Obama Silent On Killing Of Army Solder By Terrorist But Shocked Over Tiller Murder


Mata has written a few posts on the murder on Army Private Long and it’s telling how silent Obama has been over his murder…..the exact opposite reaction over the murder of abortion doctor Tiller even though its obvious the killer of Long had religious reasons: (h/t Stop The ACLU)

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I seethe with disrespect and condemnation of this administration and our dear leader. This incident is so instructive as to what matters to the left, the leftists, and the special interest/democrats.

This terrorism on domestic soil of MURDER/ATTACK of US soldiers by a “tracked” and “listed” person of interest to the FBI……..

The fact that this isn’t the most talked about story of the week speaks volumes and I couldn’t be more done with our dear leader and his water-toting state-media. At least Fox mentioned it… I hope this gets wider notice and more folks take pause and think about this. 2010 can’t get here fast enough for me.

Quite a few angles to explain why the murder of the Private Long gets little reported and the Tiller murder gets front page coverage:

1. The guy who killed Private Long was black. It’s not politically correct to link blacks with these kinds of crime otherwise people would understand why so many black men are in prison.

1.(a) The killer of Private Long was also a Muslim. Reporting that is also not politically correct.

2. The killer of the Dr. Tiller was white.

3. Dr. Tiller was the poster child for a woman’s right to destroy a living human being still in her womb. That makes him a hero to whacko libs.

4. Private Long represents the U.S. military which defends the lives and freedoms of all Americans. So naturally, self loathing lefties despise the military and are don’t consider the murder of a soldier newsworthy.

As for Obama’s angle on this it’s clear it was an easy call for him to support the abortionists in the Democrat Party. He probably didn’t give Private Long or his family a second thought other than to hope his killer’s religion gets hushed up.

The mainstream media wouldn’t do it. So we are trying to get your important messages to the American people. 38 This post is a suggested read at, http://aresay.blogspot.com/

The video has been removed please re-post, thanks. If the state media does not report it, it doesn’t exist to those who watch these media “outlets”

obama finally released a statement. However, it’s the typically weak worded crap we’ve come to expect from him.
Outraged over a baby murderer, but saddened by an American soldier being murdered by a terrorist on his home soil. Not to mention it was entirely preventable, but thanks to obama’s/the left’s gutless way of protecting this country a good man is dead.

with each and every passing day i get more and more disgusted by obama’s actions. he is a joke to the men and women in uniform. it’s a wonder they had to bribe service members with camera’s for a photo op in the mid east. most service members know where he stands and it isn’t with them. i am so sick and tired of the reverse racism is this nation, the pc police are really messing it up. obama would rather make a saint out of a baby killer than properly recognise and soldier killed by a mad man.

In the land of upside down, right side up is upside down. Of course that is what you believe if you don’t have a compass. For those with a compass, and believe in absolute truth, the way Obama is treating these events shouldn’t be a surprise. Why is it a surprise that he is sliding out of his ‘Christian’ stance? Was the church that he attended, had his kids baptized at, and was good friends with the pastor, any sign or symptom of something deeper? Of course it was. You see your skin and eyes turn yellow, get your liver checked out. You may be about to die.

Even if you support Obama, you have to be weary about the path he is taking. He is holding to his guns in the only places that he can… like closing Gitmo. The majority of Americans/The World, don’t want it closed, but if he breaks that promise, it will just be another one in a long line of broken/eventually-broken promises. From tax breaks to the war in Iraq, Obama is just proving to be Bush on steroids; BUT without convictions, embarrassed of his country, and spineless as a jelly fish. At least Bush was strong-willed in those areas, which is probably why liberals hated him. Spineless jellyfish is the new Lion – king of the jungle of ones own mind.

nbc is now reporting that the fbi had this shooter ona watch list and kinew he was a ticking time bomb. sweet.