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Is Obama going to the conference?

Penn State U has also announced an investigation into Michael Mann. 🙂

Obama’s going to drop in at Copenhagen on the way to pick up his Nobel Prize.

Do you mean the Copenhagen conference? If so then OF COURSE OZero will be going. He can’t miss a chance to apologize to a few more morons for all the damage The United States has caused. As a man that cannot utter anything BUT a lie, he will be in perfect company.

But I don’t think Algore will though……..


Speaking of Al Gore, can you believe this cartoon ran in the Washington Post?

Well, Mike…..at least Algore DID SOMETHING to “earn” his Nobel……….even if it WAS crap.


I think after this past week, Gore is sorry he invented the internet. 😉


I find this neither harsh or dis truthful.


Oh that’s gooood.