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Conservatism looks dead to me …

It’s but a scratch

Obama, the gift that keeps on giving…to the GOP Reagan conservatives, that is.

If you look at the stats for this poll more closely, SIXTY percent of Americans oppose most or all abortions. Some of these people still like to call themselves ‘pro-choice’ but now the number of people willing to call themselves ‘pro-life’ is going up.

This gives me hope for America. Alexis de Tocqueville said, “When America is no longer good it will no longer be great”. This seems to indicate that there is a reservoir of goodness out there, perhaps, and that it might even be growing.

So what do you guys think?

1. Should abortion be illegal even for rape?
2. Should abortion be illegal even for incest?
3. Should abortion be illegal even for underage girls?
4. Should abortion be illegal even if the woman’s life is at threat?
5. Should abortion be illegal even if the foetus is found to be severly disabled?
6. Should abortion be illegal even if the woman is in danger of self harm?
7. Should the morning after pill be made illegal?
8. Should IVF be made illegal?
9. Should it be illegal for a woman to go abroad and have an abortion?
10. Should schoolkids be taught sex education & have access to contaceptives?

@GaffaUK: You forgot one:

Should underage children be permitted to have abortions without any parental notification?


Sure – let’s add that one as number 11. So what’s your views these points then Mike?

@GaffaUK: Why don’t you tell me how you feel about #11 first.

I notice you have ducked on the major news broadcasts on the Code Pinko thread… Did you learn something that brought about your silence?


I believe parents should be notified if their children have abortions. Over to you on questions 1-11. As for Code Pink thread – I’ll be back on that later after work.