iceberg.

You know, you can make a joke of yourself doing this kind of crap.

One term and done.

Maybe he’s just helping her down a big step…

When he builds his presidential library will there be an exhibit where we can get a picture of him bowing to us? Kind of like getting your picture taken at the desk in some of the libraries.

Special offer!!! Get yours NOW!!!!!!!!! While they last!!!!

Or, it could be a case of deflection and/or misdirection.
The next time he bows to a foreign potentate, his lackeys will just point to this picture and say:
“He’s such a Humble, Respectful guy, that he bows to everybody.”

I heard he bows to the creepy tv ad BurgerKing, too.
Not so sure that image I saw of it was photoshopped now.

What an idiot.

Maybe he was about to tie his shoe laces…oopsy, no laces!

The mayor looked Asian to me in this picture, but found she is of Italian decent. I was going to say he is still trying to perfect his bow to dignitaries of Asian decent and that he obviously didn’t pass the ‘How to properly Bow, 101’ class. I guess at least he’s not curtsying.

Why’s he even going to meet her anyway? Is it ’cause she doesn’t want CAIR in her city?
Look how desperate he is. He’s squeezing the blood flow out of her hand and won’t let go. That’s not the way to shake hands with a woman. Repulsive. He’s creepy. He’s last years model. Let’s trade him in. He’s a lemon. OBOTS????? Can you trade in your winner? (like he really won-yeah right…and I’m the son of dracula.)

That is a automatic reaction when he hears the word Mayor, after all Mayor Daley (Chicago) is the man who put him in the White House.

President Obama overheard the lady’s spouse call her Princess and reacted instinctively 🙂

“What is wrong with this guy?”

What Isn’t?

It’s pretty obvious that he bows to any non-WASP. If they are ethnic, he’s bending over. It’s his little way of sticking a finger in the eye of the establishment. Similar to his little ‘middle finger’ face scratch. The guy should be riding shotgun on a trash truck.

Obsessive/ compulsive bowing disorder characterized by bowing before anything moving and occasional loss of urinary tract control. Queen Elizabeth doesn’t move enough to trigger a response.

Maybe he suffers from Narcolepsy?

Another possible explanation, he has developed the “power nap” to an art form.


I see you beat me to it on that. Missed it earlier.

hmm i think this idiot believes he looks cool and ever so slick. now the protocol advisors shake their head no, but he and that woman “michelle” are well you know just so much smarter. look at how they insulted the pm and queen of england, the emperor of china, the danish king, putin, china, ww2 vets, the american people, israel. but see he knows better than us. didn’t he have a famous book about nighmares about dear ole dad? that should show a galloping case of fantasy. his dad deserted him and never made any effort to know him at all. who can blame him.! he even threw ganny under the bus.

now america have you had enough yet? i sure hope so.

emperior of japan! sorry!

I think he really just likes her shoes. Maybe her dress, too.

After all, he is a democrat…..

I like that one about not having any backbone, it’s just an involuntary thing, you bend easily!

Does he click his heels when he does this ???

C’mon, you guys, he’s still getting acquainted with Western mores. Give the Indonesian a break.

What is wrong with this guy?

I just love that. It so much.

Ooops. “It says so much”.


So, you think he dropped his monocle, and is bending over to look for it?

SEE! This really IS Jimmy Carter’s second term!

In the next photograph she is using her fingernails to look for little bugs.

That’s bad! But not quite as bad as bowing to a mayor!


Funny. But, actually, Pam Iorio is far classier than O’Blanko ever will be, or is even capable of being. She is also well liked, and deservedly so.

Yonanson, I am sure she is classier and more well liked than Obama; however, that isn’t much of a compliment these days.

Perhaps you are more familiar with the story, did she or did she not set aside a day for CAIR in Tampa.

I couldn’t resist the remark and she appears to be at a loss as to what she should do when the most powerful man in the world bows to her. She does seem to be studying the top of his head while contemplating the ridiculous situation he has sprung upon her. Who knows, Obama is full of surprises, maybe he does have a crop of bugs!

If he had never bowed before, the odds would be more likely that he would have bugs as opposed to the possibility of bowing to the Mayor of Tampa.


“Perhaps you are more familiar with the story, did she or did she not set aside a day for CAIR in Tampa.”

She had been doing that, probably conned by them, but when she got wise to who they were she decided NOT to do that any more, much to her credit.

She’s not your run of the mill pol. She isn’t afraid to say, “I made a mistake,” and take the necessary action to fix it.

“I couldn’t resist the remark…”

Don’t get me wrong, it was really funny. I would vote for it to for best caption, without hesitation. But I still wanted you to know that Iorio is a class act, none the less. I don’t get the local news anymore via TV, as I never had the digital conversion done, so I don’t know much of what she’s doing now. But when I did watch it, I remember her impressing me as a decent and competent person.

Yonason, thanks for the clarification. I have been conned by these pols and pundits so many times, I am at the point where I believe none of them. Being able to admit a mistake and taking action to correct it is a class act and a rare attribute these days. Hopefully, November will bring a measure of honesty into Washington or we will unload another bunch. Thanks for the info, I have more faith in human nature once again.

I am sure I would be at a loss as to what to do next if he did it to me. From my days in martial arts, I’d be tempted to bring my right knee up at the speed of light. But that’s why I am a recluse.


“Hopefully, November will bring a measure of honesty into Washington…”

To paraphrase a common Yiddish expression, “From your keypad to G-d’s monitor!”

After all, ultimately, He’s the only one we can trust. If we do the best we can, then He’ll help. (It may take a while to see the results, but they really are always there.)


Does he have a mirror on his shoe, He is actually looking up her dress.


I’m surprised any of you beer swilling, pig knuckle sucking idiots could even spell O’bama.

You make me ashamed to be an American and that I fought for your rights in Viet Nam.

Give it a break and crawl back in to your dark little holes like the roaches you are.

We can spell Obama Proteus, but you can’t. His name is not a contraction, nor is it a possessive form. It is Obama. Lose the Apostraphe. I also think Vietnam is one word not two.
It sounds like a troll alert here.

@Proteus: Umm, you mean Vietnam? I believe thats one word. I thought you could spell?

If that clown ever gets serious and earns my respect, I’ll stop dissing him. Till then, he’s fair game. So, for now, it’s O’Bunko, O’Bungler, O’Bomber, or whatever the #$^%@#$ I want it to be.

And then there’s O’Bidet, whose brain is in the toilet, right next to O’Blinko’s gray water matter.

Who else here has noticed that Mozilla spell check STILL doesn’t recognize “Obama” as a real word?


I’m surprised any of you beer swilling, pig knuckle sucking idiots could even spell O’bama.

You make me ashamed to be an American and that I fought for your rights in Viet Nam.

Apostrophes where they’re not supposed to be.

Double words where single ones are appropriate.

Yet, you’re surprised we can spell?

Dayum Dude!

Wow…. you got me.

I can’t compete with the anger level in this blog.

I just hope you guys don’t do something really smart and vote!

We would probably have to deal that gun slinging bad ass from Alaska who quit
before fulfilling her term of office.

She couldn’t pour piss from a boot if she wrote the instructions on her hand!

This should get your anger level flowing now huh!

not really, ignorance breeds laughter. I find you hilarious, which makes the mood fairly light around here. And I would say that anyone that actually served in Vietnam, would be outraged by your fake claim of service. Hell, I didn’t serve and it pisses me off that you would claim partnership in the sacrifices of those that died for your freedom to lie. Where did you serve? What company? What year? What’s your rank? You know lying about your status as an enlisted or veteran is a crime?
Don’t you think most Vietnam vets know how to spell Viet Nam? I mean, I mean, Vietnam? Unless you were killed or wounded, you spent some major time there. You know, seeing the name of the country on the T.V., newspapers, signs, helmets, etc.. Well unless of course you were stationed on the moon with the other bats (where you formulate and execute your own realities), which is my suspicion. Or did you serve with John Kerry?

And calling us knuckle dragging idiots for not being able to spell O’bama? Is that a joke? My bet is that you are some kid; already well on your way to living out your life brainwashed by the MSM and politicians such as O’bama… derrrrr Obama for us retarded unlearned types.


You came back for more, eh?

Were you down there in Mommy’s basement eating CheetosTM, bored with your Dungeons & Dragons and Interwebz porn addiction, so you decided that political commentary was your pathway to a renewed sense of self worth?

Some people like being publicly embarrassed I guess. Is it like foreplay or something?

Oh well, no matter cuz things ain’t working too well for you so far here.

Let’s look at what you squeezed out on your most recent swing through.

I can’t compete with the anger level in this blog.

No no no.

You missed the mark completely. There is no anger here. Anger is something you allow someone else to inflict upon you. Our getting angry would be the result of allowing you to be in control of the situation.

Instead, what you’re seeing in response to your prior postings here is amusement. Humor. Levity. Gamesmanship. Sort of like a cat with a mouse.

Please, please don’t stop posting. We always enjoy having someone to point and laugh at and you’re doing a great job!

We find you entertaining. You’re like our very own court jester.

Dance little man. Dance.

I just hope you guys don’t do something really smart and vote!

Oh, you can count on it chief. Personally, I haven’t missed voting in an election since I turned 18. From City Council, to Governor, to President, I’m there.

Damn! More of your hopes dashed upon the rocks.

Thanks for asking though.

We would probably have to deal that gun slinging bad ass from Alaska who quit
before fulfilling her term of office.

She couldn’t pour piss from a boot if she wrote the instructions on her hand!

Ah yes, Sarah Palin. She’s in your head, eh?

Well that’s quite understandable really. There’s so little else in there that the moose slayer doesn’t have to compete for space. Not only is Mrs. Palin inside your collective heads…she’s rearranging the furniture.

That’s too bad. That goes back to the “control” thing that I laid out for you above. Palin is in your thoughts….and you can’t help it.

Smart people would have remembered what Ghandi said: First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

Of course, Dimocrats have not often been accurately accused of being smart people now have they?

So, let’s see where we are in the Ghandi cycle:

First they ignore you. Check.

Then they laugh at you. Check.

Then they fight you. Check.

Then you win. Check.

Hey Proteus, ever hear of an OODA loop?

Yeah, you might wanna go look it up then because yours has been invaded.