Obama Doesn’t Want The Commonfolk Around During D-Day Anniversary


Obama will be visiting the beaches of Normandy for the 65th anniversary, which is good. Problem is he wants none of the common folk to be able to visit on that day:

…as of now Obama’s State Department has asked (read demanded) the French government not allow tour guide services to operate that day. It is a big day for Normandy tourism. Yet, the king will not allow those not connected with government to enjoy the day. Obama is very important you know. This is an unprecedented request. I hope the French come to their senses and deny it.

Compare that with 2004. Security was tight as President Bush and other world leaders were in attendance, but the event was still open to all. A friend relayed the story of waiting in line to use a port-a-potty (a French port-a-potty no doubt, yuck, believe me.) She looks to her left and who he is in the next line waiting patiently? President Bush. Sure he had Secret Service nearby, but he waited like everyone else.

Contrast that with Team Obama not even allowing regular people near Colleville-Sur-Mer that day. A shame indeed. Especially as the last of our WW II vets are expiring.

Oh, and that isn’t it. He apparently will make a gesture to acknowledge how Germany suffered during WWII. It was hard work sending those Jews to the bath house you see.

During the election campaign Mr Obama sought regularly to deflect any suggestion that his exotic multinational background meant that he lacked patriotism by pointing out how his maternal grandfather, Stanley Dunham, had “marched with Patton’s army” after the Normandy landings.


Visiting a concentration camp will send an important message to Israel and Jewish voters back home — who have sometimes been suspicious towards him — that he fully recognises the horrors of the Holocaust.

But he will be aware of the sensibilities of his German hosts before the D-Day commemoration and by travelling to Dresden — a city destroyed by ferocious Allied bombing in February 1945 — Mr Obama will also acknowledge how Germany suffered during the Second World War.

Listen, many countries suffered during the war but there is only country to blame for starting it, Germany. To make some kind of gesture like this almost seems like a apology for our actions in defending Europe and the free world AND he does it during the anniversary of D-Day. Just so typical of these moral relative nimrods.

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I guess the next step is for BO to have FDR and DDE investigated as war criminals, because of all the hardship on the Germans.

I really wish the French or whoever is in charge of this ceremony would ask BO to stay home. BO is a bad joke.

My friend, a glider pilot all the way from Normandy to Germany, passed away last Monday. His unit, it turns out, had 87% casualties in that theater.

In a way, I’m glad he isn’t here today to hear this news. In another way, I wish he was, but his 41 missions are way more than most did, and Obama can’t hope to even hold a small candle up to Jim Helinger, Sr’s accomplishments.

Ya know… I think WE the People should start an apology tour – apologizing for this arrogant hack! Geez!

My god, what a bunch of wacko wing nuts concentrated here. Do you guys have a clue? Or do you just enjoy feeding off each others lunacy?

Is Obie going to apologize to the Germans for the bombing of Dresden?

P.S. @Ken did you have a point or did you just drop in to dump a load of the usual comment laced with more bile than brains?

Mike, I think you made my point…how do you distinquish between the drivel you post as brains vs bile?

I think it’s pretty obvious Obie as you refer to him has to make up a lot of lost ground the past 8 brainless years of your heroes in the repub party. Lost credibility, lost freedoms, lost lives, lost jobs, lost allies I guess wasn’t enough for you.

hmmm, I’m sure there is some wacko excuse that you’ll use as a retort but the bottom line is open your eyes, open your ears, open your mind to the possibility that you ARE way off base in your warped ideologue world.

I think Ken must be one of the paid BO bloggers from India. His opinions, if that’s what they are, don’t reflect the opinons of the people I know. I am sure there will be some stupid retort from Ken. He has to earn that BO paycheck.

@ Ken:
Ken, you have been hanging w/ Barbie too much – the blonde has migrated to your skull. If BO wants to have the beach to himself, then he has a problem. What’s hard to understand about hubris and self-centeredness? “We are the ones we have been waiting for.”


What exactly does your regurgitating a mantra of anti Bush pablum have to do with Obama acting like he is royalty? Will President Obama solve all those imaginary problems by 1. Demanding that the French keep all the common riff-raff away from his photo op and their tourism income be damned? 2. Apologizing to the Germans for winning a very nasty war that they started? How? Do you, in your personal life, respect ass kissing weasels? Why would the rest of the world?

Perhaps it is you sir who needs to open your eyes, ears, and mind.

It sounds as though lil Ken has all the leftard talking points down pretty well. Unfortunately, that’s all he has.

OTOH, Sarkhozy has little or no respect for d’ohbama[nmp] and it wouldn’t surprise me to see him deny Teh Won’s “request” out of hand. Especially after obambi’s apology to the Germans for the “suffering” we caused them in WW2. (That’s not going to go over too big in France.)
And, after obie’s refusal to visit Normandy on his last trip, when the French wanted to do something rather special for him, I doubt they’ll want to inconvenience the “tourists” on his behalf.

What’s he gonna do? Refuse to attend if he doesn’t get his way? That’ll go over big.

thanks for all the well thought out replies and keep on living in your fantasy…good night and be sure you swallow those pills they give you.

I’m not sure that acknowledging that the Germans suffered constitutes an apology. Remember, there were many German citizens who opposed the Nazi party, who subsequently disappeared. And 130,000 of those murdered in the Holocaust were also German citizens.

Ken is just the garden-variety liberal troll…the same old insults, the same hooting and braying, the same snide tone, the jeering, the obsession with substituting generic liberal canards for objective arguments…every day there are literally millions of posts submitted to blogs with virtually the same wording, millions of letters to newspapers which say the exact same thing…liberals have become mind numbingly boring and tedious and they’re now on autopilot. Their well rehearsed repertoire of slogans and shopworn idioms have caused them to become intellectually lazy to the point where they don’t even feel they have to put any thought into anything any more.

Poor Ken…didn’t comment at all about how Obama is banning dying veterans from visiting one of the world’s most important battlefields-their battlefield-possibly one last time. These men fought, bled, saw unspeakable horrors at Normandy, and now the ground they bled for is not theirs to even see because it could possibly be seen in the backdrop of an Obama photo op? This has nothing to do with Bush, or the problems of the last 8yrs or 16yrs. This is about an American President more concerned with his photo ops than with American heroes most basic right: to visit their friends’ graves. Oh believe me….I’m already set for the June 6 memorial posting.

3393 have died

They died fighting a dictator who [I admit it] considered himself at war with the US, but had never actually attacked the United States. Of course, when that dictator sits on 40% of the world’s oil…then aristocratic families in the White House are bound to come up with any reason to go to war; as long as it gets them their blood money!

3393 Americans will never become doctors and save lives, will never run businesses and feed families that build a nation. They’ll never teach subsequent generations, create and share unique art, and they’ll never add to American literature or culture again.

They died under a false pretense that they were fighting to free others and open the door to Democracy for those ‘oppressed’-I mean really, you canNOT force someone to vote, and if they really wanted Democracy they could have risen up and fought for it like Americans did in the Revolution
3393 Americans are dead because our President needed a war to pull this nation out of the economic toilet!

They fought for each other, they hoped to survive, and everything else…the mom, apple pie, and politics of Saturday night is just BS!
3393 Americans are dead because this nation was attacked by suicidal wackos who got the nation’s blood pressure up, and happened to have a ‘relationship’ with another ‘Axis of Evil’ power. COME ON! A relationship? There’s NO evidence at all of a “COOPERATIONAL RELATIONSHIP” BETWEEN THE TWO!!

We now know from British documents that intelligence before the war was being focused and manipulated to make the case for war almost a year before it started.

3393 Americans are dead! They died on June 6th 1944 Invading France to impose democracy on a people who should have risen up for it themselves, to fight a dictator who never attacked the US but considered himself at war with the US, and who had no operational ties to Japan-the nation that DID attack the US.

3393 Americans are dead now

I don’t like Obama but I wanted to point out that the French like Obama so much that the O’s visit to Normandy would sure attract a large number of people, including who have nothing to do with the Normandy memorial and the war, only wanting to see the O in person. Remember he went to Berlin, Germany and you saw that he had so many people coming out to see him in person? I think it is for that reason the Obama administration wanted to keep out a huge number of people – non-tourists – from visiting the Normandy memorial only to see him in person and never mind all those who died 65 years ago at the beaches of Normandy. If I’m right, only veterans and their families can be admitted when Obama make a “kingly” visit at Normandy. The WW 2 memorial at Colleville-Sur-Mer and the beaches of Normandy are considered sacred grounds not to be trampled by those who are only interesting in seeing the Special O in person and to hear his apologist speech.

Was June 6 yesterday? Nothing has happened, yet some of you seem to know exactly what will happen on that day. Get ready to look silly again. BTW, my source (some other non-credentialed, ranting lunatics blogsite) says there will be ‘Freedom Fries’ served.

We’ll see what happens. It is quite possible that the noise generated by threads like this will convince The Messiah’s handlers that token tourists should be allowed in the background of His photo op to provide color. Perhaps He will even pretend to be a decent substitute for a human being.

If that is the case the Leftards will crow about how wrong we were. [SPIT]

But The One is not fit to set foot on sand that Decent American Soldiers and Sailors died to liberate.

Fortunately, the sea and the wind will soon cleanse His footprints from the beach.

Someone should tell that son of a bitch that His American hating ass is headed for Hollowed Ground!

How the hell did people elect someone to the top job in the land, when he has nothing but disdane for his own country?

I apologize for my language. I just can’t think of a better way to express my outrage at his arrogance.


Um, Ken?

“Lost credibility, lost freedoms, lost lives, lost jobs, lost allies I guess wasn’t enough for you.”

Maybe when you grow up and have your own mind you will realize how painfully incorrect you are. Show me what freedoms we lost under Bush, then compare that list (if you can actually create one) with the list of Obama-stolen freedoms. Show me what credibility we’ve lost and then compare it to the pussified apologetics Barack-O spews during his “dig me, I’m the leader of the free world” apology tours. Show me lost allies versus those countries that we have saved time and time again. Tell me how any of the lost jobs are the fault of a Bush presidency when less than two years ago we were at full employment as a nation. As to lost lives, this is tragic, but still better than losing tens of thousands more by not fighting our enemies.

So, while you curl up in your Superfriends underoos under your Obama blanket of security, be sure to give a nod of thanks to the conservative warriors around the world that give your pathetic existence the right to spew baseless hatred for someone who’s not even in office anymore.

You’re welcome.

I find it hysterical that you guys ignore reasonable dissenting opinions to go after “trolls”. True intelligence.

I haven’t seen any reasonable dissent in this thread. Just Leftard propaganda.

okay then, live in your echo chamber and be happy.

OK, then, show me what reasonable dissent was posted in this thread?