Beck Asks “Where Is The MSM?”….Why, They Are Fact Checking SNL


Beck is completely right here. He is a bit upset that the MSM spends their time digging at his past rather then reporting on the issues he has been so right about. Van Jones? Yup, hit the nail on the head. Acorn? Yup, hit the nail on the head. (h/t Hot Air)

But what does our MSM do? They fact check…..FACT CHECK….a Saturday Night Live skit.


Did they fact check the Palin skits?


Have they fact checked ANY snl skits?

But when they attack their messiah they suddenly decide to fact check a comedy show.

Beck asks for our MSM to at least try to prove him wrong by reporting on these issues, instead we get crickets as they bask in the glow of Obama’s aura.

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I’ll even go farther, have they ever fact checked ANY skits on …
* past Presidents
* Any other political figures (Barney Frank, Pelosi, etc)

I am listing Frank & Pelosi since they are democrat. I just find it somehow incredulous that they have to defend “The nONE.”

And Blitzer’s(?) line “They portrayed the leader of the free world as …”

Ford: A bumbling klutz
Bush Sr: Wishy Washy & spineless
Clinton: Lying womanizer
Bush Jr: A bumbling idiot

Off to chew and spit nails now….

I suppose it maintains perspective when the MSM has been relegated to providing analysis on comedy shows with middling to low ratings. I’m not sure I could trust them with anything more substantial than that.

Notice how the whole report was about how unfairly Obama was supposed to have been treated, although they could only show that the skit might have been subjectively, arguably wrong. But SNL’s portrayal of Palin was “dead on” although those skits had several instances of behaviors and statements with no history or basis in fact. Notice also that they threw in that the skits reinforced “an impression that Palin was ill equiped for the job” immediately after saying that the impression was “dead on”. I see no other way to take that as anything other than saying bluntly that it is an unarguable fact that Palin was not and is not capable of the job of VP.

Tell me there’s no biais there. Almost 1/2 of American’s who cast their vote for Palin as VP were essentially called stupid in this report. If you continue to support CNN by watching their shows after this, they will have proved themselves right.

The Leftists in the mainstream media are going to make enough people mad to get Palin elected into any office she wants, if they keep this up. If they had made her a non-story, people would have probably written her off by now. Although this was clearly a despicable smear, Palin should probably call them up and thank them. In one short report, they managed to gain Palin votes and money while losing viewers, and thereby losing money and influence for themselves. As for myself, this is probably the straw that broke the camel’s back. After all the smears, I’ll probably send money Palin’s way the next time she runs for any office, even if its dog catcher for her home town.

What they are doing to the president is “not all that kind”?! Did Blitzer just say that?! Did they ever say that about Bush skits from 2000 to present day?! It’s a comedy skit; yet now that it’s THE ONE who is marked for mockery, the humor’s all in question? Do they know how ridiculous they are, factchecking a comedy skit on behalf of THE ONE?

Some yahoo named Brett Michael Dykes writing for Yahoo! News Blog also ran a factcheck and Bookworm did a good job factchecking his vacuous defense of THE ONE (I updated your post with links, Curt).

who are the journalists now? are they fresh out of college, are they immigrants that have migrated to the USA, are they militant whites and blacks, are they feminist women? what kind of people are they? do they have families, are they mostly single? where do these journalist live, do they own their homes or do are they apartment dwellers? why would these people not recognize that this presidency in destroying our way of life in the USA? i would like to know who these people are that call themselves journalist and where they come from.

i’m not talking about people that we see everyday on television or the top journalist who are often on the blogs. i would just like to know who the everyday journalist that writes for the papers and news shows.

How Stupid is CNN…….oh wait they just answered this question by Analyzing a comedy skit on SNL. I noticed they didn’t run down the whole check list of what PEBO hasn’t accomplished.

really? this is surprising?

journalists are mostly nimrods who couldn’t get into law school or other professional programs. they all want to ” change the world “.

Fact Checking a comedy skit? WTH?

We are in disney land.

You got ACORN
Van Jones
Federal Reserve Bailout Corruption by Bernake and Paulson and Geitner
Eroding Dollar

and they are fact checking a SNL skit?

Obama must be really upset his NBC, SNL mocked him.

I can hear Wolf Blitzer now in the “Situation Room” …

SNL does a skit about Obama’s non-accomplishments … how is this bad for the President ?

Sorry .. he only added the “how is this …” part for Bush

It sounds to me like CNN agreed with pretty much everything. 🙂

Fantastic skit, almost as good as the Sesame Street clip on Conan! (See Hulu or YouTube.)

Glenn Beck is a clown and is followers are weak-minded, scared people who need some ex-crackhead to tell them how to think. He doesn’t even believe his own garbage, he is laughing straight to the bank. Fox news is just a tool for corporate lobbyists to convince people that there is some reason to actually follow the corrupt republican party. March on washington demanding to give up your own health care for isurance company profits. Smart. Its amazing how you can mobilize people when you give them all something in common to hate. Now that sounds like Nazi mentality to me.

Hate Obama..Hate the President..Hate Government..Hate America..Love the free market. $$$$

The Legacy Media’s unprofessional journalism antics are driving away viewers and readers….
One of the latest examples –Fox’s 3am Red Eye is out rating CNN at 8pm!!!!

Red Eye Resurgence: More Demo Viewers Watch Fox At 3am Than CNN at 8pm

The Legacy Media has “shot themselves in the foot!” Their protestations are giving the lame SNL skit a life of its’ own. With all the publicity, the skit is attracting an exponentially larger viewership than it would have otherwise — and as a result, the sarcastic message is making pop culture history.


Could you help me recognize how this presidency is destroying our way of life in the USA? I’m feeling like one of those militant black immagrant apartment dwelling journalists. If only there were more objective and honest journalism like on Fox News or Flopping aces.

@Mr Gray ….more objective and honest journalism like on Fox News or Flopping aces.

It’s real simple…

if FOX is so disgusting to you – don’t watch! Fox is growing in ratings like crazy so watch
another channel (like CNN, MSNBC etc.) and help them out.

If Flopping Aces is so disgusting to you — don’t log on…no one is making you are they? I am sure there are so many sites that think you are THE Man…why waste your time?

Life is too short…thanks for the late night laugh!

they are coming after Beck bec he is hitting the ball.

Hey Mr Gray, you sure are full of hate. Call a bunch of people names. Ever hear the term “strawman’? Familiar with the term ‘Ad Hominem’ attack? It is a popular fallacy you know. And by popular I mean it is used a lot by people who are unable to defend ideas and concepts so they try to tear down the one talking about the concepts and ideas. It is a fallacy because it does not address the arguments but is mere name calling.

Of course we don’t expect democrats to understand such lofty ideas, but you are pretty disappointing anyway.