Obama ‘voracious’ in studying national security issues


WOW! Great idea: spend your entire life posturing to run for President, then spend your Senate career being a professional Presidential candidate instead of a senator, and when you finally get the job…


Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled that Senator Obama is finally getting national security briefings, reading up on the dangers in the world by reading 4yr old books about 20yr old subjects. I’m really thrilled. I’d of course prefer he read MY BOOKS, but maybe he’ll get around to it. More than anything, I really would have loved-I MEAN LOVED(!!!!) to have been a fly on the wall at the first NatSec briefing of his cabinet appointees. Oh MAN that had to be a conundrum!

“We have to leave Iraq 18 months from now per the campaign pledge, but the DoD says they can’t do it logistically. Hillary Clinton at State says it’d ’cause chaos and force a third invasion of Iraq (OUCH, tough sell to the DNC base!). Intel guys are saying that 1) AQ was in Iraq before the invasion, 2) AQ chose to make Iraq the central front in the gwot (not Bush), 3) AQ is being decimated by Bush’s Surge so leaving now let’s AQ revive in an oil-rich/money rich country. They also tell me that Iran’s gonna be making 40+nukes a month starting in January, India is moving troops to border w Pakistan & both sides are on their bi-annual brink-of-nuclear-war escapade. Oh, and despite the speech in Germany…ain’t nobody in the world gonna stop the anarchy in Africa or SE Asia.”


Suggestion: Appoint Dennis Kucinich to form a Dept of Peace and abolish the DoD. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

Poor Obama. He honestly had no clue & actually believed the leftist rhetoric. He followed Kos and Huffpo instead of the Milblogs and Flopping Aces. If he HAD been reading FA, then he wouldn’t need to be such a “voracious” reader of dated books. I’m only shocked he’s not skipping to the Cliff’s Notes.

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Yep Craig, it’s me, Scott Malensek.
We can disagree. I’m totally cool w that 🙂 Besides, it’s Christmas time. So Merry Christmas, and you’re wrong (HA!). Nah, seriously. I see you point, and just disagree based on perspective not on substance.

Fitfit, you’re point is really good too, and I agree that generally America is 1/3 D, 1/3 I, 1/3 R. My larger point is that Bush cannot communicate the threats in the world as well as Obama can. When Bush does, he’s mislabeled as a fearmongerer; someone who exaggerates the threats out there. When Obama does it, he’s being “pragmatic.” I don’t care who or how or why a Pres says, “Hey, North Korea is an awful place, extremely dangerous, they’ve got nukes, ICBMs, and we’ve gotta do XYZ now.” I just don’t care if it’s Clinton preparing for war in 94, Bush in 04, or Obama in 09. It’s far more important to me that when a President says, “This country is a threat” that the American people believe him (especially when both parties say it’s a threat, and Congress agrees, and history proves it).

Think of it this way fitfit (and I know I’m stepping into an area many people don’t like to go)…
If all politicians lie or exaggerate or distort or spin, and Republicans have been “fearmongering,” then how have Democrats generally lied, exaggerated, distorted, or spun differently than Republicans? If they haven’t/if they’ve been the same, then one cannot blame the Republicans for things like Iraq. If they HAVE lied, exaggerated, distorted, spun, and they’ve done so contrary to alleged Republican fearmongering, then what have Democrats done? The answer is that they’ve misled people and incorrectly dismissed very real outside threats. That’s being partisan before being patriotic for it’s putting partisan gain over patriotic protection.

“My larger point is that Bush cannot communicate the threats in the world as well as Obama can.” (Scott Malensek)

LOL! Obama has no idea what the world threats are. Remember, he thought Iran was a small country and a small threat? He even think they speak Arab in Iran. He thought the USA had 57 States. This guy is a BIG ZERO in every fields except the corruption field. And he can’t speak without a teleprompter.

Merry Chrismas to you, and you are wrong (Ha). I disagree with you on the substance and I do not see your perspective point. You and Larry have been fooled by the ONE. Charisma is the last thing you need for a President. Charisma is for manipulators, agitators, gourous and crooks. People who votes for a guy because he has charisma are superficial shallow people. I think that since you are a Democrat, you probably think that you are right, they always think that they are right. But you are wrong. Obama is an empty suit and a fraud.

“Ms. Warp’ed, one doesn’t even to leave a hole for you to saunter in. You not only fall in easily, but dig the dang hole yourself.”

That’s your story, lady. One thing I’ve learned with the right wing – they ramp up the charges of lunacy, ranting, and idiocy as you pierce their lead filled balloons! In so many ways has the right been discredited, that petty and unconvincing attacks is all they have left…

Obama will continue to beat you at your own game (i.e., Rick Warren is giving the inaugural invocation)- and you will continue to hound yourself into an isolated corner. I’m pretty amazed at how much he has the right tangled and snarling – and he ain’t even in the White House! You’re so foul and petty, you’ve even got John McCain and Newt Gingrich berating you – so WHO do YOU think Americans will heed?

Check the polls if you’re not sure…

“Democrats HATED GWB, and opposed any violent action that would remove or restrict Saddam Hussein
(GWB was President)

Democrats HATED the UN-mandated occupation and reconstruction in Iraq and opposed it with all their might
(GWB was President)”

You might want to check their votes on iraq and come back and restate the above two sentences. had Democrats actually opposed the war, Obama would not be president – Hillary would…

Check the polls if you’re not sure

So that’s where you get your idiotic notions, Ms. Warp’ed… no surprise. Since you’re incapable of forming an informed opine on your own, you have to go somewhere. The rest of your diatribe? Hormones run amuck.

How’s your basket weaving coming?

War, get some pills.

Hard Right

Forget that the dems have the numbers to overide any Rep uprising.

Actually, the Dems did pass the mesaure in the house and it died in the senate, where “the numbers to overide any Rep uprising” is false. It takes 60 for cloture, and the dems do not have it now, nor in the new congress. The Republican Senate Caucus has much sway on how things will eventually shake out.

On what Larry said in comment #19, I agree completely. As a life long conservative I have watched how the Republican Party has broken with core principals of governance and have relied too much on the cult of power around President Bush. Instead of finding cogent arguments about massive national debt, the unaccountable SEC, the last minute begging from the Republican Treasury Secretary for $700 Billion. The nationalizing of AIG and near nationalizing of the larger banks that received $25 Billion Each. If one whats to fix a party, it is best to be your own worse enemy.

If FA is going to continue to grow, good dispassionate stores and focus will be necessary. I come on and off, and have dropped out for months at times when the articles and comments are too personally congratulatory, or take the tact of the echo Larry speaks of.

Well blast, I disagree they don’t have the votes exactly. Granted they cannot stop a fillibuster, but ultimately the dems are in control. The Reps can delay things but that’s likely the most they can do. When they come back next year, I wonder who they will blame then? BTW, the vote was 52-35. 4 dems voted against cloture. 1 voted present. Reid voted no for procedural reasons. 10 republicans (I use that title loosely)voted in favor of cloture. Add back those dems and add a 2-3 more RINOs…

I strongly disagree with the “cult of power” remark. I do agree they abandoned their principles and acted like democrats

BTW, while they may have an R next to their name, I don’t consider RINOs to be true republicans, just dems in disguise. Again, only 31 Reps were against cloture. Not good for our side considering what 2009 brings.