Fun and Games at CPAC


CPAC offers a phenomenal opportunity to connect with fellow conservative bloggers, discuss grass root activism with Saul Anuzi, chat with Joe the Plumber and be inspired by the life work of Phyllis Schlafly.  Thanks to the remarkable Atlas Shrugs, Geert Wilders was able to speak his truth at CPAC, and not be turned away at customs.

A sampling of the pervasive attack on freedom via climate non-aggression pacts:

I had the opportunity to meet a Flopping Aces reader who is quite the charming fellow, we attended a Tea Party and met two groups searching for freedom:

Tea Party at Lafayette Park, Washington DC:

At the same time, Ashraf refugees were asking for assistance from the current administration – good luck on that:

One perk of having press credentials!

At the National Press Club for a viewing of Media Malpractice, I garnered a personal apology from the liberal reporter/BTR host Tommy Christopher, after convincing him to stop hiding behind Ed Morissey.

The Silver Shoes became blog fodder for CPAC via Fausta’s Shoe Blogging

Robert Stacey McCain caught a ‘discussion’ between the CPAC troll Max Blumenthal and Media Malpractice producer John Zeigler. Erik Svane of Non Pasaran gets into the discussion as well:

John Zeigler came to Bloggers Row to give his impression of his meeting with Max. You can see Tommy Christopher off to the side filming as well: