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I’ve been more than furious about this today, we are paying for this, we will be paying for this in more ways than one…the lack of the msm attention to this is more than insulting to this country, and he is getting a LOAN …how soon people forget ‘Drill Baby Drill’, most people don’t know who Soros is…and the control he has over the msm… politicians, and the Prez…he is one of, if not the main puppet-master.

Here is where Soros is also working on within…
investing…. got his hands on both barrels as usual.


I am so angry about all of this, oil and the mess we are in now, and have been for over thirty years from the leftist enemy within groups, pols etc and the lack of attention of this is mind-bending.

Wasn’t this the same crowd that opposed off shore drilling in the US due to enviromental concerns even when gas was hitting $4 a gallon? I guess since it didnt happen off thier cost it doesn’t matter and if it lines their pockets it never even occurred.

Stop it now.

You can take the man out of Chicago politics but you can’t take the Chicago politics out of the man.

This will probably make your blood boil – we are being held captive by OPEC and the Middle Eastern Oil cartels, we have huge amounts of domestic oil reserves we are not allowed to drill, and Obama lends $2 Billion to a Soros-owned company in BRAZIL to enable them to drill for offshore oil. Why not give the $2 Billion to AMERICAN companies and allow them to drill HERE!!!
Is there any doubt this administration is hell bent on the destruction of our country? Can you say PAY BACK???
When is someone in Washington going to grow a set and challenge this administration on these illegal/unethical activities? How long are we going to subject ourselves to this Chicago Communist/thugocracy before “We The People” explode???
Every Day there is more and more evidence piling up that this administration is hell bent upon the destruction and remaking of our country, while selling out our interests to payback those who put them in power -such transparency! Remember “No Lobbyists?” Except in the Cabinet and other Administration posts. How deep does the corruption run between Obama, Chicago Communists, ACORN, SEIU, Apollo Alliance, MoveON.org, and who else that we haven’t uncovered yet?
The Republic is in imminent danger!
Folks, this is deadly serious – we are witnessing the complete dismantling of our government, our Republic, our system of money, our economic structure, our financial structure and an impending transformation into a collectivist, statist regime, an Obama Oligarchy, and the idiots in Congress are jumping on board with gleeful ignorance, or could it be a promise of some place in the “New Order?”

@BillinVegas: Try and keep your head from popping Bill. There’s 3 1/2 more years of this crap to go. The best we can do now is work to minimize the damage by electing as many Republicans as possible in 2010. You folks in Nevada can help with that by nominating a strong candidate to run against Harry Reid.

P.S. Obama wouldn’t need to give American oil exploration companies a $2billion loan to start offshore drilling here. Our companies would gladly pay for the drilling themselves and the $2billion could go to deficit reduction. Ooops! I forgot, Obama doesn’t give a flying fig about the deficit.

Obama’s new scheme, spending billions of tax payers money on offshore oil drilling off Brazil accommodating more of George Soros vast holdings, Its nothing short of a criminal act. You got to be stupid not to suspect bribery.


This is about the most suspect and one sided blog sites that I have ever visited. Always to share out your representation. It is clear from your ads who you support and agree with. It is this sort of blind ignorant patriotism which has given Americans a bad name around the world. The world does not want any more Bush style politics, how can you not see that it the neo-conservative element of the Republican party which must take the fullest responsibility for selling the working class honest American down the river. It is either ignorance, stupidity or both to not understand this. It is not a few less taxes which make or break you…it is when your fellow citizens have no more jobs because the big Military, Oil, Pharmaceutical and other big industries don’t give a toss. Happy to use the “Christian Bush” as a messenger to the grassroots who vote and fight for the people who are the real culprits in taking away work and therefore the work ethic which made your country great.

I mean c’mon what the hell is Sarah Palin gonna do for you except smile while she gives more power back over to the “big boys” who are the first ones to shove a big pole up the arses of the Joe working public.

Please I urge you…educate yourselves properly….GET REAL. Obama is not the problem heck..it is the greedy industries…Food Corporations, Banks, Health Industries (Pharmaceuticals) Military…Oil…etc.etc they have the power and they are the ones shafting you both ways….from behind and from the front…. time to unite and use your energy for good.

Doomsday is not going to happen with ice and snow… it is happening already in our hearts in our minds…

do something positive….help out your community…these are the things we need to be doing…otherwise we will all be doomed

@kunja Chatterton

Like wow man. Like that’s some real deep stuff man. Like if I send out some mellow vibes, N.Korea will start planting their OWN crops, and stop sending missiles across Japan!!

And if I hire all the drug addicts, and bums in my community, that will make my military obsolete, and then every one in the world will love us, and send us nice poems and cards!!

If all 8 million people in New York plant their own little gardens, that will let the UN keep feeding 20% of the world!!

Can you teach us knuckle-dragger’s how to synthesize AZT, so we can all individually row our fuel-free boats to Africa and give it away?

And you soooo right about all those “Christian-right” jerks. They must have committed upwards of 12,000 acts of terror since they blew up the towers!!

I want to be the first to apologize to you and the planet for helping invent numerous machines for Applied Materials to sell to Intel, Mattson to sell to Samsung, and Tegal to sell to AMD, because I feel so crappy for making computers fast and affordable. For penance, I will give away all my stock-options they gave me as a “working public” person.

And if I ever get a time machine, I will go back and kill my Grandparents for running from the Germans and bringing my Dad here in 1943…I will simply inform him that the wise and venerable Kunja Chatterton educated me about the true, horrible, place called America, and that he was sadly mistaken for thinking that it was a place he could find his dreams of peace, instead of the heaven-on-earth known at the time as Occupied Holland.

…Or not.

Maybe instead, I’ll just show your idiot post to my Marine son, laugh at you, then go for a drive in the 500horse hot-rod to get a burger at Wendy’s on our way to the shooting range.

P.S. I love you.

kunja Chatterton? You gotta be pulling my leg.

Who sent You here?
Anybody put a gun to your head?
Who paid You to post this crap here?

If You don’t like what you see here, get outa here. We are Jews and Gentiles and Conservatives of many colors. My ancestors destroyed the US 7th Cavalry at the Little Big Horn and were killed and put on Reservations. My Grandfather was Carlisle Institute educated and founded a ranch that is successful, Family owned and not an Affirmative Action guy.

Take Your Social and Economic Justice BS and put it up your backside. I am 1/4 Sioux, spent 28+ years in the US Army and am NOT a Punk Community Organizer or a Marxist. I am a Capitalist, own the 4th largest cattle ranch in Montana and did not take a Gummint bailout because I can run a business, balance a checkbook and laugh at clowns like You that don’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of. I resent my Tax Money being wasted to perpetuate a Government that spends at Non Sustainable levels. I pay more in Taxes in a year than You most likely make in 20. I am neither a Democrat or a Republican but despise Career Politicians equally.

I have met Sarah Palin and share Her values. Take your Crap elsewhere Dude. We just are not buying it and know better. How about them apples???????

Sorry for the vulgarity but someone needs to give these trolls something besides a lollypop and a pat on the head. My sincere apologies to anyone that I have offended besides this “kunja Chatterton” jackass.

Patvann, Wendy’s buys my beef. Eat Hearty Pardner! kunja Chatterton would rather have You eating Gummint cheese and standing in line for it. Cheeseburgers to fight for!

I think kunja needs to look behind his fearless leader and see who are pulling his strings. Ask PEBO who paid for his schooling, gave his wife a $300k a year job that she went to three days out of the week. Who gained most of the money from the Porkulous Bill that he put through? Oh right it was all the Dems and money men who paid to get him into office. Not to mention all the Tax Cheats and Socialist ideologist who are now on his cabinets and in Czar positions. Dont wave the corruption stick around Republicans until you clean your own hose and that will take a long time to get rid of the likes of Charlie Rangel, Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.

Sarah Palin is more qualified and better able to make decisions than the stuttering one. How long has he taken to make a decision on Afghanistan? 10 months now?? Gitmo? ANYTHING but spending money and bowing to Arab Sheiks. As I said when you can show someone on the Dem side who has accomplished half of what GWB did in his first year then you can speak. Till then go back to the Huffington Post and MSNBC.

Alericc, please add the Largest Deficit in History of Any Government, the most irresponsibly spending Congress ever and a literal cesspool of corruption in DC.

Problem is…..if we drill in the Gulf, there’s no guarantee that the oil company that does the drilling will sell the oil in the U.S. BP certainly had no promise pending to sell the oil here. It will get sold where the profit margin will be the greatest. If that’s China or Europe, so be it. Just because it is drilled here doesn’t mean it will stay here. AND…….how much do the oil copmpanies owe in lease fees and royalties now? BILLIONS. Show me the money! Get the money back you bucnh of FOx new brainwashed Ignoramuses.

@kunja Chatterton:
Soros is the big industries and the Obama loan of billions to him is exactly how this corruption works.
Educate yourself!

There is a lot of misinformation about this issue. This might clarify:
Some of the posters here should learn the meaning of critical thinking and critical examination.

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