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@yonason: I gave Obama a “D” because of affirmative action. We can’t blame him for being such an ass because he’s black.

“…his chance to be a great president…” Great presidents are great individuals at the start. Hussein never had the slightest chance of being a great president. A first rate criminal, liar and thug…yes.

@Mike’s America:

Right! His color has nothing to do with it. There are plenty of white guys as bad or worse, and many of them are in his administration.


Alas, those expecting him to be great by accident probably think that Inspector Clouseau was a genius.

Excellent list! I’d forgotten some of his ‘accomplishments’. Or perhaps I simply suppressed the memory as a defensive mechanism.

Can we have a list for Michelle now, please?

We could include such gems as her “First time…I’m proud to be an American” statement to wearing a cardigan to meet the Queen of England. And seriously, is anyone else getting tired of the American media elites declaring her a fashion icon? Some of her choices have been nice, but she’s had some serious misses, too. Yet she gets almost universal ‘thumbs up’ from the elites. We all know if Laura Bush wore that hideous fuscia floral dress Michelle wore in Europe she would have been ripped. ‘It looks like Mrs. Bush had that dress made out of a pair of drapes from her mother-in-law’s sitting room…’

And somehow… after this country is destroyed and we are a 3rd world nation… he’ll still come out smelling like a rose.

Where’s the fairness in that.