Yup, We DO Want Obama’s Socialist Agenda To Fail


Memo to liberals, Socialists and all those to the left of those two….we DO want Obama’s Socialist agenda to fail. The liberals can feign outrage all they want but the truth of the matter is the left wanted Bush to fail so badly they bled BDS. But we don’t want him to fail in some kind of tit for tat. No, we want our country to succeed and it will not if Obama is successful in engineering a Socialist state.

The liberals are upset Santorum wants his Socialist policies to fail, They are upset that Delay wants Obama’s Socialist policies to fail, and they were already upset with Rush so I doubt they will break a sweat with his speech tonight to CPAC where he again reiterated that he too wants Obama’s Socialist policies to fail: (via Gateway Pundit)

Rush: This notion that I want the President to fail, folks, this shows you a sign of the problem we’ve got. That’s nothing more than common sense and to not be able to say it, why in the world do I want what we just described, rampant government growth indebtedness, wealth that’s not even being created yet that is being spent, what is in this? What possibly is in this that anybody of us want to succeed? Did the Democrats want the war on Iraq to fail!


RUSH: They certainly did. They not only wanted the war in Iraq to fail, they proclaimed it a failure. There’s Dingy Harry Reid waiving a white flag: [Harry Reid impression] This war is lost. This war is — [Cheers and Applause] They called General Petraeus a liar before he even testified. Mrs. Clinton — [Crowd Booing] — said she had to, willingly suspend disbelief in order to listen to Petraeus. We’re in the process of winning the war. The last thing they wanted was to win. They hoped George Bush failed. So what is so strange about being honest to say that I want Barack Obama to fail if his mission is to restructure and reform this country so that capitalism and individual liberty are not its foundation? Why would I want that to succeed? [Applause]

Here is Rush’s speech in full, 10 parts in total:

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This is really great stuff. I was hooked after the firs segment, explaining who conservatives are, and what we want!

It was a bravo performance. But it nearly went on as long as one of Fidel Castro’s speeches. I had a family dinner and had to have the TV on til the end.

I see a difference between those who wanted Bush to fail, and those who talk about “fail” as it relates to President Obama. I wish our president well, and want him to do a good job; I want him to have a successful presidency, for the sake of our country. But to clarify, Ann Coulter phrased it best: “I want him to succeed….but in order for him to do that, he’d have to govern as a conservative.” (Paraphrased from memory).

Nothing at all unpatriotic in that.

“* They hoped George Bush failed.*” …
The Democrats not only hoped President Bush’s policies would fail they said and did eveything they could to bring about failure..and..they claimed it is Patriotic to oppose the president ….
We Republicans are the Patriots now … defending Life, Liberty and the Persuit of Happiness 🙂

I still think Newt stole the show. I got tingly over his Bush/Obama failures speech. Here’s an excerpt:
“The great irony of where we are today is that we have a Bush- Obama big spending program that was bipartisan in its nature. Last year the Bush-Obama plan had a $180 billion stimulus package in the spring which failed. It came back with a $345 billion housing package in the summer which failed. It then had a $700 billion Wall Street spending package in October which failed. It had a $4 trillion Federal Reserve guarantee which failed… We got big spending under Bush, now we got big spending under Obama. And so we have 2 new failures.”
2012 couldn’t get here fast enough. We are one party again!!!!!!

I have cuban neighbors, who came here in the 60’s, are middle class , have small businesses they worked hard for. AT election time they told me the American people have never experienced communism, and we don’t recognise it. They told me Obama reminds them of Fidel Castro. The way he lies straight face into the camera, and says gov will take care of us all . Government is the only way to fix our problems.
They were looking down at the ground and shaking their heads as they told me these things.They can’t believe we have come to be so stupid. Thanks to the gov run schools. My neighbors words, not mine. They tell me we will now experiience what they did in cuba. Hopefully we get control of Congress back and slow the marxist train down a little.
Yes, i want B.O. policy to fail or we may not recover from it.

Those who voted for Obama do not know history, and are allowing a bit of dark history to be repeated:

In his book Das Kapital, Karl Marx wrote ominously in 1867:

“Owners of capital will stimulate the working class to buy more and more of expensive goods, houses and technology, pushing them to take more and more expensive credits, until their debt becomes unbearable. The unpaid debt will lead to bankruptcy of banks, which will have to be nationalized and the State will have to take the road which will eventually lead to Communism.”

It helps to have willing accomplices in the White House and in Congress. Sadly, Marx’s prediction is eerily wending its way through the American system.

Yes this conservative wants those policies to FAIL

I think that statements like those of Rush Limbaugh (and as expressed on this blog) play right into Obama’s hands. Limbaugh is now the de facto face of the GOP. This has been Obama’s goal since he first told the GOP congresspeople “not to listen to Limbaugh.”

One guy who recognizes the folly in falling into Obama’s trap is House Minority Whip Eric Cantor:


– Larry Weisenthal/Huntington Beach, CA

And why do you think I included Cantor in the non-conservative fold of Snowe, Collins and Spector, Larry? (in my latest post, A 2012 Strategy)

The folly is not making Limbaugh “the de factor face of the GOP”. The folly is allowing people like you to twist what conservatism is… and that is best exampled by you and your ilk’s continuation of demonizing Limbaugh.

There may be hope for Cantor as Gingrich is playing “David Axelrod” to him. Then again, it’s taken Gingrich a while to figure out that Obama is “not governing from the center”.

But if Cantor’s idea is to be the GOP great hope, abandoning the principles laid out by Rush (by slamming Rush publicly) is unlikely to win him genuine support. He might get, like McCain did, the “noBama” votes. But that is a far cry from genuine enthusiasm.

As usual, you tend to uncork the champagne bottle early as you dash in with the latest Obama cyber campaign.