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And now he’s off for the haji…

One of them as in an American who had a Muslim in his family, one of them who lived in a mostly Muslim country, or one of them as in a Muslim?

“The president Experienced Islam on three continents…” Lemme see.. North America, Asia and….Hmmmm what’s the third continent,Oh, Africa! yeah I almost forgot,, he was born in Africa!

Taking into Consideration the fact that Barack Obama experienced christianity for 20 years in Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s Trinity United Church of Christ is it fair to ask what kind of Islam Barack Obama experienced on three continents was it the peaceful Islam or the jehad Islam ?

Well, rumor has it so far unsubstantiated that he went to Pakistan on his Indonesian passport in 1981 during the height of Mujediheen fervor in the fight against the Soviets in Afganistan. Who knows who he was listening to? he has not said. You be the judge.

Looks like something Michelle would wear… ewwwwwww!!!!

He is interested in power and politics only! If it’s expedient, he’ll claim he has Druid roots (pun) or worships Zoroaster or Bozo the Clown. What ever it takes to get that vote, money, whatever…

well, if he tells them all that he WAS a muslim as a child, and he tells the muslims that he is now a Christian…..doens’t that mean they must declare a fatwa on his head? afterall, don’t they hate apostates more than anything?

@ThomNJ: You may be on to something. If the Muzzie whackos are not declaring a Fatwa on Obama for being an apostate then perhaps they know something about his Muslim background that we do not.

What could that be?


No way they’ll rock the boat.

Where’s the Birth Certificate?

That’s it Mike keep that RUMOR MILL going. Because that’s all you have!

@Real American Patriot:

Rumor? What rumor? Who needs a rumor when you have screwball facts oozing out of the manchild. What it is about Obama’s muslim roots do you not understand? Maybe if the press was more forthright in covering Obama before the election you, CRAP might have a clue. Heavy on the word might.

Enlighten yourself, here’s a bit of Obama backround. Enjoy:

He has eight half-siblings-seven of them living-by four different marriages or relationships of his parents. His father, Barack Obama, Sr. had four children by a woman he married in Kenya before his 1960 marriage to Obama’s mother in Hawaii. Two of those children-son Aborigo (Roy) and Auma (daughter)-were born before Barack Obama, Jr.

After Obama, Sr. divorced Obama’s mother in 1963 he married another American woman whom he had brought to Kenya and with whom he had two more sons, Mark and David. That marriage also ended in divorce and Obama, Sr. resumed his relationship with his first wife. Obama, Sr. and she had two more sons, Abo and Bernard, although Barack, Jr. wrote in his autobiography that there is some question as to whether another man actually fathered Bernard. Then Obama, Sr. had another son, Geroge by a woman he was involved with but didn’t marry. Following which, Obama’s mother, the former Stanley Ann Dunham (yes, Stanley. She was named Stanley because her father wanted a boy) had a daughter Maya Soetoro-Ng from a second marriage to a man named Lolo Soetoro.

Got all that? Since he has become prominent, unsurprisingly, half-brothers and half-sisters have kept popping up in the news all the time. One just surfaced in China last week. Obviously this adds to the feeling by many Americans that they don’t know who this guy is. As a matter of fact, as his own two autobiographies show, at times he hasn’t known who he is. Then there is the very poignant fact that psychological studies have shown the confusion and instability that comes when a child is abandoned by a father. But Barack Obama was abandoned by two…not one…fathers including his mother’s No. 2, Lolo Soetoro who took over the duties of fatherhood when Obama was six.

Obama says in his autobiography that Lolo Soetoro was a dark-skinned Indonesian student with whom his white mother Stanley Ann Dunham Obama moved to Jakarta. She was shocked as a feminist/atheist 60s radical to discover Soetoro was a male chauvinist so she divorced him…and sent 10-year-old Barack, Jr. to live with her parents in Honolulu while she and Barack, Jr.’s half-sister continued to live in Indonesia. All the while Obama’s polygamous natural father took up again with his first wife, dumps her, then marries another white American woman and adds a mistress, eventually fathering eight kids by four women.

And, there’s more:

You beat me to it Missy… Poor CRAP. Doesn’t he know it’s OK now to discuss Obama’s Muslim roots?


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Ooof….that was brutal Missy….glad to see you back.

Fickle Obama changing his message. “Look, I one of you guy! Allah Ackbar!”