Catching up with CPAC


Macho Sauce entertained the crowds with his conservative message. He is a down to earth approachable individual, it was a pleasure to chat with him in the lobby of the Shoreham.

Sarah Palin ruled CPAC. Although this remarkable Governor could not attend the conference, her presence at this event was tangible. Two exhibits were dedicated to her: Team Sarah and Sarah 2012, and she was featured in the John Ziegler film Media Malpractice.

You can view the rest of my photos from CPAC on FLICKR

The Rise of Conservatism

Ladies and gentlemen, I am happy to report that Conservatism is alive and kicking! The Republican Party, however, is on life support. Attending CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) after a disastrous presidential election cycle, I was curious to gauge the mood of the grassroots conservative activists in the Age of Obama. What I discovered was a strong sense of renewed energy and purpose from the activists At random intervals during the conference, I asked attendees to gauge the mood of the activists and consistently received positive feedback. Conservatives understand the treacherous challenges facing our nation domestically and globally. They are ready to roll up their sleeves and work together towards the goal of turning the nation back from the brink of disaster. I would like to believe the RNC is trying to grasp the concept, yet the Party leadership stubbornly clings to habits that have not served them well over the past two election cycles. The inability to adapt is the quickest way to extinction.

A wise party leader would reach out to embrace the energy of the grassroots activists and work with them to present a unified message to the public. A party that simply votes “no” on an out of control spending scheme is not enough. Party leaders have to continually make the case of why this spending bill is akin to voodoo economics and offer an alternative solution to the public. The RNC working in concert with a solid grass root network could amplify and spread the message to every corner in the US.

To be fair, this is no easy task. Numerous lectures at CPAC carefully detailed the magnitude of the creeping social engineering programs being rolled out under the guise of the Democrat endorsed ‘economic recovery’. For the nation’s sake, I hope these programs fail, and that private industry is allowed to stand on its own two feet again. Despite what Rham Emanuel states, Rush Limbaugh is a great showman of the conservative movement but he is not the authority. The party is missing the Buckley/Reagan combination that brought conservatives of all flavors to the table.

CPAC brought together 8,000 grass root conservative organizers from across the nation who are optimistic, engaged in promoting solutions and not placing blame for the disastrous election cycle. CPAC invited speakers who presented solutions that do not require Jane and Joe America to surrender more of their freedom or tax dollars in order to save them from an ill defined threat. Through organizations such as the DontGo Movement, Rebuild the Party, Operation Tea Party and PACC (Pennsylvania Conservative Council), conservatives have demonstrated the ability to organize effective grassroots campaigns. We have the message and the networking capability to promote real change in Washington and the nation. The RNC can embrace conservative activists or get rolled in the upcoming 2010 and 2012 election cycles.

Did I tell you I met Joe The Plumber?

You can find my interview with Joe The Plumber HERE – Tea Time with JTP

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And don’t forget Joe the Plumber he was HUGE there

so what went on in the workshop/focus groups, Skye?


well, duh wuh…John Ryan. As usual, I am blinded with your astute brillance. sigh…. They should tax you for the wasted bandwidth in cyberspace.

But I’m happy to see you are still the poster child for those on political life support. Thus I couldn’t resist leaving your current comment visible to add to your vacuous legacy. You’re amassing such an impressive bank of similar non-accomplishments here. Perhaps Curt can come up with a most special award, just for you.

But seriously – we’re all happy that you occasionally slither thru and at least let us know you have a pulse… even if shy the necessary brain cells for normal functioning.

Thanks for the tidbits from CPAC (I’m trying not to be envious), and for the clip from MachoSauce. He never fails to nail down the truth, yet always with humor.

The moribund state of the RNC depresses me almost as much as the economy. Not quite as much, but almost. At least the stock market will eventually recover (though it might take quite awhile). I’m not so sanguine about the RNC. As noted above, “The party is missing the Buckley/Reagan combination that brought conservatives of all flavors to the table.” We’ll never see another Buckley, much less another Reagan, but I refuse to believe there are no intelligent, charismatic conservative leaders out there. We just can’t let the liberal media get away with distorting their public image before they’re able to be elected, the way they did with Dan Quayle and the way they’re trying to do with Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin is the future for the Republican Party and Conservatism.. I hope she will return to the lower 48 soon.