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Now is the time for the RNC to have our representatives in the Congress and Senate to start reminding the Dems that if head roll theirs will go along with any Republican heads and get the documetns and evidence ready to realease to the internet and the MSM such as Fox News.

The Gang of Four neither approve or disapprove of any aspects of what the CIA does. They are briefed on what they do, BUT they are also sworn to never discuss ANY classified material with anyone. You see they are members of the legislative branch not the executive branch. However I a would like a FULL DISCLOSURE done by an impartial Special Prosecutor. Let’s hope that he is as thorough as Ken Star was in finding out all about Monica and Bill. When Fox News becomes so outraged that they start dropping the F_BOMB on live TV you have to acknowledge the impact that this is having on the American people http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IG2VF4a0LWs

It hasn’t been a “Gang of Four” for three years. Briefings have been expanded to all members in intell committees and staff members also attend. The only member to complain early on was Jane Harmon and later Russ Feingold. Rockefeller saved his angst until it was politically convenient. The attitude in the beginning was do whatever necessary to protect the country, that changed after leaks found their way into the news and it has since been used as a political tool.


We need a special prosecutor to investigate dem leaking.

@John ryan: Yeah, I’ve heard that excuse that Dems can’t discuss or have any input into what they are briefed on. It’s total Bullshit of course. They leak whatver they like from these briefings to the NYTimes when it suits their political agenda. And they could have stopped the funding at ANY time for this program.

The fact that they didn’t but now want an investigation of ONLY BUSH officials is quite telling.

Unless of course you approve of my suggestion we have a special prosecutor to investigate the Clinton Administration for their bombing of the Sudan aspirin factory.

Absolutely they should be investigated. And if any Democrats are found to have gone along with this, then good f*cking riddance. As with the tea-bags and higher taxes, this is an issue that cross political bounds.

Seriously, are you guys using the “Democrats did it too” defense as joke? Who owns this country, the people or the two parties?

@trizzlor said: ” if any Democrats are found to have gone along with this, then good f*cking riddance”

See Attorney General Holder’s memo:

In the fall of 2002, after the use of interrogation techniques on Abu Zubaydah, CIA records indicate that the CIA briefed the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Committee on the interrogation. After the change in leadership of the Committee in January of 2003, CIA records indicate that the new Chairman of the Committee was briefed on the CIA’s program in early 2003. Although the new Vice-Chairman did not attend that briefing, it was attended by both the staff director and minority staff director of the Committee. According to CIA records, the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Committee were also briefed on aspects of the program later in 2003, after the use of interrogation techniques on Khalid Sheikh Muhammad.

In May 2004, the CIA’s Inspector General issued a classified special review of the CIA’s detention and interrogation program, a copy of which was provided to the Committee Chairman and Vice Chairman and staff directors in June of 2004. The classified August 1, 2002, OLC opinion was included as an attachment to the Inspector General’s review. That review included information about the CIA’s use of waterboarding on the three detainees.

Plenty of Dems in that list and there are MORE….I’m looking forward to you insisting we boot those Dems and Nancy Pelosi OUT!

@Mike’s America: I don’t see how Pelosi plays into this yet, but I’m still catching up on your recent posts. In any case, let’s get an independent investigation going, get these Democrats and Republicans on the record confirming or denying and then, yes, boot them out. Like most things, this is an issue where the R or D next to their names means nothing to me.

Btw, it’s nice to find some common ground here.

@trizzlor: Pelosi admits she was informed about waterboarding even before it happened and did nothing to stop it.

So, when are you going to march down to her office and demand she resign?