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I know a kid on blogtalkradio.com who goes by the name of Dr. Pete. He’s also a thirteen year old conservative and holds down a radio show by himself.

So I’m not as surprised as some when a thirteen year old kid authors a book about conservatism.

I am however, elated nonetheless.

Jonathan Krohn is home-schooled too… bet you didn’t see that one coming.

Future GREAT leader.

Nov 3, 2032:


Twenty-four years of socialist rule under dictator Barack Hussein Obama came to a crashing halt last night as Presidential Candidate Jonathan Krohn became President-elect Krohn. Krohn captured 81% of the popular vote, despite widespread vote-rigging tactics by ACORN, Obama’s militant voter “education” squad.

In his acceptance speech, Krohn spoke clearly about the new direction for the Soviet Socialist States of America, a welcome change from the eloquent empty rhetoric of Obama. Krohn also spoke of the need to return true fiscal responsibility to government, vowing to put an end to many of Obama’s vote-buying and wasteful “make-work” jobs, created by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (referred to by most Americans as the Generational Theft Act of 2009.)
President-elect Krohn promised that his first official acts as President will be to change the country’s name back to the United States of America, and recall the propaganda-laden little blue books that Obama required all citizens to memorize and carry with them wherever they went. (story continued on page two – KROHN VICTORIOUS)


It *could* happen!

Jeff V

He might say clever things but at the age of 13 I wonder if his opinions are influenced by his parents.


He might say clever things but at the age of 13 I wonder if his opinions are influenced by his parents

That’s almost a given…no? One’s values should be taught at home, not in school. They sure don’t teach conservative values in schools now, do they? There’s also a chance that he actually is an intelligent 13 y/o, depite public school?


He was on FOX this morning, outstanding kid. Said he became interested in politics because of the Dem filibusters when he was eight, he then chose to study the process/gimmick.

When asked about whether his classmates liked what he is doing he said yes, he’s homeschooled and he pleased with what he’s doing. Priceless, threw Gretchen off guard.

He’s a little genious, understands more about politics than Obama voters, glib speaker, and obviously made a hit at CPAC. Wouldn’t doubt that he will surpass Obama in content and delivery and definately morals in the not to far future.

@Missy: Dem filibusters? When did those happen? According to Larry it’s all the GOP’s fault for not getting Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac reforms through the Senate.