Obama Stops Gitmo Trials?!


GUANTANAMO BAY, Cuba (CNN) — In one of his first acts in office President Obama has ordered the U.S. government to suspend prosecutions of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay for 120 days, military officials said Tuesday. Papers filed at the U.S. prison camp said the request is made “in the interest of justice and at the direction of the president of the United States.” It seeks a delay in proceedings until May 20.

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What the murder of 3000 people not worthy of a trial? Obama and his posse sure know how to get justice served. I miss you President Bush!

Worthy of a trial, yes, but worthy of a proper trial in a proper court so that proper justice can be administered. This is just the first step to restoring americas moral legitimacy.

Anyone with even a cursory understanding of the Geneva Conventions would know that these prisoners are lucky to still be alive.

If we, the US, were following the GC to the letter, as we should have been, then these people would have had field trials and would have had bullets in their skulls long ago.

That’s what happens when you fight out of uniform and fight/hide among civilian populations.

However, we let ourselves become too PC and “sensitive” to appearances, thus creating the situation we are in now.

I’m with Scott, sort of.

I say take them back to where they were captured and then either give them field trials as laid out in the GC or just release them and let them fend for themselves with the clear understanding that if/when they are captured again, Gitmo will not be their final destination.

Gitmo was a bad idea because it created a gray area in warfare where there wasn’t one before.

Too bad the folks running the Gitmo judicial reviews didn’t speed up their process after the election. But then, that would have meant they were reacting to political pressure and that would have been inappropriate.

Of course Obama’s order is entirely political and equally inappropriate.

This reminds me of what happened when Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was first captured in Pakistan. He demanded to see teams of Lawyers, provided by the U.S. taxpayer, so that he could play our judicial system for fools.

Looks like he may get his wish.

And so, there is still no justice for Daniel Pearl who was murdered at the hands of this monster just as there is no justice for the thousands of Americans who died on Sept. 11th at his direction.

Thank you Obama!


Didn’t Congress vote on, and approve, the military tribunal process not once, but twice?

Sounds as if TelePromTer Jesus is trying already to overturn the will of the People and their democratically elected leaders.

Obama has circulated a draft that calls for GITMO to be closed in less than a year. He also wants to push for enhanced hate crime protections for homosexuals. He has again stated his admin would be willing to talk to Iran without preconditions. He also plans to work towards abolishing nuclear weapons.

Good thing he’s trending to the center like Larry predicted (sarcasm)

These prisoners should have assumed room temparature when they were caught. This was the real mistake. The boys move to halt the trials will not make us safer from these terrorists. News Flash, they would slit a Democrats childs throat the same as a Republicans. Obots will not be immune from terrorism.

When its all said and done, they will probably be released just like our sons killers were released by president saleh of the Yemeni regime. Its like a bad nightmare that just keeps repeating itself. I am in the process of writing Obama, I wrote Clinton and he promised he would get them. He did not. I wrote Bush and begged him not to let the Yemenis hold court and to bring the other ones to justice there. That that they would be released. he promised that we would get justice. Well this is the third president now. We will see. To Bushs credit we got one trial that was fair and impartial. I see that trial as the last trial. But we are still going to keep on fighting.

Will the Gitmo captives be tried under a military tribunal as the Geneva Convention and world governments agree is acceptable practice now that Obama is in power?

IMO; very unlikely. We already know Obama is in the pocket of Hamas and other fringe elements like Farrakhan’s Muslim brotherhood. So he will ignore conventional international law and foist these cases upon our criminal courts to be treated leniently and without any real regard to their crimes against innocent victims as takes place with most of the criminal trials in our politically correct corrupt justice system.

Like Carter’s every action in Middle-East affairs in difference to and the detriment of our national security interests, Obama must play the bleeding heart and be a “wuss” to Islamic Fundamentalism.

Within one year, I foresee these captives being repatriated to their home countries (secretly of course, so they cannot be tried there either) or released back on the streets of a nation of their choice. That so they may get back to terrorist business as usual. So they may continue to be a foil for the Anti-Christ’s rhetoric. Without windmills to tilt the focus of his political allies to distraction via his left hand, he would be forced to explain the actions he takes with his right hand. Subterfuge and distraction is necessary to achieve his will. That is the nature of this beast.

Will the Gitmo captives be tried under a military tribunal as the Geneva Convention and world governments agree is exceptable practice now that Obama is in power?

That’s what Obama just ordered to stop. They were going through with tribunals etc.

Can the President suspend the tribunals set up by Congress in the Military Commissions act of 2006??? I was not aware the Constitution gave the President such power.

Well he is “da man” now, so I guess he can do as he pleases. Today was the first time I read where some republicans had enough grit to cquestion him. Correction. Senator Cornyn objected to Hilarys confirmation because of all the monies that Bill gets from the Saudias and other countries that have conflicting interests.

But its going to be interesting to see where this goes. It want take long for the Honeymoon to wear off, and then things ought to get back to normal in DC. Which means that by the time Obama does decide to take action he may already be down in the polls. And I am betting that Obama is a poll watcher like most politicians. I also read where he scraped every legal opinion that justified waterboarding, extraordinary renditions, and the CIA’s blacksites.

And another problem too. These guys will have the right to sue the government if they are released. What a mess he has now.