Welcome to America Obama Nation!


Officer Wesley Cheeks Jr. says this is no longer America and the First Amendment no longer applies. Unfrakkin’believable!

Hat tip Caleb Howe

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I used to be proud to say “I’m from Virginia”. I’m not sure anymore. I moved to Utah as a kid and I know for certain that this incident would have started a riot had it happened here. What the hell has happened in Virginia? Any law enforcement officer, no matter what color or creed, has no right to tell this person that this is no longer America, and the first amendment no longer applies. I’ve thought about moving back, and if I do, blood will flow in the streets if this happens to me and it won’t be mine!
P.S. I would have stalked this Bozo after the protest and when the right time came to strike…he would have been feeding through a tube for a long period of time.

This is a serious matter:
1) ACLU — will you speak out on this?
2) Young, aggressive lawyer — will you take this case all the way up?
3) Aggressive journalist — will you ask the Mayor, Cong, Gov, King about this?

If not, how will we be different from Iran….now purging people who spoke up.
God Help us.

I have been in law enforcement for 35 years and 99% of law enforcement would never do anything like this. It make us all look bad.

This is the first member and maybe the new commander of Obama’s new “Civilian National Defense Force”.

I have responded to this outrage by e-mail to the Reston police dept. Also you can phone 703-478-0904 and voice your complaint to Capt. Deborah L Burnett. The e-mail address is

Hopefully the Reston police department gets flooded with emails and this disgrace of an officer is fired immediately. He has no right to make law to suit his agenda.

It’s happening a lot sooner than I thought it would. I figured it would take at least a year, but I guess the Messiah put everything on fast forward. We now know what to expect. Buckle up America, you are in for a rough ride. Right past the constitution, the amendments, no stopping this socialist rollercoaster.
God help us all

Obviously Reston is too close to Dante’s seventh level of hell — AKA The Beltway. This guy must have a direct pipeline to the Kool-Aid. He probably faces D.C. before praying to Obie for all that hope and change crap. Freedom? First Amendment? They WON, they don’t need ’em.

Virginia, thanks to the blue ‘burbs bordering DC, has become nothing less than ridiculous.

Thanks for the contact info. I have added that to the bottom of my own post, (everywhere I post)

The insanity continues..

I have sent an e-mail and will be sending the link to this out to everyone I know. As a prior military policeman, we were expected to be able to answer what you were breaking if we said “DO not do that”! (I can’t say this was across every installation, but it was on ours).

For him to essentially say “I can arrest you for whatever reason I want” is disturbing.
For him to say this isn’t America any more is even more disturbing.

And to point out the obvious, the guy he was talking to sounded white while he was (obviously) black. Did we even once hear any call about this being a racist situation?

It could easily be spun that way. I mean we see how the Joker Obama picture is and how the left has gotten their panties in a wad over it. But, I digress. The person filming was obviously of a higher ground than Gates.

And to point out the obvious, the guy he was talking to sounded white while he was (obviously) black. Did we even once hear any call about this being a racist situation?

Hawk, he could have screamed “Kill Whitey” from the rooftops and it wouldn’t have been considered racist. The real spin tho, if that was a white cop saying it to a black man.. WHOA NELLY!!

Waiting for BO to say that THIS policeman acted “stupidly* in 3…2…1

Or maybe not..

LOL Wes is a security officer, not a police officer. He doesn’t work for the government. He works for a private security company ala Blackwater. The police will surely appreciate your calls. LOL

Can you sue him for intimidation?

More info (unverified) about Officer “this ain’t America no more” Cheeks: Officer Wesley Cheeks Jr. is not an employee of any police department. He is a security of the School district and the number to call is: (571) 423-1000 S…ecurity phone number is (703) 658-3763 and email for Fred Ellis, Director of safety and security is Fred.Ellis@fcps.edu

the superintendant’s office:

Jack D. Dale
Division Superintendant
Jack.Dale@fcps.edu… Read More

Richard Moniuszko
Deputy Division Superintendent

Christine Donohue
Chief of Staff
8115 Gatehouse Rd.,

Falls Church, VA 22042
(571) 423-1010

And why did this guy back down? So, get arrested! You would have exposed him with your video in court and won the case…A leftie would be arrested by the police with pleasure..

The difference between the left and the right is that the right is too timid. Getting arrested and going to jail is a bad thing to the right, but the left consider it a badge of glory. (I nearly said ‘honor’ but they have no honor.)

Besides the guy with the poster probably has a job, and getting arrested does not look good to an employer.

I got a reply from Fairfax County Police and they are being flooded with mail and phone calls. The assistant commander, Tom Rogers, sent me a better email address to get this Nazi with:
Jim Mclain Security Coordinator Jim.Mclain@fcps.edu and also Daniel Townsend Fairfax County Police/School Liason Commander Daniel.Townsend@fcps.edu Keep the mail comming and we will destroy this Nazi.

I know one thing for sure, they sure don’t like that Joker poster!

I agree that he should have called his bluff, but then again who knows if he was bluffing in todays Odumbo world. I think it would have been very interesting to have seen the arrest.