Stopping Obama and the Democrats in 30 Days or Less [Reader Post]


This coming January 19th, there is a special election in Massachusetts to fill Ted Kennedy’s seat. There are 3 candidates: Republican State Sen. Scott Brown, Democrat Attorney General Martha Coakley, and Independent Joe Kennedy, who is not related to the well-known clan. The turnout for the primaries on December 9th, was barely 11%, and Coakley presently leads in the polls.

If this seat goes to Brown, the Democrats loose their 60th seat, and will no longer be able to break a Republican filibuster.

I looked around, and noticed that this is being kept very quiet in the media. Then I wondered why? It occurs to me that they know damn well how pissed of American’s are, especially Conservatives.

BTW, Scott Brown is one hell of a conservative candidate.

I wonder if they are trying to keep this race off the TeaParty radar? I wonder what will happen if it DOES get on that radar?

Let’s help! Let’s all send e-mails to our friends, family, and anyone else you can think of to start spreading the word about this race. If NY-23 was deemed critical, this is even more so. Call and e-mail your local TeaParty and Republican offices and get them motivated! Write Scott Brown to see if you can help with phone-calls or anything else he needs from us. Let’s hear from some of those experienced with campaigning to give us some more ways to help him win this.

We need less than 60 Dems NOW, and we can’t wait for next November. LET’S ROLL!!

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Good Job Patvann. I read about seat on another blog, but it’s not getting the attention it deserves… still, Massachusetts is a huge, uphill battle .. they’re so liberal and blue there it’s not funny.

They’re so liberal in Massachusetts they think Joe Stalin is a Republican.

edit to comment: on nov 12, realclearpolitics had this: “On the GOP side, just 6% of voters know that a special GOP primary will be held in less than a month. Still, State Sen. Scott Brown leads former statewide candidate Jack E. Robinson by a 45%-7% margin, with nearly half of voters still undecided.

In the January special general election, Coakley (D) leads Brown (R) 58%-27% ”
but note…only 6% of republicans knew about the upcoming primary!

Interesting point Patvann. I just checked realclearpolitics senate races and the MA race isn’t even listed. What’s going on?

There must be some sort of attempt to keep this thing quiet. Heck, a quick google search reveals that Brown posed semi-nude in 82 in Cosmo magazine. So the msm has even more reason to get “interested” in this race. Sleaze is always good for ratings.

My guess is that in MA this would actually help him, not hurt him.

the silence is really weird.

Update: 12/17 Boston Globe article:

Those of you who know me know I’m an Iraq war vet from Massachusetts. Scott Brown is currently my State Senator! I know him PERSONALLY, and I support his candidacy for the United States Senate!

As I said, I know Senator Brown personally, and he really DOES represent the people who put him into office! Besides being a state senator here in MA, he’s also a JAG (military lawyer) in the Mass Army National Guard, with the rank of LTC! As a result, he’s FAR MORE KNOWLEDGABLE than his DUMBocrat opponent martha is…….that broad doesn’t have a clue regarding national security! Scott Brown has been one of the biggest supporters of Soldiers and Veterans at the State House in Boston. A few years ago he was the driving force behind a bill that gave lots of new benefits to returning veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan, a bill that was signed into law by mitt.

Here’s the link to a YouTube video taken at a recent Veterans for Brown rally held here in MA…I was one of those vets standing behind him….

And here’s his campaign web site… PLEASE……if you can…..make a donation to his campaign!!!! Scott needs all the help he can get in getting his message out to the people of Massachusetts. And please tell anyone you know in Massachusetts to vote for Scott Brown on January 19th!

Oh, and for you BlogTalkRadio fans out there…Scott Brown will be my guest on my BTR show, Independently Correct Radio, on Sunday, Jan 10th, 2010, at 8:00 PM EST,


Another reason they keep this quiet {from the perspective of a NH resident} is because Massachusetts tends to vote against women. If there was too much press over this there would be a certain level of misogyny voters that would turn out in force, and they are NOT the Republicans. This type of overthrow would be crushing to a state that prides itself on it’s wonderful liberal equality values ..
Scott Brown and his family vacation in my town during the summer and I just want anyone who is reading this to know that his conservatism is only eclipsed by what a wonderfully kind and generous person he and his entire family are, even when he is not on the campaign .. I hope people of Massachusetts do the right thing and vote for him, but as always I will be up here in NH confused at that state in general ..


Scott Brown is winning the latest poll. I live here in Mass and his lawn signs are EVERYWHERE. People are fed up with Status quo (Coakley) is that.

Information from friends and folks on the ground regarding Scott Brown is encouraging, thanks, keep us posted!

The primaries are over and I cannot recall seeing a single poll on this race.

No one is reporting that Brown is ahead, or Coakley is ahead – what gives?

Someone said that the mainstream media is sitting on the poll results because they are bad for Coakley – but I’d like to see them!

This is a VERY important election – it will take the 60th vote AWAY FROM HARRY REID!

People DO need to know about the race, and the National TeaParty crowd seems to be unaware!

Get the vote out on January 19th for Scott Brown!


Something else to spread the word about:

Health care reform means more power for the IRS
By: Byron York

How credible is the IRS? They can’t even issue taxpayer IDs:

IRS Has 70% Error Rate in Issuance of Taxpayer ID Numbers, Resulting in Fraudulent Tax Refunds

Not a surprise, government run anything is a fiasco, common sense tells us that the price tag for ObamaScare will be tremendously more than the false numbers they are giving us. Having the IRS administer this boondoggle is a joke.

I really believe Scott Brown can win. We need to make the sure the word gets out about this important race that could save USA from the socialist crap coming from Obama. Even Democrats I know are going to vote for Brown. We can do this!!