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If we really want to win, we must insist on the MSM telling the truth, or eliminate them by boycott.

Ha! I just got done reading a Bloomberg News article all about the fight and support or lack thereof in congress about a healthcare bill with or without the “public option”. It took me nearly to the end of the article before I saw this: “Polls show Americans increasingly disapprove of the legislation.” It was a throwaway line in the article. They couldn’t even manage to report that the majority of America does not want this trash. Gosh, it really doesn’t matter at all what the majority of Americans think – it is all about what the politicians want to do! I never would have guessed that the majority of Americans really have no say in this debate (heavy sarcasm intended).

Even the premise of rationed care for the elderly (beyond the unconstitutionality of the very idea of national healthcare) is absurd. Why is rationing even a topic if not for the fact that these jokers KNOW that government control WILL CAUSE reduced care and then must lead to rationing?

Gotta vote them all out and gotta bycott the MSM.

@ThomNJ: That’s not surprising that the “news” media buried the poll results Thom.

If they reported a similar story when Bush was President they would have led the story with that.

DON’T TURN OFF THE LIGHT, DON’T LOOK BEHIND YOU, BECAUSE “THE MAN” IS BACK and he’s scary as hell, http://stopthepresses2.blogspot.com/2009/08/blog-post_18.html

This proves that Sarah Palins words ring true with the American Poeple and fall on deaf ears to those who are only concerned about thier political careers.

When our government decided that there were families with children who were suffering because hardships meant that they would not have enough money to eat, the government set up a program that kept those families fed using food stamps. The government did not take over all of stores and supermarkets in the country and convert the entire country to a socialistic government-run nationwide food distribution bureaucracy. Can you image if it had? We would be getting only the amount of food-stuffs that the government thought or decided we should have? The elderly would be cut back severely because, since they no longer work, perhaps a can of non-gourmet cat food per day would do.

What then gives bureaucrats the idea that if a few million individuals, or families, need to (or should) have insurance and/or healthcare, the government needs to take over the entire health care system in order for those few to have a health care plan?

Could it be that the solution to the problem is simpler than meets the eye? Like the food stamp programs, perhaps the government should just allow for applications from those who feel they need health care assistance and take their application. After verifying their income resources, the government could just give those few individuals and/or families a subsidy. So they can afford health care, buy down the policy.

Then, the government should do what a government should do — that is, do whatever it takes to promote and motivate the economy — encourage enhance trade incentives — so that those same people, the poverty-line folks, can earn decent wages and have jobs that allow them to work for a living instead of idling by on welfare.

I guess this idea is too simple. But how about this: The poor don’t have decent clothing; perhaps the government should take over Macy, Wal-Mart, J.C. Penny’s, and all clothing retailers so that EVERYONE can have clothing allotted to them controlled though a socialist government run clothing care program with an emphasis on clothing those working and under 65 years of age.

Nothing is so indicative of the Power of Palin.

Being an NV resident, I am ashamed of the comments of this man who is suppose to represent our state. Reid OUT in 2010!

reply to Steele–
I am one of many that are counting on the NV residents to “Reid OUT in 2010”!

Has anyone else been receiving email spam from the DCCC — along with the White House Axelrod messages? The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) is the official campaign arm of the Democrats in the House of Representatives…

I have had no luck opting out of this junk and below is their constructive message from today — focusing on Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin…the text seems to be inciting hate against two individuals! Is this the Dem Congressmen’s message to the American people — hatred?

Aug 18.2009 Email sent to me (via spam email) by the DCCC
Scare Rush and Sarah Right Back


This past weekend I heard something that disturbed me even more than all the lies and scare tactics coming from the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin. I heard my friends and neighbors ask if these lies were true.

Apparently I’m not alone. More and more, we’re hearing alarming reports from grassroots supporters that ordinary Americans at birthday parties, summer picnics, and backyard barbeques are believing the lies they are being told by the right wing on health insurance reform. It’s even more urgent that we get the real truth out.

Since I just shared my story, we need you to share yours and help President Obama fight the Republican lies with the real facts on health insurance reform.

There’s still time to take action in the fight for health insurance reform. Download your Health Care Fact Check Card, and learn all the other ways that you can get involved.

I became the DCCC’s National Field Director for one simple reason. I wanted to unleash the same grassroots power that we used to elect President Obama last year to fight the smears and fears from those on the far right who want to obstruct his agenda.

From disrupting town halls to Sarah Palin’s fictitious ‘death panels’ to Rush Limbaugh’s revolting use of swastikas, the Republicans are doing everything they can to keep this debate from actually being about the facts on health care. Because that’s when they lose.

But we can scare Rush and Sarah right back by showing them the true power that grassroots Democrats have to overcome their lies and help President Obama bring real change on health care reform.

There’s still time to take action in the fight for health insurance reform. Download your Health Care Fact Check Card, and learn all the other ways that you can get involved.

Please join the fight today!


Marlon Marshall
DCCC National Field Director

P.S. From Sarah Palin’s fictitious ‘death panels’ to Rush Limbaugh’s revolting use of swastikas, the Republicans are doing everything they can to keep this debate from being about the real facts on health care reform. In addition to engaging your friends and neighbors, please help us hold Republicans accountable by generously contributing to keep our assault of radio ads on the air.

@American Voter: Thanks for sharing that with us. It shows how desperate they are.

They admit that the American people are learning what they are up to and don’t like it so they try and hide behind more hate speech directed at Rush and Sarah Palin.

Rush dared to bring up the FACT that Nancy Pelosi charged protesters with using swastikas and now they lie about Rush.

Sarah Palin brought the nation’s attention to the FACT that an independent board would be set up to determine whether we get lifesaving care or not so they attack her even though one Senate Committee was so concerned with that provision in the bill that they took it out.

Sadly, too many Democrats are nothing but lemmings and will believe anything their leaders tell them.

Truth time:

Obama is both seditious and mendacious; sinister characteristics that can be observed from any angle.

@ Steele

I’m also in Nevada, Also for voting Harry Reed out of office. I just hope that there is a decent alternative candidate. At this point I’d almost consider voting for nearly anyone but Reed, ALMOST! Republican, Libertarian, IAP (formerly Constitution Party), hell I’d even hold my nose and vote for a Blue Dog running against Reed so long as they are a strict Constitutionalist.

Any idea locally where we can pick-up feathers and tar to get him ready for his Telle-town meeting?


Here’s the current list of Republicans vying to unseat Reid:


Do you know much about any of these guys?

Why is the DNC making noises like they got something from the “flag” whitehouse.gov e-mail address ?
Political activity in the White House is prohibited by the Hatch Act.
That’s why the DNC (or RNC) does that sort of activity off the premises.
There is a big problem here if the DNC got anything that came in on the flag whitehouse.gov email line.

These federal and D.C. employees may not
* use official authority or influence to interfere with an election
* solicit or discourage political activity of anyone with business before their agency
* solicit or receive political contributions (may be done in certain limited situations by federal labor or other employee organizations)
* be candidates for public office in partisan elections
* engage in political activity while:
o on duty
o in a government office
o wearing an official uniform
o using a government vehicle
* wear partisan political buttons on duty