Leftwing Nuts Infilitrate Team Sarah


The left has been putting on the brave front that they hope beyond hope that Sarah Palin runs for President because they are so sure….so confident she would be smashed. They’re not worried right?

Administrators of Team Sarah have uncovered evidence on a left-wing online thread that some Internet trolls sought to discredit the organization by posing as conservative racists on Team Sarah’s forums.

Team Sarah, an online community supportive of Gov. Sarah Palin, claims over 60,000 members and is affiliated with the Susan B. Anthony List, a PAC that supports pro-life women for public office.

Apparently, about 90 left-wing participants on a thread at somethingawful.com pretended to be conservatives who loved Sarah Palin before writing racist or otherwise deranged rants against Barack Obama on the Team Sarah forums. Said one interloper on the somethingawful.com thread: “What I hope is that the fake posters eventually number the actual posters so it would be impossible to tell who is real and who is fake.”

While other threads have been discovered in previous months at other websites that planned to go after Team Sarah, those attacks were more conventional and overt. Typically, posters would try to flood the site with anti-Palin comments. This new group wanted to be secretive. One of them posted a suggestion on the somethingawful.com thread (which is no longer accessible or doesn’t exist) that the group “just encourage the crazy members [of Team Sarah] until it reaches the point where they drive away any sane members … Make sure you bump any particularly crazy threads you see with a message of vague support for the original post, ensuring anything sane will be quickly relegated to the 2nd or 3rd page of the forum, and the crazy threads will appear to be the most popular ideas.”

Margorie Dannenfelser of Team Sarah told me the plot was “to bring down the site by turning it into a place of bigotry and hatred.” She thinks they wanted to destroy the site to embarrass Sarah Palin by way of extension. They disguised themselves with names such as “Palinin2012” and “PALINITE”

To an extent, their deceitful effort succeeded. On December 21, Geoffrey Dunn posted an article at the Huffington Post, which called attention to racist posts at Team Sarah. Even though the offending posts were taken down as soon as members of Team Sarah alerted the moderators, Dunn tried to link the thoughts of a few right-wing crazies to an entire political movement. Needless to say, Dunn’s article received some attention in the lefty blogosphere.

It turns out that at least one of the supposed right-wingers Dunn cited is actually a left-winger associated with the somethingawful.com thread.

In the comment section of this Washington Times post comes a bit more news about these attacks:

These incendiary attacks on TeamSarah are originating from the Laissez’s Fair Subforum of the somethingawful.com webforums. The attackers are using a private, invitation only IRC chat server to coordinate their trolling operations. The moderators of the Laissez’s Fair subforum are actively participating in the attacks. As of 10PM on January 6th, they are continuing to register accounts and post incendiary content at TeamSarah. They are planning another large attack that will take place on Inauguration day, January 20th 2009.

Naw…not worried one bit.

Sure thing.

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The left has been putting on the brave front that they hope beyond hope that Sarah Palin runs for President because they are so sure….so confident she would be smashed.

Y’know, I watched Cavuto’s show on FOX once, and he noted that the Carter people were thrilled when Regan locked up the Republican nomination because they were so sure they could take him. *cough*

The left, especially those on the far side, fear Palin more than Superman fears kryptonite. How else do you explain the reaction she got during the campaign? If they didn’t see her as a threat, they wouldn’t have piled on her like they did.

And frankly, I think Palin could take Obama in a heartbeat.

On December 21, Geoffrey Dunn posted an article at the Huffington Post, which called attention to racist posts at Team Sarah.

Oh, you gotta love that. Someone at the Huffington Post complaining about offensive posts on another website. Interesting development outta a site with posts containing anti-military, pro-terrorist crap.

A lot of Conservatives thought we had it won when obama took the nomination. We see how that went.
Spidey, you forgot to mention the anti-semitic posts at PuffHo.

A lot of Conservatives thought we had it won when obama took the nomination.

I think that’s what happens when you believe your own hype and/or don’t spend enough time outside your bubble. I would say Jeb Bush has a better chance than Palin. Both would be smart to wait until 2016.

Fit, you just made my irony meter explode.

No one could beat Sarah Palin and they know it. This is the reason why leftist and Larry W. are always trying to put her down. The more they do it, the more we see how much they are afraid of her… lol

as a member of team sarah i am offended, i know there are some who pull this crap, but you wonder why. these actions are really small minded and belong to people who never mentally left junior high school. these are actions of people without a conscience and who are so totally brainwashed by leftist media that they cannot see clearly. consider the source of the posts and you know where their heart and minds really are, in the freakin gutter.

I think Sarah Palin can beat Sarah Palin. Her mouth is her own worst enemy.
I wonder if Ron Howard will do a follow up on Frost/Nixon – maybe Couric/Palin. lol:D


Your pseudo suits you well, you keep gaffing all the time. You do not come close to the little toe of Sarah Palin. You are so full of yourself and so pretentious you make me sick. You are your own worst enemy with your stupid hater for Palin. People who do not respect Palin are hateful leftists and I don’t let them get away with it. I knew I was right about you the first time I read you. I’m never wrong, I can feel you people from a mile away; you are all the same. So you are from UK? Are you a Muslim?


Lighten up!:) I’m obviously poking fun. If you can’t take it – then don’t give it out. I don’t hate Palin. I reckon she livened up the election – made it more interesting. Good for her. It just so happens I don’t agree with a lot of her key views (particular Creationism) and she is so easy to make fun of. You guys make fun of Obama and Biden – and we all make fun of McCain. Well I’m glad you are never wrong – you must be the only human who is never wrong. Er…doesn’t that make you full of yourself? ‘And all the same’ – sounds like you are unable to have any debate without lumping people into a few pre-labeled boxes. I reckon the right and left have a range of views and people. I guess you see all lefties as Stalinists. And you have preconceived ideas about what I think. But on some issues we may even agree. Shame that free speech makes you physically ill – especially over a harmless jibe. Nevermind…

Anyway – I am from the UK but I’m not a muslim – I’m agnostic and white. I haven’t voted for Blair or Brown (ex-socialists), I did vote once for the Tories back in 1992 (John Major – which was a mistake as he was useless not like Thatcher); I usually vote for the Liberals as I see them as being in between the Left and Right and the Liberals did have a history of free trade and liberty but it can be argued that they have moved to far towards the Nanny state ideals – which I don’t agree with. I’m now in Australia and the Liberals over here represent the right. I also believe the left/liberals are too soft on crime. I believe in freedom for the individual where possible but believe the state needs to be hard on those who break the law. Life should mean life if you kill someone etc.

I think the US is one of the best countries in the world, like any countries it has lots of good and bad – which can be debated. I probably don’t criticise the islamic fundamentalist enough for you guys because I think its obvious they are evil. But we shouldn’t live in fear either. Funny how they hate the excesses of the West – such as women’s rights, promisicity, gay people, consumerism/globalisation, Hollywood films, rock music, videogames, alcohol, atheism etc – and yet some of the Conservative Right are in agreement with them on some of those things…

Anyway if you aren’t sitting in a pile of your own vomit – tell me about you….


I am a French Canadian from Montreal, Quebec. I agree with you that USA is the best country in the world. There is only 2 countries that I really admire: USA and Israel. So I don’t like people who talks against them. I am a passionate person and I always defend the things or the people I love. I let no one trash them.

I hate lefties moonbats because they hate humanity. I am a conservative and if I would live in the States, I would vote republican. In Canada I vote for Stephen Harper. I hate democrats they are evil and crooks. What I despite most of all is Obama and his thugs. I sincerely hope that the truth about him will come out and that he will be removed from the presidency. I am not a religious person but still I believe in a higher self. I am against abortions and gay marriage. I believe in small government and in free markets. Those are my consevative values.

I think that America has been taken from within by the fraudulent Obama. I believe the Constitution is in real danger and that Americans are asleep right now. You will shortly see martial law in the States due to communism. I’m glad that many blogs right now are trying to remove Obama and they are starting a real movement, sort of a revolution to take back their country. I spent a lot of time on these patriotic blogs, at least they are trying to do something about it. They are not surrending, I admire that. People are stronger than goverment if they get together.

P.S.: If you do not spit on Sarah and Israel, you will never get insulted from me. But if you do… tough luck! I can not tolerate it and I won’t. It is up to you!

Don’t you admire your own country?

I admire Britain – for all it’s ups and downs. I won’t defend things about it that I don’t agree with but generally I feel proud of it’s history and it’s people. People can trash Britain all they want – I’m to defend it if I disagree with them but their views are unlikely to change how I feel about the place.

Canada is an interesting place – I’ve been there a few times. Quieter than the States. Always felt it must be a pain having Quebec always threatening to leave (probably a bit like Scotland).

I don’t share your views on Obama but then again I know he’s not the messiah. I didn’t feel that strongly against McCain – although the US Right didn’t seem to like him much. RINO – isn’t that what some call him?

Although I admire Reagan and Thatcher (despite some of their faults) – I don’t have much time for Bush or Palin. Maybe history will be kinder to Bush than his 25% ratings he has been getting or thereabouts. And maybe the future will hold something for Palin in terms of high office.

And I admire Israel from 1948 onwards – in that they pushed back against the Arab nations who threatened to push them into the sea. However (as the long thread with Yonason) – I don’t think they have a valid reason at the time for setting up the state. But they are there now – so the arabs should move on. I don’t think I spit on them – I stir and provoke, poke fun – but I don’t hate them. Maybe that’s English humour. We don’t take ourselves too seriously.

When you say ‘shortly see martial law’ – how soon do you believe that will happen? So what’s the truth about Obama then?

I can understand the debate over abortion although I believe within a limit it should be a woman’s choice. I particularly don’t agree with Palin. Does she really believe women should be forced to have babies if they have been raped? I don’t understand why so many conservatives get so upset about gay marriage? If you believe government should stay away from people’s private lives as much as I thought you did and if he doesn’t effect those involved – then why get upset? Marriage isn’t religious as atheists get married. Gays getting married isn’t going to erode hetrosexual marriages is it???


I admire Canada only when the Conservative Party forms the government. The Liberal Party is too much into socialism. Quebec separatists are a pain in the neck, I cannot stand these people. They hate the ROC (Rest of Canada), the USA and Israel. They are socialist’s lefties and pro-terrorists.

I admired Thatcher; she was a strong and wise woman. I agreed with Blair foreign policies, like for the Iraq war for instance, but I admit that he was a bit of a socialist. I used to like Britain but today it has become too much Arab for my taste. BTW, Reagan and Bush W. are my favorite Presidents and I have a great admiration for Sarah Palin.

I don’t see why a rape woman should have an abortion, I would much prefer she would give the child to a good adoption family if she doesn’t like him; children have a right to live. I don’t agree it is a woman’ choice; it takes two to tango, so what about the man choice? Doesn’t he have any? No responsibility for him? I agree on abortion only if the woman life is threatened; between the mother and the child, I think that the one already living has the priority. As for gay marriage, I disapprove. Marriage is between a man and a woman. Gays can have civil unions but not marriages and they should not adopt children.

Obama is a fraud, an illegal alien and he should not be President since he is not qualified by the Constitution of USA; he is not a natural born citizen and he only had one American parent and he had a dual citizenship at birth thru his father who was a British citizen at the time. When is mother remarried he was adopted by his step father, an Indonesian citizen so he lost his US citizenship. When he came back to the States he did not applied for naturalization so he is not even an American citizen. This is why he almost spent a million dollars hiding his birth certificate and all of his records. His COLB on the Net means nothing, anyone can get that paper and it was modified, so worthless.

He is a liar, a fraud, a manipulator, a flip-flopper, a crook and he has no experience at all. He has a narcissist personality disorder; it is all about his ego. All his associations are socialists Marxists, communists and pro-terrorists: Rezko, Wright, Ayers, Farrakan, Odinga, Khaladi, Auchi, etc. His goal is to turn this country into a communist country. For the martial law, watch him go. As soon as he will be at the White House he will get his army of goons. I also hate his wife who was never proud of America. She has lost her lawyer license for insurance fraud and now she wants a salary for the first lady. She is just as bad as him. Like attracts like. If he is not removed, this will be the downfall of America. I do not want this to happen. If USA is no more, the whole world will become islamist.

P.S.: I disagree with you on Israel. They hare exactly where they should be, on their land that was stolen from them. This is their land and it was given back to them.