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Well it’s time to put up or shut up. Nobody out there seems to have the guts to pick up a gun and take the nation back, so let’s at least do it the other way. I don’t know this guy from Adam’s housecat, but I’m willing to donate 20 bucks to get him elected. Anybody else? Or are you just going to continue writing comments about how annoyed and depressed you are?

Way to go OPM!

I remember donating $50 to John Thune of SD when he ran against then Majority Leader Sen. Tom Daschole. I didn’t think at the time that Thune could unseat the ass but he did. It was money well spent.

One thing that we might do here at Flopping Aces is draw up a list of targeted Dems and hopeful Republicans and track the progress their races and raise money to help the cause.

Let’s start with Tedisco and take it from there.