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Man, if ya got Ray Stevens ass, ya better run, not pass!

Great job Ray I have always loved you and love you more than ever. Your song helps when we feel so low that we can’t feel any lower. I hope people will listen and vote the jerks out.

Has anyone else heard this or just a web rumor? oBOWma putting off health xare
until Februrary??


Ray Stevens is still as clever as ever….

The chorus, We the People, now that sends a chill down my leg!

Glad I saw this!

It should be titled: “Ray Stevens shares his thought”. It’s clear he’s never had more than one. What an embarrassment. And he’s not even remotely funny.

Dennis Miller, whose humor I still appreciate despite his shift to the con side, has more talent in one of his toes than Stevens and his Branson buddies have combined.

Why don’t you try to post something from the cons as brilliant and insightful as Colbert and Stewart at their best?

Try researching some Minnie Pearl on youtube, for example. I’m sure a lot of Hee-Haw episodes have been uploaded.

A Sonnet for Congress to take to Hell

Well thanks Ray Stevens
Thanks for helping us get even
They might just start believin
There will be no more deceivin

This parody of Democracy
That became pure lunacy
Still they stand on the scaffold
And mock the lies they’ve told

Oh! But Congress listen to hear
The multitudes rise and know no fear
The cold eyed wolf, now waits by the door
And cares not for coquettes and whores

Yes your time is near, you may as well resign
Your careers are over by your own design

Skook 09


If there is anyone at Flopping Aces that sees the need to keep this little butte entertained, step forward now.

Didn’t think so.


Welcome home Skookum! Hope you are safe and warm and Merry Christmas.

BTW, nice work on the sonnet, hoping Hell is in the near future for them, throughout the next couple of weeks would be nice. Hope they get their ears chewed off by some cold eyed wolves!

You know you have lost America when Ray Stevens immortalizes your actions in a song.

Umm Missy??? It would seem that this person is a BIG BUTTe !!!! LOL!!

Aleric, when Stevens sings about you, you have become a parody and your credibility has become a joke. Obama will try to lie his way back to credibility like he is trying to spend his way out of the recession: either one is a forlorn hope or a fool’s errand.

Thank you Missy. I had great weather and just a little rain and snow each day, an exceedingly successful trip. The political exposure by the Canadian version of the MSM, at least in British Columbia, is between Liberal Democrat Philosophy and Progressive Marxism. I exposed people to Conservative Blogs and ideas each day: they were shocked to learn that Obama is having problems and that the Progressive Marxist Agenda is floundering and headed for the rocks. I had a ball! I owe a lot to the info gleaned from my friends at FA. I can’t wait to go back and see how my seeds of discontent sowed in the fertile soil of Canadian Socialism are germinating.

That is one area that we fail to measure up against the Marxists, they consider the struggle to be international and we tend to view the struggle as a provincial matter. Eventually, we must recognize the insidious evil nature of the International Progressive Marxist Agenda and meet them on the International stage.

For while we have been sitting back and admiring the beauty of our system, we inadvertently let the back door open for a fraud to try to destroy our Liberty while making dubious alliances with Socialists around the world. I believe we must first reclaim or country from the Quasi-Marxist and then meet the enemy whose front is international in nature.

The willingness of our home grown Progressive Socialists to pay taxes to the UN so that they can redistribute our wealth to the undeveloped Socialist countries of the world is the proof of the international conspiracy trap that has been laid at our front door.

Merry Christmas Missy!

Got a question for the “more learned” here… If your congressman writes a law with a clause that INTENTIONALLY violates the Constitution, it is pointed OUT that it is there, he then votes to NOT CHECK INTO IT ( Constitutionality Challenge) and votes to pass it WITH THE ILLEGAL CLAUSE… is that not a CRIME?? To willfully and wantonly attempt to VIOLATE constitutional law??? Not by accident, by WILLFUL INTENT!! If so, then aren’t there 60 Democrats to be brought up on charges, and for an IMPEACHMENT hearing??? Did they not ALL VIOLATE their oath of office with intent to do it??? What’s going on???


It would sadly disappoint you as to what’s actually Constitutional, insofar as the allowable actions of Congress.

Take out your anger in the most productive manner you have…Inform your friends and neighbors, and keep on your representative’s ass. We will win this, and we will turn back the tide.