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Thanks to Susan Collins for speaking out about this since this Administration no longer gives voters the credibility to speak out on such issues. What are “We the People”, going to do when these sleazy scumbags get acquitted of their charges. Make no mistake, some of them are going to walk because our Administration is so eager and committed to proving how tolerant and progressive we are among the nations. We are so tolerant that we’ve got killers in our house whose assigned rights are more important than the very ones they are seeking to kill. Note I said assigned rights because the have been assigned the same rights of any citizen of the U.S., whose very citizens they are seeking to kill.
I’ve said it before, but here it is again. What kind of terrible thing is going to have to happen before this government and unfortunately too many people realize that these folks mean to kill us and our children in the most horrible ways imaginable. We are infidels and their only solution for infidels is conversion or death.

Thank you, Susan for making this statement, I agree with you 100% and worry, all you have said is true..God help our country!!

She is pathetic. Is she trying to save her butt now that she voted straight dem?
Kick them all out.
Kick the bums out! Kick her to the curb. Donate when you can. It takes money to defeat these awful people
Send this viral. Please.
Vote Adam Andrzejewski for GOV of Illinois and take the state back from the thugs…do it. http://www.adamforillinois.com/

And for those in TX vote Debra Medina for GOV and take this country back and put it in the hands of the people.



Donate today. They are running against a few of the elitists crowd who are Daly’s, Kay Bailey Hutchison, Rick Perry..send it viral. Take your states back from the elitists.

Oh and vote Andy Martin for obama’s old senate seat. Do it.
Pass it around. He’s fought obama tooth and nail.


Becareful of these RINO Republicans jumping on the conservative bandwagon! I doubt she would have spoke like this just 6 months ago! The RINO’s have seen the writing on the wall and are running faster from the Obama train than the Democrats! Just remember how we got burned by Arlen Spector who always acted conservative as an election approached…………

She is back on the Team and I welcome her. So what if she is not a “litmus test” Republican and she strayed from the party in the past. Here I repeat the 11th commandment “Thou shall not criticize a fellow Republican”.We need her on the team and I say let her play! Circle the wagons and at the same time, let all in who pass the test of Loyalty to “One nation under god, with liberty and justice for all”! IMHO she just passed the test. (even if it is a make up exam for a past failure) I welcome all Independents and “Blue dogs” to the cause as well as those who have strayed in the past.

You can not go by one vote and think she is anything more than a RINO. If she was truly against the health care bill she would have never voted for it in commitee. It should have been a no vote from day one!

i concur. However, we have to fight the class warfare Democrats with the Republicans we have, not the ones we want to have. (That can be fixed later!)

@ogee said : “Is she trying to save her butt now that she voted straight dem? Kick them all out.”

She didn’t vote “straight dem” Not even close.

If your facts are so clearly WRONG, then your recommendation to “kick them all out” is wrong too. Unless of course you want Dems to retain control of the Senate.

@PB: You are confusing Susan Collins with Olympia Snowe. Both are from Maine but only Snowe served in the Finance Committee where she voted in Committee to let the bill go forward.

Thank you @blogforce one for demonstrating some common sense strategy.

A blind RINO finding an acorn?!

@OLDPUPPYMAX: If you are going to dump on folks like Susan Collins even when they get something right then you better get used to having Democrats control the Senate.

Yes, Collins only voted with the GOP majority 62% of the time in this latest voting record survey:


But then, my Senator, Jim DeMint only voted with the party 87% of the time. So do these numbers mean anything?

Would you rather that both Senators from Maine vote with the Dems?

What are you going to do when Scott Brown votes with the Dems on some social issue? Tar and feather him too?

It would be a better use of ALL of our time to focus on defeating the moderate Dems who represent the Senate in states that Bush and McCain won than dumping on the few GOPrs that are in what would otherwise be Dem states.

American Thinker has a great article on this:


There are 13 Dems in GOP states. If we defeated 11 of them we would retake control of the Senate.

Wouldn’t that be a better use of our time than bashing Susan Collins when she DOES SOMETHING RIGHT?
Think about that!

Mike As a Dem. I can assure you there’s nothing better,other than an ice cold Corona/lime, than a Conservative Rhino hunt. Have a blessed Sunday.

@rich wheeler: Thanks for making my point.

Mike You’re most welcome.

Larry Johnson on Noquarterusa.com took her to task in a blistering fashion on this very subject. I am unable to make out where I should be on this issue.


@atti: I have to disagree most strongly with Larry on this one.

Besides, this isn’t just a Republicans vs. Democrats issue. No one would call Former CIA Dir. Mike Hayden a right wing hatchet man. See his op-ed linked in the post at the top of the main page here.

Also, I notice Larry wants to blame Obama’s handling of terrorists on Reagan. Is it that Dems have so played out the “Blame Bush” card that now they have to blame it on Reagan?

From my recollection, no one during Reagan’s time had the sense that we were in a war with terrorists. Sure, we had terrorist threats but the most visible sign of those were those ugly sewer pipes that were put around the U.S. Capitol grounds to keep a truck bomb out.

The point here is that we are backsliding into a pre-September 11th mindset and we all know how dumb that was.


Why is anyone a Democrat these days?. That doesn’t suggest you must be Republican, but certainly Independent ia whole lot better than being associated with the party of Reid and Pelosi.

ATTI 14 months ago 69,456,000 Americans voted Dem. for Pres 9.5 million more than voted Repub. The party ain’t going away anytime soon. That being said I’d like to see a strong Independent Party form up and make it a 3 horse race.

Where was this old crone on 911? I remember the last leader of her administration saying he would follow Bin laden to the gates of h.ell. GOP had a bad GPS huh?

@Rich Wheeler, that’s not a reason nor an excuse. Look anywhere and you find a swath of ruin country wide created by the Dems. NY and CA are perfect examples. ACORN alone should shake all of you out of the trees. New Yorkers still haven’t learned. They keep voting the Dems in and the Dems keep making false love to them. The state is on the verge of collapse. As for Pelosi and Reid, they are rank liars and will rot in H one day. Name one in the Admin that is worthy of respect.

ATTI I’m just saying you’re pissin up a rope if you think Dems or Repubs are going away.Better you find some moderate and Understanding leadership in an outstanding Independant. This back and forth war between R’s and D’s is getting real old and more and more divisive. The American people are the losers.

Sen. Collins represents her constituents but lacks the realization that her Vote affects more than the Citizens of State of Maine.

Party Membership is not a suicide pact or a death march directed by the Temporary Resident at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue or some Elitists that spent too much time in Office and served themselves too well and not the Nation well at all and November elections are coming.

Scott Brown was sworn in today. The American People stopped being Losers. You can feel free to recognize that RWJ. Outside of DC the Professional Military has Duties. “One Team One Fight”.

About 04:00 here and a place in Helmand is going to get surprise. “M” City will see no candy but a big stick very soon. SOCCENT is Joint Forces so Marines will be there first with some Army and Navy that are trained and equipped swell despite Obama’s Defense spending cuts.

Mike’s A, Thanks for the virtual pie. We love Cherry, Raspberry, Pumpkin, Pecan and Sweet Potato pie. We don’t get it often but it is a huge hit here.

We go in first and prepare the space.

Rich, stop pissing in the wind. When I get Home you and yours can come out in the Summer and see a real cattle ranch in operation and get a look at the business, have a swim in a cold water stream, eat BBQ or Mesquite grilled beef that will melt in your mouth and if willing, get on a horse and see miles of land that still hold promise.

Mc Cain, Kerry, Snowe , Schumer, Ben Nelson and Collins are anachronisms of Big .Gov and need to retire. Reid is on his way out and things are in the mode of change. I am not a Politician but see that. Get off the Party Line and think for yourself.

The Military is not the one you knew. Politics shifts ground and don’t get left behind in that.

Nuff Said!
Bleu (NATO) 6 0 out!

O.T. I THANK YOU for your kind invitation.My wife Nancy and I would love to visit the beautiful state of Montana.We can talk politics later.I’m glad to hear you’ve got the Marines out in front. I went to a graduation ceremony at Camp Pendleton on Wed. and saw the Corps as strong and proud as ever. Looking forward to seeing the Silent Drill Team in March. Always a great show.For our country, continue to destroy the Taliban with extreme predjudice. S/F Richard