Celebrities Who Have Torn Down Bush For 8 Years Suddenly Want To Serve Their President


You wanna feel nauseous? Check out this video of the many ignorant celebrities who have over the last 8 years done whatever they could to tear down our President, stand in his way of making any progress to protect this country and its future, and insulted him at every chance. What do they say in this video now?

I pledge to be a servant to our President

Funny, isn’t the President a servant of the people? Not the other way around?

Among the celebrities we have Eva Mendez, Cameron Diaz, Demi Moore, Courtney Cox, David Arquette, Eva Longoria Parker, Lucy Liu, Alyssa Milano, Ashton Kutcher, Robin Wright Penn, Marisa Tomei and Michael Strahan all appearing and making fools of themselves showing pure obedience to the one.

What hypocrisy.

The whole video is embarrassing but in the final moment when the image pulls out and eveyone of these nimrods is a part of the Obama portrait…then it became downright creepy. You just can’t describe this cult of personality any other way other then creepy and scary.

Michael Strahan said the only thing that should be spoken many many times from other blacks “I pledge to consider myself a American instead of a African American.” Funny how he only said this AFTER Obama is elected. Should of been said a decade ago.

Andrew Breitbart:

Missing are pledges not to kiss the ring of Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez and other pledged enemies of America. Nor are there pledges not to make movies that glorify these tyrants. Nor are there pledges to take seriously that we are at war, will continue to be at war under President Obama and that our precious and under-appreciated military is fighting an avowed and evil enemy — so that, among other things, Hollywood can continue to make decadent crap that actually motivates our enemy to fight us harder!

What he said.

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Sincerely don’t mean to make you any more nauseated. but, it’s cool to wave the flag again.

“WASHINGTON is suddenly hip again, infused with the heady double-barreled combination of a new crowd of idealistic young political worker bees, who actually believe they can change the world, and the arrival of America’s first black president. It’s even cool to wave the Stars and Stripes.”


Oops, forgot to link to the flag they are now proud to wave.


these people are so vain and vapid they have no idea how scary they sound.

Sean Connery’s Dr. Jones Sr. had words in “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” that perfectly describe these celebrity pinheads: “The slime of humanity.”

Oath of the German Soldier Poster (translated into English). After view the Pledge to Obama Video, it shocked me to the core. I had to do a websearch and found this website ( http://www.pzg.biz/posters_nazi_propaganda_art.htm). You will have to scroll down to find it.

The poster depicts six German soldiers wearing Nazi helmets and long uniform overcoats, with their right hands raised swearing their oath to their Fuehrer, Adolf Hitler. In the upper right corner are the German words to the soldier’s oath which translate as follows:

“I swear by God this sacred oath that I will obey without question the Führer of the German Reich and people, to Adolf Hitler, Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, and that I am prepared as a brave soldier to lay my life on the line at any time for this oath.”

Now replace Fuhrer with words like “President”, or his name “Barack H. Obama.” And we now see the direction our country is heading in (the United Socialist States of America). I am 49 years old. I did not live through World War Two. But I DO REMEMBER MY HISTORY!

This is truly sickening that now after the Chosen One was elected that it is ok to be an American now. What happened ever the last 8 ears for them to not love their country???? I will always love America and it does not matter who is the President, and I will never demean or ridicule our military as these idiots have done over the last 8 years. I will respect Obama as president, but I will voice my opposition to his policies, not the man as these idiots have been doing for the last 8 years.

It simply goes to show what kind of “people” they are. They only love their country when people like them are in charge. Sometimes I think we should deport them to Mexico and trade them for those that are trying to become Americans legally. All the legal Mexican immigrants I have met have been fantastic citizens. They are everything the Holywood douchebags are not: Intelligent, appreciative of America, hard working, and wanting the best for their adopted country.

These are sick bunch of sycophants and egomaniacs. I pledge to never ever see one of their movies again, only independent films and films by actors who are not vociferously politicized like these a** hats are.

Heil Obama!!! Sieg Heil!!!

Ein Reich
Ein Volk
Ein Obama!!!

It will be the Nuremberg rallies updated in colour. You americans have gone mad, simply mad.
Even the North Koreans look reasonable compared to your hollywood stars gushing and kneeling at Obama’s feet.

Never did I ever think I would be able to compare North Korea with America, but it is happening today.

I”m confused. Are we supposed to thank them for finally joining us in giving a damn about our country?

“I will respect Obama as president” (Stix1972)

You don’t even have to do that since he is not your President. Someone who is not eligible to hold the higher offrice of your country, is not your President, he is a usurper and an imposter.

I pledge never to watch any of these morons on their TV shows or any of their movies.

I pledge to never view this video anymore. What a bunch of idiots.

P.S.: Funny Ann, we had almost the same idea at the same time… lol

You know what they say about great minds…

However, it won’t be too hard since they’re all pretty much 2nd tier celebs. Not that it matters. My entertainment list has altered drastically this year. Never liked Clint particularly but he has come up on my list…my favorite film of his was the one where he played the FBI agent who failed Kennedy. Since hearing about his big RNC donation after McCain/Palin began their run, he gets my $$ at the box office. I hear Gran Torino is really good. I’ll go see that tomorrow to get away from the TV drool fest.

Someone who is not eligible to hold the higher offrice of your country, is not your President, he is a usurper and an imposter.

We are a nation of laws, or so Conservatives are eager to state.

Obama’s qualifications have been challenged and examined in many courts, up to and including the Supreme Court.

@Larry Weisenthal:

Obama’s qualifications have been challenged and examined in many courts, up to and including the Supreme Court.

Not quite Larry.

Obama’s qualifications have been challenged on multiple fronts but, as of this moment, no court has taken, or heard, any of the cases.

“These are sick bunch of sycophants and egomaniacs. I pledge to never ever see one of their movies again, only independent films and films by actors who are not vociferously politicized like these a** hats are.”

Yeah don’t you just hate it when actors starting giving their opinions. So I guess you are going to avoid the movies of Robert Duvall, Charles Heston, Chuck Norris, Slyvester Stallone, James Woods, Kelsey Grammer, Bruce Willis, Dwayne Johnson, Dennis Hopper, Jessica Simpson, Jon Voight and Stephen Baldwin – and of course the movies of Arnold Schwarzenegger and avoid that all time classic ‘Bedtime for Bonzo.’

@GaffaUK: It is not that they stated their opinions. It is the way that they derided Bush and called him a criminal with no proof. But now it is great to be American just because the One has taken over power.

Why is is suddenly ok to be American, not African American. Or why does wearing a Red Star one day and the next you praise Amercia. Something just does not give.

And by the way Robert Duvall, Charles Heston, James Woods, Kelsey Grammer, Bruce Willis, Dennis Hopper and Jon Voight actually have talent. Not like the one’s in the video.

And Chuck Norris, Slyvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger make movies that make you proud do be an American, unlike most of Hollyweird that makes the US, the bad guys.

Heil Obama!!! Sieg Heil!!!!

Ein Reich!!!
Ein Volk!!!!
Ein Obama!!!!

Das Inauguration geht sehr, sehr gut!!!!!

Obama uber alles!!!! Sieg Heil!!!!!

To Craig
Obama is our president so give it a rest. You are not an American….so stop telling we Americans who our leaders are or who they should be. Just shut up. Regardless of whether or not we agree with Obama’s policies he is our President and this is an important day for all Americans. It shows what a truly great democracy we are and how the people decide it’s leaders.

All you’re doing is spewing bile and empty rhetoric….so again shut up.

Stay in Canada!


Thanks Ron.

Glad to see it’s not just me.

Larry #14. Technically, you are incorrect. SCOTUS reviewed the suit on Berg’s appeal when it was kicked out by a federal judge saying Berg did not have “standing” to bring the lawsuit. The SCOTUS did not address the evidence, or argument,of Obama’s eligibility… only whether or not Berg had standing and if the federal judge would be reversed in his dismissal for standing. That is all they are charged to do.

There are other lawsuits working their way thru the courts… Alan Keyes is one. He may have the standing in judicial eyes as he was a candidate in the primaries.

Until a court hears and rules on the evidence, it is a non-story. Just another lawsuit on the docket without a legal opinion to go on.

Hey Aye….good to hear from you again.

I don’t agree with 70% of Obama’s policies but I’m still an American and I haven’t quit loving my country because we elected a Democrat. We are now and will always be the greatest defender of liberty and justice. America has given so much to the world and we will continue to do so.

It really bothers me when foreigners criticize or make judgments about my country or our leaders.

God bless America!


Should put the SCOTUS review update here for Larry…. from Berg’s site

As you know, this Friday, January 9, 2009 our case, Berg vs. Obama, is being “Conferenced” by the nine [9] Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court [Docket No. 08 – 570]. Then, on January 16, 2009 again, we have a “Conference” before the U.S. Supreme Court in this case.

SCOTUS has not yet weighed in on whether Berg has standing as of this point. And that is the only suit that has made it to the high court at this time. So, Larry, you are premature in your confidence that evidence has been examined, and approved. We aren’t even to the point of the evidence being considered by a federal judge yet. Oh the slow, methodical course of legal recourse.

When SCOTUS rules on the standing, that particular suit with either be dead in the water, or be returned for hearing of evidence.

ADDED: This is the Surrick’s dismissal of the suit for standing. At the end of October, Berg filed a Writ of Certiorari with the SCOTUS – a document which a losing party files with the Supreme Court asking the Supreme Court to review the decision of a lower court. It includes a list of the parties, a statement of the facts of the case, the legal questions presented for review, and arguments as to why the Court should grant the writ.

In this case, the decision of the court had nothing to do with the argument and evidence, but instead addressed the motions for dismissal filed by Obama… and granted by lack of jurisdiction and standing. That is the decision that will be addressed by SCOTUS.

Get out the tissue…you poor miserable folks are going to cry for the next
8 years.

Or as your ditto-head leader will proclaim, ” America held hostage, day # 1.”


Actually, no.

Your side of the aisle has exclusive rights to that behavior.

Thanks for playing though.

Ummmm he was elected for a term of four years…so we’ll see what happens in 2012. Maybe a Republican will be elected.

Thanks for your concern though.


I’m going to be LMAO at these buffoons when the economy gets so bad that people can’t afford to pay to see their crappy movies and they end up pennyless.

@OMG: Where do you see us crying. So any disagreement with the Left is us crying.

Wasn’t it the Lefties in this country saying they were going to leave the country if Bush was elected???? I did not see any of them leave, just bitch and moan and derail anything Bush did, good or bad.

Just look at the Daily Kos and Dummies to see some crying. They are already up in arms that Obama has not arrested Bush yet. And that was before Obama was even sworn in.

I pledge to always use Pledge furniture polish when I clean my coffee and end tables.

So, can anyone tell me whether or not “dissent” is still “Patriotic”?

I pledge to call out BullSh/t when I see it….after watching the video I see BullSh/t!

That was scary at the end. I believe that the things these people are saying they are going to do like driving less and turning the lights off are things they reccommend we do. They aren’t going to do them because they’re celebrities. They’re not going to do without less of anything it’s just a message for the rest of us to do those things. The entire ad is to make us want to do more and do without. If you think one second they’re going to go around their homes turning lights out you’re fooling yourself. They flew first class on jumbo jets, took a limo and ate a great big lunch at a posh restaurant on their way to film this dribble.

This is terribly, terribly funny … in a sad, pedantic sort of way. Sure there is the typical, vacuous. liberal drivel here, but what they are essentially saying is that … they have decided to join the millions, upon millions of Americans who have long since … grown up!

Yep, that’s their pledge … I will now behave like an adult. I will no longer live as if I am the center of the universe, I will behave responsibly by acknowledging my obligations to others, the uniqueness of my country and the debt I owe.

Wow, that this is an epiphany for these men and women simply underscores what others have long known … liberals linger in a suspended state of perpetual adolescence, and when they begin to understand what others have known since, oh say … grade 6 … they behave as if they have discovered some great, hidden truth and must now lecture the world in what is right.

As I said, sad but funny.

Larry W: Yep, that’s their pledge … I will now behave like an adult. I will no longer live as if I am the center of the universe, I will behave responsibly by acknowledging my obligations to others, the uniqueness of my country and the debt I owe.

Well now, that’s the most creative way I’ve seen of justifying social welfare… Mighty lofty words. Perhaps worthy of speech catchall phrases for this President himself.

Altho I’m hard pressed to see “acknowledging obligations to others” and “the debt I owe” as passing on my earnings to a fiscally irresponsible Congress who piddles away vast dollars into wasteful projects and heavy handed administrative structure as “adult”.

Naive? Yes. Adult? Only if on prozac.

How about they prove to us they can streamline expenses and improve performance on, say, FEMA, the VA, Dept of Education, Agriculture etal before we pass them more cash to flush down the toilet. Now *that’s* adult. Demand some proof of performance and responsibility.