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WOWWWW!!!!! The Newtster is flaming red hot! He does not sound like a politician who’s trying to sound right so that he can survive another day. He sounds like one of US! This is common sense patriotism that goes beyond ideologies and political games. This is exactly the kind of thing we need right now. Cut through the BS. Say it like it is. Way to go Newt!

Ditto to what you just said. I’m not a big Newt fan (just a personal thing, I guess), but I give him two thumbs up on his angry reaction. That’s EXACTLY what is needed right now with regards to Pelosi, is showing some strong emotion! And, I appreciated very much what he said in answer to the question, “is this good for Republicans?” or, something to that effect. Newt very rightly answered that it is a national security issue, and not a Party talking point strategy!

Mike, did you happen to catch the WH Briefing with Robert Gibbs today, which I fondly now call ‘The Robert Gibbs Show’? NONE of the reporters asked a question about Pelosi accusing the CIA of lying…I know, hard to imagine. Finally, Major Garrett from Fox News got to squeeze in a question, which was quickly brushed aside by Gibbs. Do they think this is going away if they don’t talk about it?

WoW…The audio clip was pretty heated. This has become entirely too politicized and less about facts. Someone is obviously telling some lies and the Media feeding frenzy is just not the responsible venue for this business. This is a crap throwing contest and no successful resolution will come from that. It is not about winning or losing on a personal basis for Politicians. It is about legal and ethical conduct. Maybe I’m expecting too much here.

National Security issues need to absolutely be kept above what I refer to as this level of “jackassery” for lack of a better term. There is some Perjury and malicious mischief here.
Someone needs a trip to the woodshed and punitive action. Are there any adults in charge in DC
of any Party? It does not look like it from here.

Worse yet, Robert Gibbs is starting to come off more like Baghdad Bob daily and that is not impressive. This is a National Security issue, not a Partisan issue. I don’t give a rats rump about the latest spin. I want to see this business go to court, folks placed under Oath and All evidence presented with all documentation presented, Classified or otherwise. Due Process is required, not weaseling and finger pointing to score political points.

The Media crap is not useful until the results are adjudicated with Under Oath Testimony given.
The rest of the World considers America to be a laughing stock right now or a Nation of Criminals and Liars. It is time to clean house.

@SoCal Chris: I missed Gibb’s WH briefing today. But I like Old Trooper’s description of him as “Baghdad Bob.”

The MSM has been doing their best to ignore this story. Most people don’t even know who Pelosi is. If this keeps up that is going to change.

Pelosi is the weakest link in the Dem chain. If she goes Obama will be even more exposed.

Looks like Newt will be on the DHS’s right wing extremist list.

Ms. Pelosi is a politician, doing what a politician does, i.e. sacrificing everything to retain power. Of course she lies. In other news, water is wet, up is higher than down, etc.

There may be some statesmen (Statespersons?) in positions of power in D.C., but it seems unlikely. They woud be easy to spot – principaled, honest, put the good of the country ahead of self and party – in short, rare. It seems to be easier to be statemanlike when you do not have the power to make dicisions. Anyone who can be principaled when in elected office is a treasure, regardless of their party. Unfortunately, the Pelosi’s are too much with us, getting and (mostly) spending, they lay waste our country.

But she is fun to watch when caught in a lie….

I think the Stupid *AND* Dishonest defense works the best for Nancy.

As speaker of the house, this is one “war” she should not have picked. She fully deserves everything that she gets.
She knows that if her looney left supporters think for one second that she did not do all she could to STOP water boarding, she is doomed in the next election. The competition will not only hammer THAT home BUT ALSO how she lied and misled to try and keep it under wraps.

Well, I guess there actually is a THIRD defense … one she would not try to use … I don’t think she would … SENILITY!

She should do the right thing and resign her post.

@Hawk: Newt has exanded on this criticism and tells Sean Hannity Pelosi should be suspended in her job as Speaker by a House resolution and an immediate investigation launched.

Dems won’t go for it. They are still too interested in making this a GOP problem. Which is exactly what got Pelosi in trouble in the first place.

Obviously Mis Leading Congress is Nancy’s job.