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Sarkozy just had his Milli Vanilli moment … he has realized that Obama is a no talent hack with nothing more than a pretty face and voice … without a telepromter Obama is a terrible communicator and in any of their private meetings that has to have shown thru to Sarkozy …

at least Milli Vanilli could dance … what can Obama actually do ? play hoops and read a speech ? I’d bet Palin could school him on the hardwood … in either b-ball or bowling …

Just another example of the Zero, “restoring our stature around the world.”

@Jeff: Where did you come up with the “pretty face”? I think he is quite ugly…inside and out.

Mike, you snipped socialist Jean-Christophe Cambadélis ensuing comments…. which I think are an emphasis on the extraordinary “anti-Obama” change of heart. He said:

“Neither France nor the western world have anything to gain from Barack Obama’s failure. It seems as if the president is betting on this failure, which isolates France in Europe.”

Indeed… Sarkozy has everything to lose by *not* supporting “da chosen won”, and nothing to gain if Obama proves to be the failure many of us saw him to be. Therefore to turn his back on him this early in his term is quite the statement.

I had to laugh when a “senior official” tried to soften the snub, saying:

“Many of the comments that we read here and there reflect differences of temperament rather than fundamental differences,” said a senior official. “On the fundamentals we are much closer to President Obama than we were to President Bush

Really? Funny… I don’t see that at all. Wonder what “fundamentals” that would be?

JESUS!!! When the FRENCH think a “socialist” SUCKS, you KNOW you’ve hit ROCK BOTTOM!!!! LOL!! Obummer.. the end is drawing near…..