Democrats Freeze Republicans Out Of Conference Report Regarding Stimulus Package


Remember these words from Nancy Pelosi a few years back?

Pelosi: “[I would like] to come as close as you can in the political reality to a bipartisan management of the House.” Pelosi said in a Wednesday interview with CongressDaily.

“I’m a big believer in bipartisanship on so many issues. You can’t address the entitlement issue, the health care issue, and do it in a partisan way. They are too big, they involve too many people, and they involve too much money, private and public money. You’ve got to do it in a way that has legitimacy.”

And then Obama was elected. Via Redstate we learn:

…Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Harry Reid (D-NV) met at length last night to put together the House/Senate conference report on the “stimulus” package. Only Democratic conference committee members were informed of the meeting and permitted to attend.

The purpose behind the meeting was apparently to produce a conference report on the over $800 billion borrow-and-spend bill that was entirely free of Republican input, and that could be presented no later than this afternoon in preparation for House and Senate floor action tomorrow.

Ironically, the Democrat-heavy House yesterday voted unanimously in favor of a GOP-sponsored resolution stating that the bill should be made subject to a 48 hour review period by the public before it was finally passed by Congress — something that seems very unlikely to happen, given Democrats’ actions over the last twelve hours.

In a post here on RedState, Congressman Tom Price (R-GA), chairman of the Republican Study Committee, confirmed reports of the Democrats’ midnight meeting. “Negotiations have already begun under the dark of night,” wrote Price this morning. “In closed room somewhere in the Capitol Building last night, Congressional Democrats and Obama administration officials met with no Republicans present.”

Price continued:

Rules for the conference committee dictate that there must be an open hearing for negotiations, but that hearing is controlled entirely by the majority party. It is the prerogative of congressional Democrats as to whether the hearing will be an honest and open forum or instead a dog and pony show while real negotiations take place in a smoke-filled backroom.

With a trillion dollars of taxpayer money currently at stake, it is critical to provide the American people a full and complete understanding of how it is going to be spent.

House Democrats haven’t been shy about voicing their intent to use the conference to re-insert a large portion of the spending taken out of the Senate’s compromise bill, which was passed due to support from three Republicans who, apparently and inexplicably, thought Reps. Pelosi and Hoyer (D-MD) would be content to allow pet pork programs to remain on the cutting room floor when presented with the opportunity to reinsert them in conference.

The three RINO’s believed the pork would stay out? Puhlease.

They don’t need any GOP input due to the three losers, Snowe, Specter, and Collins joining forces with the Democrats. And in the end we have the opposite of “open and transparent” government. Backroom dealings abound.

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We are so Screwed ! Pass that bottle down…

This is the most secretive administration I can remember, and I have absolutely no confidence in it.

where is the transpariency that we were promised, or is that reserved only for the dem voters? gotta love nancy and her power hungry ways. in the end it will be her undoing.

What’s the problem? They have now openly embraced this albatross as a product of their party, and their party alone. They can’t try to run and hide behind any “bipartisan tent” BS. It’s a perfect 2010 campaign issue with the country mired in a Jimmy Carter-era malaise.

Folks, what the dems said was all BS. They have no problem lying
about what their real plans are.
I’m just waiting for the moonbats to say that this is just payback
for the Reps freezing the dems out when they were the majority.
They did not such thing, but the left always has justification for
their sleazy ways.

Probably not invited for the same reason we don’t invite Al Qaeda to Defense Department meetings.

@Fit fit:

Probably not invited for the same reason we don’t invite Al Qaeda to Defense Department meetings.


That’s a pretty slimy attempt at an analogy.

Even for you.

Thank you.

See, you can learn something from listening to Limbaugh. Of course, I’m nowhere near his caliber of slime, but I can try…

We never really believed it anyway, but President Obama declared bipartisanship dead on Monday night.

@Fit fit:

“I’m nowhere near his caliber of slime,…”



…I had better not hear a word about “reaching across the isle” or “bipartisanship” EVER AGAIN!!!

What do you want to bet that next time the GOP takes over they will bend over backwards to be inclusive and give the minority the rights they are now denied only to get screwed again by Democrats when their turn comes again?

Bipartisanship is a one way street for Dems.

Pelosi would not know what “bipartisanship” was, if it hit her in the face. It is scary to think she leads the House. She says she doesn’t know Catholic doctrine and thinks 500 million people loss their jobs per month. Please…she won’t be leading much longer as this rate.

And unfit thinks he isn’t a moonbat. Ha!

Really, who is surprised by this? Our closed and cloudy government is doing just what it does best.

And when they fail (it isn’t a matter of “if”), they will surely try to blame it somehow on the Republicans forgetting how our Democratic Congress got us into this mess.

Heavy sigh…

Anyone up for some ice cream? That should make us all feel better.

It was interesting when a few of the major bank CEOs today (just a few minutes ago) showed amazement and chagrin at just what Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner would be doing with the TARP II monies given that they expected to pay off the TARP I money on time or early and had no need for additional TARP loans (unless they looked cheap).

Is the economy really getting worse or is the Obama administration just blowing it up to look better when the economy eventually comes around ?

You may have just coined a new defining phrase for the Obama admin, Neo. Just as our military has “shock and awe”, Obama’s domestic policies can be known as “amazement and chagrin”…. LOL

To me, Geithner and “chagrin” are synonymous.

Whatever happened to sunlighting? Obama chided the Bush administration and the Republican congress for secret meetings, and yet here the Dems do a quick about-face. The present cost of the pork bill is disgusting by itself, but the real hits come with program expansions over the next two years.

Oh, and the new age for youth (for the $1,000,000,000 summer jobs program jumps from 21 to 24 years old. If we’re really stimulating the economy, why would that many 21 to 24 year-olds want to settle for a make-work summer job instead of a career-enhancing private sector job (shouldn’t most of these kids have college degrees by the age of 21-22?) Or is this just a way to give Liberal Arts’ graduates jobs once they realize the relative scarcity of jobs for Liberal Arts’ majors?

[Caution – floor might be wet due to dripping sarcasm]


Mike is correct. Once Republicans are back in power, they will indeed make the cross the aisles effort once again.

Nancy “Bipartisanship is for Thee and not for me…. Tee-hee…” Pelosi.

This info does not even get a whisper in the MSM. Nothing. My local city paper’s web site still has an as it’s leading national news story an AP blurb from Jan 21st about how Obama’s mixed racial ethnicity will make him the most effective President in our history. Nothing on the bail out, nothing on Geithner, nothing on the census snatch. Nothing. Where 6 mos ago it was all about excesses of Bush, Palin, McCain, Cheney etc. Now…. silence…

Hypocrisy is a MAJOR leftist trait.

The Age of Obamaboozler has begun. How can anyone be sure what’s in the Conference Report when the conference was held behind closed doors?

Maybe it has something to do with their new ethics rules?

“Hope ‘n change for me, not thee.”

Where’d I put that ammo……?

Insurgency, we understand perhaps a little bit more because of the Taliban. And that is that they went about systematically understanding how to disrupt and change a person’s entire processes … And we need to understand that insurgency may be required when the other side, the House leadership, does not follow the same commands, which we entered the game with.

I’m sorry for comparing Republicans to Al Qaeda. They are in fact modeling themselves after the Taliban… my mistake.

My my, Fit… your personal scum side is wildly surfacing.