“Author and Distinguished Professor of Education” Bill Ayers Now Writes For HuffPo



“Author and Distinguished Professor of Education and Senior University Scholar at the University of Illinois at Chicago.” is how they describe this terrorist.

Imagine the outrage if a conservative rag gave space to say a abortion clinic bomber. Oh boy, the skies would of been lit up. But hey, throw up a Weather Underground member who once spoke about bringing this country to its knees via terrorism and its no problem.

Looking at the piece you read how the terrorist rails against Bush for daring to institute some kind of testing of school qualification. My favorite part has to be when he muses on who he would pick for cabinet positions in a Obama Presidency:

So I would have picked Darling-Hammond, but then again I would have picked Noam Chomsky for state, Naomi Klein for defense, Bernardine Dohrn for Attorney General, Bill Fletcher for commerce, James Thindwa for labor, Barbara Ransby for human services, Paul Krugman for treasury, and Amy Goodman for press secretary. So what do I know?

Real winner eh?

It’s basically the same old tired screed of needing more taxpayers money, grades are bad, and tests are evil:

Educators, students, and citizens must press now for an education worthy of a democracy, including an end to sorting people into winners and losers through expensive standardized tests which act as pseudo-scientific forms of surveillance; an end to starving schools of needed resources and then blaming teachers and their unions for dismal outcomes; and an end to the rapidly accumulating “educational debt,” the resources due to communities historically segregated, under-funded and under-served. All children and youth in a democracy, regardless of economic circumstance, deserve full access to richly-resourced classrooms led by caring, qualified and generously compensated teachers.

Well, I guess we can welcome in the era of Obama where terrorists have influence in the White House and society formally recognizes and legitimizes them enough to accept media coverage and commentary from them.