Celebrity President Goes on Leno to Show He’s More Than Just a Celebrity


I think it’s a great idea for President Obama to go on The Tonight Show. I wish President Bush would have done it as well. The irony of course is that President Obama is proving himself to be the empty suit, inexperienced, clueless, promise-breaker that Republicans painted him as during the 2008 campaign. To prove this continually confirmed allegation incorrect, the President will go on pop TV to show he’s more than a pop star. Now, will he talk about the rush-to-vote stimulus bill that doesn’t stimulate the economy for a year or two (if at all), and how that rush-to-vote broke his campaign promise not to rush, how it caused the AIG bonus loophole to go unnoticed by even the Dem Senator who put it in? Will the Pop-President talk about the Iranian satellite flying overhead, about his timeline to resolve the Iranian nuclear issue? Will he talk about how he’s spent (as of yesterday) 3 trillion dollars in 60 days, and explain why that hasn’t stopped the economy from freefall?

OR, will he talk about life in the White House, the food, give some empty rhetoric about the economy (“I get it” as he sucks down endless supply of caviar and Kobe beef)?

I do have one question though:
Why go on Leno instead of addressing the nation like non-pop-Presidents?

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I think late night talk shows is below the President, but that is not the issue here, I remember when Bush was travelling around promoting his Social Security Plan and the MSM said he should be concentrating on other issues instead of campaigning. The issues they proposed where straw men debates.

So, fair is fair. Why is Obama traveling around and promoting his failed policies when he should be concentrating on other issues? In comparison to Bush, there are real issues that need addressed (no straw men here), such as Iran, Russia, Venezuela, AIG, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc…And, of course, THE ECONOMY which he made worse. BANKS which they he has not addressed.

So, he should stop campaigning and start doing his job.


I think he is aiming for young progressives with this little tryst- who else stays up and watches Leno? West Coasters, Californians and progressives, with a smattering of mainstream Americans!
I also agree with Franklin, it’s beneath the pay grade of the Presidency to appear on a late night comedy show. It’s amazing that he won’t go on Hannity, or O’Reilly, but he will go on a non political and non news show, to promote his agenda.
He should definitely stop campaigning finally and get on with learning his job. He already knows how to campaign fer chrissakes.

he knows his approval rating is going down the drain and he needs his ego stroked and needs to be adored by his fans. obama running and then winning the presidency was never about serving this nation, it has been about power and a very child like need for approval and acceptance. obama needs to be adored, he needs to be seen as a success because of the messed up way he was raised and how his mother made sure that at every tuen she reenforced negative sterio types of second class citizen b.s. obama is lacking emotionally and mentally and it is showing so much now that it is very sad, i can almost feel sorry for the shit.

I also think it is below the presidential “pay grade” – obama is just making a public relations appearance to keep up his image of “coolness” with probably an audience that, for the most part, doesn’t watch pundits on TV – or at least FOX pundits.

Obama continues to disgust me – just a part of the same cabal that would never debate or appear on FOX while campaigning but will supposedly take on Putin or Ahmadinejad….yeah right. (I know it is an old argument but it remains valid). If he went on FOX and was interviewed by the likes of Brit Hume – and gave real answers and survived – I might be impressed.

I personally don’t care where he appears. Just wish the guy would stop being the campaigner in chief. Like two long arse years wasn’t enough??

Worse yet, he’s selling a piss poor product… his budget. Then again, I guess this moves the used car salesmen up on the food chain.

Diehard liberals are still harping on W for “doing nothing” during Katrina. So while the country burns around him and crumbles beneath his feet, the Sock Puppet-in-Chief goes on Leno and has the time to bracket teams for the NCAA tournament? Had W done this, impeachment papers would already be working their ways through Congress.


I think these presidential appearances on “talk” shows are unwise. The problem, for me, is the President versus Office of the President nexus. By exposing themselves, they “define deviance downward” opening themselves and their office to the vagaries of entertainers whose primary goal is the expansion of their audiences and income. I think that the level of familiarity that the “hosts” presume to have with our presidents is at best distasteful.

Aw, Trish, I’m offended. Why would a Californian like me watch such a show below me?

But I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks that the only thing our “president” is doing is spending time promoting himself. He knows his approval ratings will tank, and he’s afraid that this might eventually cause him to lose his bid for reelection. He and the Democrats are probably using every small issue they can find to distract the people from what is really wrong. Did we have nonsense like the hype over what kind of a dog George Bush will buy? Did we have nonsense such as GWB’s bracket? No. When he was in office, we were dealing with REAL issues. Everyone on here is right – it’s time to stop campaigning already and start learning the damn job. At this point, I’m starting to think that we’d get more done without a president in office.

Where are all the things you promised, Mr. President? While you’re choosing which basketball teams to diss, I’m here calculating the heavy amount of debt I’ll be under thanks to your failure.

I don’t have a problem per se with a President going on “The Tonight Show,” but now is not the time. It is ridiculous for him to be out campaigning to raise public opinion polls, when he should be buckling down and doing the damn job he was elected for. Just because it’s the “Honeymoon” period doesn’t mean the President can go of on a honeymoon.

I think its a great idea for President Obama to do the talk show circuit, he should go on all of them…the more the folk who voted for Obama see him the more disolusioned they become, and the faster they will lose all “Hope” that Obama is going to “Change” their lives for the better.

I’m just wondering why is Oprah so quiet, why aint Barack on Oprah ?

I read Oprah is retiring. Can anyone confirm that? I had heard right after the last election, that she might run for some political position/office, in Chicago/IL. Now she’s got the Pres on her side, who knows!

Leah- no ill will intended- I have been to CA 3 times in the last 8 years. I was lucky enough to see that the real folks there are not the image that is so often represented by the Kooks and fringe people who get all the air time! Last time there, we even took pictures of the McCain banners, and bumper stickers wherever we went, to prove it!!!!!