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Mike, that sounds like a plausible case to make to me! Of course, it’s all about political expediency to democrats–they don’t want to create a much worse situation by withdrawing in Iraq/Afghanistan right now as it would take away from the Obama/Kennedy “Healthcare” bill debate. We know they weren’t really planning on withdrawal anyway…it was just about getting the votes of the delusional Bush-derangement-syndrome and anti-war folks all along.

And, IF they do change the bill’s name to “KennedyCare”, what do you want to bet that Ted gets thrown under the bus after a month or so, when the memory of his passing fades from the media limelight and there’s something/someone new to expoit?

Personally I think that naming this O’healthcare cluster f*#k after Kennedy will be a fitting legacy of failure when the financial chickens come home to roost… assuming it passes public and Congressional muster at all. This would mean, of course, that history will forever tie not only Obama, but Kennedy, to the bankruptcy of the greatest nation on earth.

Go for it, Dems. A rose with thorns by an other name….

Excellent point, Mike!

One less dem in the congress and no longer a bullet proof majority.

But is it not true that little insignificant Ted only said those things about the wars when Bush was in power. I could be mistaken, but I haven’t heard, before Ted’s illness, that he was against the war now that it’s Obama’s quagmire.

I don’t care what they call the Socialist Plot to destroy Medical Care in My Country.
It is still a huge bag of crap by any name and any change that does not have Tort Reform as item #1 in it will not pass. Would Kennedy have accepted the Health Care in the tainted package that his fellow travelers are trying to force on America? Not likely.

One less Neo Royalist Kennedy. One less Socialist in the Senate. No big deal.
The send off that he was given today was more than what a Medal of Honor recipient
receives at burial. Incredible damned audacity!

The Obama’s are doing Ramadan at Marthas Vineyard. Also no big deal. In 2012 he will be unemployed.

Talk about un-American and un-Democratic. Ted Kennedy was not only a lifer hogging up a Senate seat that rightfully should go from deserving citizen to deserving citizen, BUT he and his family are called a Dynasty or spanning seven (7) DECADES. Do the Kennedys really feel or believe that the United States cannot do without them. Bull*(&#.

The most disgusting thing about Kennedy is that, like the repugnant Obama, they’re cozy with the idea of killing unborn infants. May Ted Kennedy rest his soul in the deepest pit in Hell.

Old Trooper: It’s Marxist’s Vineyard. — as per Rush Limbaugh. Gotta put that Socialist crap somewhere. It’s good fertilizer for the Obama grapes of wrath.

AdrianS, I stand corrected. A bitter vile Obama wine will be a very bad taste in America’s mouth for decades.

Condolences to the Kennedy family…and the Kopeckne Family.

With that said, can someone explain to me why TK adamantly opposed Nixon’s health care reform proposal…and worked fervently to defeat it? Why, as the proclaimed “Lion-of-the-senate” did he not step in and help broker the compromise offered by Sen Dole to the Hillary Care proposal?…if he was all in for socialized health care? or at least at foot in the direction of some meaningful reform?.

Teddy Care is a perfect title for the re-packaging of a pending fiasco…he can now receive credit forever with his name on the bill.

We need health care reform — but let’s do it correctly and not feel like we are being enticed to buy immediately, by the Sham-Wow Guy.

Whatever new name – Dr Ezekiel Emanuel and Tom Daschle remain a presence…they are still in the middle of all of the maneuvering/re-packaging (Emanuel also advised on Hillary Care) Daschle (authored a book on the UK Health Care System and implementation in the US) has recently coauthored a new plan…may come to light in Sept.

References for doubters……………………….

Tom Daschle: The Man Behind Insurance Cooperatives – Aug 23, 2009

Tom Daschle’s Plan for Health Care Rationing – December 23, 2008
How the new health czar would save money by limiting care

Obama’s Health Rationer-in-Chief – Aug 27, 2009
White House health-care adviser Ezekiel Emanuel blames the Hippocratic Oath for the ‘overuse’ of medical care….In Seattle, they appointed what they called a ‘God committee’ to choose who…

The war against Obama’s health care “reform” is attracting not only an unexpected majority of American voters solidly across the U.S., but also those that are directly affected by the repugnance of what is really not “reform” but a political power grab for socialists:

Doctors Wage War Against Obama’s Health Care Overhaul
As President Obama pushes for passage of his first major domestic policy change, some physicians are waging an all-out war against a health care reform bill they say amounts to nothing more than socialized medicine.


The fight against Obama-care, like the fight against Hillary-care, continues to downgrade Barrack Obama to nothing more than what he really is – a fool.

@American Voter:

I posted this on another thread. It shows Kennedy explaining why he opposed Nixon’s plan, including that he had a better one himself….

All this junk the dems are spewing is leading up to Kennedy (Wellstone) funeral (rally). My biggest problem with all this is that I don’t want to do crap for Teddy. I didn’t particularly want him to die but I did want him out of the senate. He was a disgrace to this country.

Oh well, one murderer down, one klansman to go.