Photo of the Day- “Oba Mao”


“Hey, Obama has just nationalized nothing more and nothing less than General Motors. Comrade Obama! Fidel, careful or we are going to end up to his right,”
– Venezuelan “president” Hugo Chavez

A tourist is reflected in the window of a shop displaying shirts and pouches bearing an image President Barack Obama’s face imprinted over that of China’s late leader Mao Zedong, in the popular tourist area of Houhai in central Beijing September 21, 2009. The shop has sold thousands of products bearing the “Oba Mao” design since stocks arrived just over a month ago, the shop owner said.
REUTERS/David Gray

No, I’m not saying our president is a communist….I’m just sayin’….*snicker*

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Just wait til the libs start making songs about Obie. A variation on this theme perhaps:

At least it’s not “Surfin Bird.”

Just wait til the libs start making songs about Obie

I think they already have: 🙂

video here

Where can I get one! (Just kidding)


If Obama is Chairman Mao, who is Bush who pushed the Tarp Plan, the $180 Billion 80% AIG bailout? Maybe Bush is Karl Marx who wrote the book on big spending and government.

Both TARP and the AIG plans were to be loans, paid back with interest. That all changed After Jan.

The TARP was also ONLY for banks to help pay bad homeloans, and has morphed into grants to favored financial institutions.

-To be clear, I’m not defending what Bush did, especially his quip about “suspending capitalism to save it”, but some clarity is in order.

Clarity, AIG will never be able to pay back its loans, and the money infusion was to allow the company to be unwound and although everyone claimed that it was a “loan” the amount infused could never be re-earned through profits nor sale of assets, so… it was really not a load.

I like the name, it is very interesting….

What entity aggressively pushed for TARP and name one of the senators who signed off approving TARP- democrat controlled congress and one, Barack Hussein Obama. Sorry pal, but your blame Bush for EVERYTHING schtick is wearing thin with most Americans. I too am not saying I supported Bush, BUT as long as we’re placing blame, let’s be accurate about it.

Oh, and what brought us to TARP in the first place? Read Thomas Sowell’s Housing Boom and Bust for an honest assessment of how we arrived at TARP.

Anyone who knows Mao, knows he liked killing his people. Read is biography called Mao. Learn and live. Obama is worse than Mao because he is clueless and a puppet president.

“Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun” – Chairman Mao Zedong (Tse-tung)

If your gonna get angry over something. Get angry over something serious not bullshit. Then turn the anger into action. Leaders will make any excuse to order you to kill each other. Xccept those who preach non-violence which seems less and less as time passes….

Bow to Mao- I don’t think he’s clueless by any means. I think he’s very much aware of his actions whether we disagree or agree with them.

I like the shirt though, all political commentary aside 🙂 I have a blog about shirts and this one went up the second I saw it!

See this interesting Video on Chinese Propaganda and the phenomenon of Oba-Mao: