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B+ ??

Maybe if we grade on a curve??

the dork is way over his head…..

Given the decline in the nation’s academic standard’s the Chairman’s own B+ really translates into something like a D- in the real world.

cnn in my view fudges their numbers or selects firms that do. in fact obama is way down in the 40s now and sinking further. how low can he go? heck i just want him gone as in resign from the people’s white house and someone who cares about america there.

@stodghie: If Obama resigned Joe Biden would be President.

If Obama and Joe resigned Nancy Pelosi would be President.

Maybe it’s better to just suffer for the next three years with Obama to avoid that catastrophe.

Not too surprising since only half of the people voted for him…and I expect more of those to be shaking the Kennedy Krap out of their heads, swear off Koolaid, and start figuring out WTH happened before we get through the first 18 months.

Since only half (actually less than half because many stayed home) the electorate voted for him, it’s not surprising. As soon as the Dims begin to shake the Kennedy Krap out of their heads, swear off Koolaid, etc., you’ll see a much bigger number…I’m betting before we finish the first 18 mos.