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Well this sounds like a repeat of past attempts to cripple the ability of our intelligence personnel. This time rather than bisecting the FBI and CIA collaboration efforts, thy will threaten to prosecute the very people sworn to protect us. Makes about as much sense as the forced bailout of many banks. These folks need to understand that the terrorist have no sense of ethical approaches to extracting damage on our citizens world wide. How many people will need to die before they get it? My guess is they won’t mind a RIF in the US population, it may actually help them obtain the Greenhouse gas reduction goals and offset some carbon credits. Bunch of governmental BS.

Just my .02 cents worth.

I certainly hope that all those banking on Hope and Change now understand that you cannot EVAH believe what a politician says to get elected. Things like where he goes to church, those he picks as friends and associates, unwillingness to produce his school records or even his birth certificate should all be clues. If you have NEVAH run a business or really served in our corrupt CONgress for any length of time, then it should be clear that we are getting nothing new – it’s the same old BS wrapped up in a politically correct body. He’s totally useless and he’s screwing us BIG TIME!

The real democrats, aka communist, picked O’Dumbo because they knew he was really stupid and with his ego he would hire people more stupid than him, aka democrat/communist and that would leave the field open for them to do as they please. So far it’s worked, O’Dumbo is as stupid as they come and he’s hired every stupid criminal he can find. Democrats, aka communist, in congress are stealing (by the billions now) from the taxpayers with no fear of getting caught by other criminals. America is in deep sh**. The tell all will come when the country totally fails and war breaks out. 50 million democrats can’t be wrong so they will scream someone else did it as they hang. It’s coming and all the law enforcement in the country can’t stop it because they work for the criminals doing the destruction.


“How many Americans will die because Obama handcuffed the very people who could have saved them?”

more of your right wing BS logic??? give it a rest!!!

@Real American Patriot: CRAP Obama is handcuffing the people who keep us safe. He’s taken away tools which were proven to work.

Give your kool aid drinking a rest.

I had a friend comment to me about this that we should give Nobama a chance to “fix” Bush’s 8 years of mistakes – holy crap! Do these people not realize the harm that will come not only to those serving this great country in the armed forces, but of her people at home and abroad?

I do hope there are movements behind the scenes that will counterbalance the OJT of this administration – it is frightening to say the least …

@carolinagirl: I warned repeatedly during the election that change is not always a good thing. As crummy as some people thought President Bush was, they may soon learn that he was much, MUCH better than the alternative.

Obama and the Dems have lived in a consequence free world for 8 years while Bush was in office. They didn’t have the power to actually implement the moonbattery they now are pursuing.

It remains an open question if the kool aid drinkers will ever realize, let alone admit how badly they were conned by Obama.

I have said it before and will say it again, JIMMY CARTER. PEBO is following Carter’s check list on how not to be an effective president. Carter gutted the CIA by cutting off all the agents and contacts we had with countries he thought were not proper to deal with under the table. Needless to say when all your information gatherers are put in the closet you don’t hear about plans to over throw countries friendly to the US like IRAN. Carter thought he could do as he wished with no consequences, Iran and the American hostage situation sank any chance he had at not looking like a fool to the world. PEBO is one crisis away from that as well and our citizens will be the ones to suffer….again.

@Aleric: There do seem quite a few parallels to Carter. Let’s remember that Carter backed the Church Committee recommendations which neutered the CIA and the consequences were that we lacked the human intelligence assets which may have prevented the Sept. 11th attacks.