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There certainly is a lot of chatter going on about this incident that according to Eric Holder was no more serious than someone shoplifting at a 7-11.

L O L ! Larry King is a better interrogator than obama’s people! http://www.politico.com/singletitlevideo.html?bcpid=19407224001&bctid=64241437001

At what point does he stop blaming President Bush and accept responsibility that it is HIS policies which are harming America?

When (not if) we get attacked again.

But it’ll be too late then, won’t it?

@thebronze: Do you really think Obama will accept that his policies are to blame when next we are attacked?

The man appears to have no shortage of excuses and such an abundance of ego.

Democrats will just remind us that 9/11 happened on Bush’s watch, and fault him for not having prevented it.

I’m so very glad that I lived in this country, grew up as free as a bird to do what ever My heart desired, alas that is all changing. Some would say that common sense and Demoncraps are foreign to each other, and they would be right. I say that this is all intentional, and for that they should spend time in a six by six. No one could do more harm to our anti terrorism teams then the damage being done by this administration. Can anyone claim that this is accidental? You can’t even imagine the harm that has been done in one short year. Israel is on their own with Iran, North Korea fires on the south, and what do we say or do NOTHING. We are screwed and it may already be too late. Thanks 52% of this country for your vote for our destruction.


Israel is on their own with Iran,

But, but, we’re sending more ships and missles over there! One of the reasons mentioned in the article I read said it was to “discourage” Israel from attacking Iran. Are we now “protecting” Iran?

wanting to play in global issues make a leader disy enouph to want to protect thoses who put you in power with contributions into election securing their safety to attack your country because underground deal the leader make with them is very hard to undo after you have accepted without questioning where and who is in it?

I doubt that anybody in the White House will read what Hayden wrote, they continue to look into their crystal ball and dream of their grandiose dreams. Another attack on this country will mean nothing to them except to whom to place the blame on. This is the Hope and Change the “useful idiots” voted for, the willful destruction of our great country. The longer Obama stays in office the more damage is being done.

With such a record if Iran’s Amarabidjackel decided to nuke a major American military base, Holder would just have him charged with vandalism.

Holder is more frightening than Osama ben laden. He’s on the inside! He’s a super-mole. He influences and makes policy! He can do more harm than Kim Philby did against all the free nations of the Western World.

@atti: I’ve been procrastinating on writing a post on how very political Atty. General Holder is. And he should be fired. But the truth is that Holder is just doing what Obama wants him to do. They are two peas in a pod.