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Obama Backed Crazy Man in Honduras Coup Against Constitution

This surprises ANYONE ?

Maybe Zelaya’s buddy Chavez can send him some coca leaves to chew on. Oh, wait..seems like he’s had a few too many already. How else do you explain the nonsense coming out of his mouth? The longer this soap opera “Dictator Without a Country” plays, the more people will sympathize with Micheletti and the Honduran Supreme Court. No one would want this looney tune in charge of their country, either.

I hope he goes even more off the wall, cuz his spittle is sticking to Hillary, and Obama.

Another friend bites the dust…

Oh puleeez… this is such an embarrassment. That loser, Zelaya, is lucky the Brazilian embassy gave him shelter instead of the Honduran police nabbing his ass and dumping him into the hoosegow. Or deporting him yet again.

Meanwhile, SOS Hillary… doing Obama’s bidding… revoked visas and they’ve cut off Honduran financial aid. So the Hondurans said… oops! Not enough cash to help stop the drug flow thru trade to the US. Guess you’ll have to fight your drug war yourselves… LOL

The big story here to me is not the ill-placed support of this idiot in the WH and his minions. I mean, what kind of surprise can that be? Instead, my focus is on the superb Hondurans and their stalwart ‘tudes towards the US superpower under Obama. They know how to stand proud, and give Obama’s America the finger. And when the US of my youth is but a memory, they just may be the nation to watch. A country with those who still hunger for liberty and freedom… an attitude that has died in this country after generations of “me me me! What can you do for *me*!”.

Had to laugh my tail off when Obama and his TOTUS twins lectured at the UN about the US standing up for democracy all over the world… Right. You mean like for the Iranians in the streets after the stolen election? Or the Hondurans, tossing a corrupt President out based on their Constitutional laws?

Oh… I get it. Obama was waxing eloquent, reminiscing about *Dubya’s* America… not his own remade America. Right…

When I think of the strength of the Honduran people, I remember my favorite Honduran poster from one of the first demonstrations after the ouster: “No Tenemos Petroleo Ni Dolares, Pero Tenemos Huevos!”

@Toothfairy: You might want to translate that for us.

Taking a rough stab with long ago forgotten Spanish lessons…. looks like something about not having any oil or dollars, but good breakfasts… or would that be tequila?? LOL

Well… I personally might have to think twice about ordering “eggs” in a Honduras cafe now. DOH!

@Mike’s America: Translation: “We don’t have money or oil, but we’ve got balls!”

“Huevos” (“eggs”) aren’t just for breakfast. Who knew.


HAHA Obama…..constitutions…..legitmate leader…..c’mon FA u baiting us arent you??

Do we really need another crazy like Venezuela’s Chavez in our backyard?

Backyard, hell. We have one in this country.

Every country in the world is more or less giving the finger to the US. They know we have lost our teeth with Obama as president. He will do nothing but whine and hallucinate about the utopia he envisions that the US will become under his watch while the rest of envision obliteration. I sometimes wonder if this guy is still on crack. It would explain so much.