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No Mike, the Left attacks Cheney because he is and always will be a whack job.

He and his Republi-CONS are OUT of Power and he hasn’t gotten over it.

@Real American Patriot: Really C.R.A.P.?

If Cheney is wrong on this issue WHY, oh WHY won’t Obama release the memos which Dems claim prove he’s a liar?

Are you afraid that it is OBAMA and the DEMS who are lying?

Cheney has more national security experience, going back more than 30 years. Obama was a U.S. Senator for less than a full term when he ran for President.

Who do you think is more believable????

More thread turd droppings, I see… eh Mike?

@MataHarley: I was beginning to think that everyone had been thoroughly informed on this issue. Then of course CRAP shows up and proves that willful ignorance is an inexhaustible commodity if one is a lib.

CRAP and “thoroughly informed”…. is that an oxymoron joke, Mike?

@Mike’s America:

Obama was a U.S. Senator for less than a full term when he ran for President.

Wasn’t he a Senator for only about 150 days or so, before he started his 2 year quest for the Presidency? 🙂


Mike and Mata:

Frankly I don’t believe one word that comes out of Cheney’s mouth. He has proven over and over again he is liar… How do we know?? his Lips are moving…

If either Cheney or Bush says anything I doubt that it’s true…

sorry that’s the way it is with those two Republi-CONS

That’s funny, CRAP. I feel the same about you.

@AF Sarge (Ret): It’s no secret that Obama spent more time running for President than he did serving his constituents as a Senator.

@Real American Patriot: If Cheney is a liar it is easy enough to prove. All Obama has to do is release the documents. Don’t you think it’s a bit odd that he doesn’t?

Surely even you know the reason why.

There is not a doubt in my mind that ‘IF’ the memos proved enhansed interrogation did not work Obama would have released those memos in a heartbeat….. It simply does not make sense to talk about releasing ‘torture photos’ (to embarrass Bush & Cheney ?) but not release the memos which (if Democrats are telling the truth ?) would prove VP Cheney a liar and a torturer enabler.

@philly_nj: It does seem fairly straightforward that “IF” the memos proved Cheney a liar they would have been released.

Funny how so many Democrats seem to want to gloss over that.

They must think we are all as stupid as they are.

And yet they never answer the questions posed to them but simply attack others like CRAP has done.

PROVE that Cheney is a liar, CRAP.