Obama Extorting Tourist Destination To Take Gitmo Terrorists


The farce known as the Obama administration is now trying to bribe a tourist destination to take the 17 al-Qaeda Uighers currently being detained at Gitmo.

Just when you thought they couldn’t do anything more idiotic, they prove us wrong:

The Obama administration is nearing agreement with the remote South Pacific island nation of Palau to resettle a group of Chinese Muslims now held at the Guantanamo Bay detention center, The Associated Press has learned.

As they attempt to fulfill President Barack Obama’s order to close the Guantanamo facility by early next year, administration officials are looking to Palau to accept some or all of the 17 Uighur detainees due to fierce congressional opposition to releasing them on U.S. soil, officials said.


Asked Tuesday about discussions with Palau on the Uighurs, State Department spokesman Ian Kelly declined to comment beyond saying the United States is “working closely with our friends and allies regarding resettlement” of detainees at Guantanamo. He said the department would not comment on talks with individual countries.

Two of the officials said the United States was prepared to give Palau up to $200 million in development, budget support and other assistance in return for accepting the Uighurs and as part of a mutual defense and cooperation treaty that is due to be renegotiated this year.

Hmmmm, almost sounds like a threat to me. Take the AQ members or we defend you no more.

The island itself has a population of 21,000 and as already noted, it’s main trade is tourism. Think that could be a problem? Especially seeing as how these are Muslims who wanted to break away from China to form a land where Muslims could resettle. Oh, and as Ed Morrissey notes, there are few Muslim inhabitants in the country. 17 trained fanatical Islamic terrorists settled into a country with few Muslims who want a land to call their own.

Whoa boy.

Last thought. Aren’t we in a economic crisis? Sending 200 million to a country to take terrorists we captured is just one more in a long line of mis-steps by this administration.

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I’m not that familiar with Palau’s economy, but from this government link it
appears that the country’s GDP was 165,000,000 as of fy 2007, so this money from Obama would be a doubling or more of their GDP. And Palau is into oil exploration, so these newly freed terrorists could put their bonafides on oil companies like their comrades in Nigeria and other embattled states.

Why doesn’t Obama just transfer these terrorists to the West Bank or Gaza. Kill two birds with one stone, so to speak?


the above is the link referred to in last post.

OMG… tell ya what. Let Obama bring his Uighur buds here, and *I’ll” go to Palau! Seriously good diving. Stunning island beauty. Average temps 82 degrees year round. Yup… Bring ’em here and I’ll pack my bags.

With the native population comprised of traditionalist islanders of Catholic, Protestant, Jesuit and Mormon faiths, these guys will need a compass to find Mecca. Frankly, if this group can still find the impetus to wage jihad against China, or still consider the US “Nazi” after parking them there on our dime, they are sick puppies indeed.

UPDATE: I’m seeing about 21K population from the CIA Factbook, and 19K as of the 2000 census from the Dept of Interior. Lots of chieftains from the 10 tribes to keep the Uighur’s in line.

Nope… *I* still would rather go instead of them…

Why does it have to be someplace warm? Why not take em to Alaska’s prisons or build a new one near the Arctic Circle?

Gotta be stimulus money in it somehow 😉

Terrorists in a tourist destination.

Where have we seen that before?

Bali on line one Mr. President.

Bali on line one.

O’Dumbo is backpeddling as fast as he can. It’s rough when you are wearing hip boots to avoid all the raw crap you left behind in 5 months. He forgot it’s hard to drain the swamp when you’re up to your a** in alligator (aka Dumb a** democrats/criminals).

They can do a lot more than $200 mil in damages, and if they just take one life, it isn’t worth it.

Obama has no conscience.


If he gives you the $200 mil (or a significant fraction) you’ll probably even be willing to give ’em your house, too.

What will happen when these fanatics rape the tourists because of their lack of burkas and call them sluts like they do in Australia and the Scandinavian countries. They say their actions are justified because these women are enticing themby wearing swinsuits and shorts and tee-shirts.

I read somewhere (sorry, forget where) that these bozos were given a TV to watch a soccor game. They saw a woman on the screen with bare arms and destroyed the TV. Yeah, way to go, Obama. Send them to a tourist destination where people wear scimpy clothes. That will put paid to this island’s economy. These nuts should not be turned loose to prey on normal people.

Obama’s GITMO plan A) Raffle off some trained terrorists to tourists vacation spots.
Obama’s GITMO plan B) Bring some to NY where there is no death penalty.
…Hello… I sense a future Democrat ‘unforeseen circumstances’ moment.
Obama’s GITMO plan C) Blame Bush.

President Obama asked congress for $80 million to close GITMO, on top of that he is paying Palau up to $200 million to take the Uighurs, on top of that he is bringing some to NY for civil trial ….and that’s just for what 15 – 16 of the 250 inmates ?
We taxpayers will be footing the bill for this … What happened to the proposed making “pay-as-you-go” rules for federal spending President Obama was spouting about on Tuesday.

“Paying for what you spend is basic common sense,” Obama said.
Keeping GITMO open seems like basic common sense to me.

Maybe a circus will take the prisoners. It might be some fun entertainment. 🙂

The Uighars WEREN’T in Al-Queda. Provide me some evidence that they were. If you do, that’s a neat trick, because you would have access to evidence that the Bush intel people didn’t. Remember them? The Bush people are the ones who actually DECLARED that the Uighars were neither Al Queda nor Enemy Combatants.


I was certified in Okinawa in ’84. One of the most beautiful places to dive in the world. I’ve dreamed of going to Truk and Palau forever. I met a girl from Palau when I was passing through Guam once though. Very pretty girl, and they have bad tempers. They’re known for throwing rocks with deadly accuracy at those that upset them.

@Pete Some of the Uighars were caught at an AQ training camp. I don’t think anyone said they were AQ.


Pete seems to be laboring under the delusion that in order to be a terrorist you have to have an Al Quaeda membership card.

I wonder if Bill Ayers knows that.

Pete, do catch up on a couple of realities.


The Uighurs were captured in an AQ training camp, by their own admission training for jihad against China.

The 17 men were picked up in the training camps in Afghanistan where they were preparing for Jihad against China. They were cleared for release, in part, because their supporters claim the United States is not their direct enemy.

Or perhaps you think they scheduled their vacation at an AQ training camp, where they were picked up? Why else do you think they were there?

You will see by the same link that, if they didn’t consider the US their enemy before, they certainly consider us an enemy now, saying the US is worse than Hitler, and that …Obama is a communist or a democrat? We have same operation in China.”


For Obama to bring anyone into this country who is “… any alien who has received military-type training from or on behalf of a terrorist organization is the antithesis to federal law, as their training at the behest of AQ is a deportable and criminal offense.

This is federal law per the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004, enacted 12/17/04.

Subtitle D – Immigration Reform

Section 5401 –
Provides enhanced criminal penalties for unlawfully bringing in and harboring aliens in cases where: (1) the offense is part of an ongoing commercial organization or enterprise; (2) aliens were transported in groups of ten or more; (3) aliens were transported in a manner that endangered their lives; or (4) the aliens presented a life-threatening health risk to the people of the United States.

Requires the Secretary to implement an outreach program to educate the public in the United States and abroad about the penalties for unlawfully bringing in and harboring aliens.

Section 5402 –
Renders deportable any alien who has received military-type training from or on behalf of a terrorist organization.

Section 5403 –
Requires the Comptroller General to study and report on the extent to which weaknesses in the asylum system and the withholding of removal system have been or could be exploited by aliens with terrorist ties. Gives the Comptroller General access, for purposes of such study, to the applications and administrative and judicial records of alien applicants for asylum and withholding of removal.

For the record, this bill passed both Senate and House with overwhelming bipartisan majorities. The Senate was 96 to 2 nays, with John Kerry and John Edwards not voting. They were busy campaigning instead of weighing in on Congressional terrorism prevention matters.

In the House it was 336 ayes, 150 GOP and 185 Dems. 22 refused to vote, of which 14 were Dems.

Obama has consistently placed his admin up above the law, and Congress has failed to exercise mandated oversight… as is their Constitutional duty under the separation of powers. He has illegally appropriated funds from TARP for the auto industries, he has usurped bankruptcy laws as Executive Branch, he has over 200 “czars” on the WH staff initiating policy without any Congressional oversight, and he apparently is clueless to the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act because it interferes with his rash decision to close Gitmo without a plan for relocating and prosecuting the detainees.

We are a nation of laws, not feel-good emotions. You, however, don’t seem to know the difference.

Aqua: I met a girl from Palau when I was passing through Guam once though. Very pretty girl, and they have bad tempers. They’re known for throwing rocks with deadly accuracy at those that upset them.

LOL! Yes, I wasn’t too worried about these 17 Chinese Muslims doing much to the Palau population. I had read about their fierce self-defense to outsiders infringing on their ways. Given a show down, I’d be putting my money on the Palau denizens.

I would guess the Uighurs are, of course, free to leave the island once they are transported there. What’s to prevent them from showing up on some “jihad” battlefield… whether against China or the US… in the future? Unless, of course, they find life on an island paradise far more inviting than jihad.

@ Mata

I would guess the Uighurs are, of course, free to leave the island once they are transported there.

Don’t get too far ahead of the game. George Soros will set them up with a nice Tiki Hut on the beach. Then, NBC, CNN and MSNBC will be doing nightly reports about how great the Gitmo release program is working for the Uighurs and be encouraging other countries to do the same for the remaining detainees. The game has just begun.

Move them to a deserted ice-compound in the Arctic or Antacrtic Circles. I don’t think any nation has claim to that property