Martha Coakley Declares Terrorists Are Gone From Afghanistan


During last night’s Massachusetts debate between Scott Brown and Martha Coakley there was a lot of attention paid to Scott Brown’s answer to a question posed from the moderator, David Gergen, in last night’s debate in which he was asked “…are you willing, under those circumstances, to say I’m going to be the person, I’m going to sit in Teddy Kennedy’s seat and I’m going to be the person that is going to block it (Obamacare) for another 15 years?” His answer is 40 seconds into the video:

But some are overlooking this important gaffe by his challenger, Martha Coakley, in which she asserted that all the terrorists are gone in Afghanistan. Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit puts together this video:

Apparently she has the same basic understanding of this war that Obama does. At one point she has the gall to say she doesn’t believe we can succeed in Afghanistan and in the other breath she asserts that the Taliban is not a terrorist organization when she utters “If the goal was and the mission in Afghanistan was to go in because we believed that the Taliban was giving harbor to terrorists”. Helllllloooooo? They don’t “harbor” terrorists since they ARE the terrorists.

I am continually amazed at the utter ignorance in the left today.

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Good Job Scott give them hell.

Stupid is as stupid does when it comes to Martha.

Dem = Isolationist

Once a Seat in either house becomes “So&So’s Seat”, it’s way past time that anyone else is elected to that seat.
The time has come to end the professional politicians stranglehold on our government.

Dems don’t view their positions in Congress and the Senate as seats, they’re thrones.


Well said. TERM LIMITS!

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This comment was originally posted on Twitter
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(OK,…no, it wasn’t originally posted on Twitter but since that phrase is robotically repeated so often in this thread, I felt compelled to throw it in a few more times.)

Ha Martha-ask the 6 wive’s and families “who klled your husband or daddy yesterday” in AFGHANISTAN, and that FAR-LEFT David “Wack-Job” Gerger-changing his tone in asking Scott about the next 15 years with anyone having insurance, let’s make it 50 years. He should be asking Martha, “Why do the Dems (Wack-0/2-that Florida guy???)want 218,400 to DIE before Obamacare kick’s in. (The amount dead came from the attorney who boycotted WHOLE FOODS for making a statement against Obamacare) 1,400 @ day X 7 times X 52 weeks X time 3 years. Gerger should have asked Martha “How many people will the government need to run Obamacare-was that amount ever figured into the cost ????? SALARIES, HEALTHCARE (THE BEST),RETIREMENT PACKAGE (THE BEST) ETC, ETC. Didn’t Barry say that his Obamacare was going to be just as good as the one that Congress &the Senate have, and Nancy saying that she was going to pay for this with the PROHIBITIVE PROFITS the OIL CO are making. Have you been to the gas pump today ???? How come nobody is talking about the OIL CO anymore. Why is 70% of all the people that we but in office-leave MILLIONAIRES. $$$180k @ YEAR ????????
PS****This guy Scott Brown seem’s to be the real deal (GOOD LUCK-SCOTT)

“Kabul Coakley” … only thing she needs is a bad set of eye glasses and a mean black Barret.

Were she a republican this would have been the finishing-nail in her campaign coffin.

It is true that this Senate seat is not Kennedy’s or the Democrat’s to claim, but to say it’s The People’s is only half correct on his behalf. It is the State’s seat to, if the system was working, represent the State’s interests in Federal Matters while the Congress represents the People of the same state on the issues at hand. Yet, this video highlights the arrogant mentality to lay physical claim to a seat of Government and to make some form of neo-aristocratic policy that only someone who follows the late Ted Kennedy’s policies to the letter is fit for that seat and totally side stepping the State’s interests and problems.


I am continually amazed that the rest of America is still continually amazed at the utter ignorance in the left today. =8^)

Brother Bon –

That is because we are at a loss, scientifically, as to why they haven’t become extinct through self-destruction yet.

Lord knows they try so very hard.

I nearly choked on a glass of good Cabernet when I read ‘Kennedy’s Seat’ good grief! That should be enough to trash what’s her name, before she opens her mouth and reveals her innate stupidity to the rest of the country. How low will the Progressive Socialist stoop to put another stooge in the Senate?

Acquaintances in MA nicknamed Martha — ‘Jokely.’

how low and how far the once mighty he fallen. gergen looked like a pompous self righeous fool. martha looks dumbs as bricks and brown was the only winner in that “debate’.

i don’t see how gergen can look at himself in a mirror. and martha just lies to herself about the image she sees. sad really!

I beg to differ with Miz Martha. I personally invite her to come meet a few of those that were recently captured here. The Taliban and Al Q are here, some alive and still kicking, planting IEDs and seriously still trying to kill Americans, Afghan people and our NATO Allies. They do not like Afghan girls going to school or any sense of stability in the Region.

Miz Martha is quite frankly full of it. How does Miz Martha feel about Afghan girls going to school or for that matter being able to vote in elections or not being beaten or raped by Taliban or Al Q thugs because they could?

The Taliban is/was a political group in Afghanistan. When they were in power they harbored terrorists. The Taliban is not al Qaeda. Who here is ignorant? You are.

Both are still in AFPAK and very busy. A Province Chief, two Police a bodyguard or two were murdered in Herat just last night. Al Q is primarily in the ME, Africa and is the enabler, financier and trainer. Taliban cross into the Stans and do the “wet work” here.

They are both active.