Climategate: Boxer Blames The Hackers Instead Of The Corrupt Science


Barbara Boxer believes the fudging of science isn’t the issue in Climategate….its the hacker that’s the issue:

I love this line from Allah:

…leaks that help the left are always about the information obtained, leaks that hurt the left are always about the leak’s illegality

Ain’t that the truth.

Kind of like ACORN and the left blaming James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles instead of those who tried to help pimp and ho’ out.

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What a STUPID woman!

I hope you guys in California boot this Babs Bimbo to the curb in 2010!

Esta loca, re-loca!

Ditto Mike!

JMO, the problem with dipsh## Boxer is that she sits on her brains and she only shows up on tv ect when she is up for reelection, er, coronation. Ergo she is a waste of our taxpayers $$.

Hope the lady that ran HP beats Boxie’s pants off.


This is the way of the libtard-go after the exposer. When thr left reveals classified info it’s for “the public good”-whatever their cause du jour happens to be. When real crimes are shown to be committed by libtards, they want to prosecute the people that exposed the scam. The two most recent examples are the acorn case and Climategate.
(By the way, it feels so good to throw the “gate” back at them!)

Boxer and Peeloshi are the two most stupid women I’ve seen in my life. Neither have the brains to see they are selling their own children/grandchildren into a life worse than what we know as slavery. Islam will not treat them well.

I saw Rummy call President O’Dumbo a bold face liar tonight. He used a PC word for lier but everyone knows what he said. I’ve seen a lot of presidents come and go in 68 years and never saw one who lied so often, even when he has to know everyone knows he’s lying. Evidently to a democrat a lie is as good as a truth. I do pity their young children who know or will have to find out what liars they are.

Boxer is watching her ship of fraud sink beneath the waves, with her strapped on deck. She is a real dunce.


We’re working our butts off to rid ourself of this harrigan, Mike. We have a couple of good candidates on the slate this time.

Boxer like Obama has made a career out of running for office. She captures the women’s vote by making the election all about pro-choice no mater how inappropriate the subject is at the time. The Republicans have two excellent candidates, but at this time Boxer has a double digit lead over either one. Hopefully the primary will elect a popular candidate without damaging the chances of defeating this Witch of the West, “Don’t Call Me Mam,” Boxer Bitc&. Both candidates are excellent speakers and unlike Boxer, they can speak intelligently on many issues.

We have an important year coming up, be prepared to be involved

Barbara Boxer has two main parts to her body. One is her brain and the other is her mouth, and only enough blood to run one of them at a time.

And watergate was about undocumented DNC office workers.
And Rathergate was about Bush’s preferential ANG treatment.
And Acorngate was about unauthorized taping of hardworking community organizers.
And Boxergate was about a sewage treatment plant in Barbara’s cranium.

I don’t seem to recall Boxerbitch having a fit when Sarah Palin’s e-mails got hacked!!!! Typical 2 faced Libtard!!! I’m glad i’m not from California….if I had that pompous cow as MY Senator I think I’d have to off myself!! LOL!!
And, didn’t we have some sort of “whistleblower” protection law???? I find it a sick sort of deal with these guys….the TRUTH gets out… and SHE is worried about HOW, not the FRAUD that was (is?) going to bankrupt the country!!! If California doesn’t boot her this next election, I say the REST of America “UN-Annex” California, and cut em loose on their own…. be a 3rd world nation in less than 30 days!!!

I do so LOVE My Senators from Oklahoma 🙂

I’ve got Burris and Durbin. Wouldn’t doubt they both are wanting the same for the hacker as Boxer, they just aren’t dumb enough to open their mouth and say it.