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Obama will not be touched by this. He’s got a teflon coating still. The media will protect him and the ignorati will never hear of this.

Blago must have had some reason to believe Obama?Soetoro? and his team would be open to a deal. The MSM is going to have a tough time making out that Obama?Soetoro? is a victim here, nobly exposing corruption, but they’ll certainly do their best!

I get the impression the Obama?Soetoro? team was willing to negotiate with Blago, but balked at the asking price and how clumsily and crudely Blago was going about it. They also might have been tipped off about the investigation and deided to turn on Blago to save their own skins.

It’s too bad Fitz didn’t wait until after Blago had made the appointment!

Star, they’ll portray obama as someone that resisted his corrupting influence. They’ll make him into a hero whether or not he is.

Yeah Hard, I fear you’re Right.

I like this story cause it got tons of “F” bombs. Check this out.

It looks like you are right on this one Hard, Obama’s likely to come out looking like a goody-two-shoes for not paying the bribe. We’ll see.

. ROD BLAGOJEVICH said that the consultants (Advisor B and another consultant are believed to be on the call at that time) are telling him that he has to “suck it
up” for two years and do nothing and give this “motherfucker [the President-elect] his senator. Fuck him. For nothing? Fuck him.”

It looks from the information published from the US attorney that Gov. Blagojevich had disdain for Obama for not giving him what he wanted. Everyone knows that the Gov was on the outs with the Democratic establishment (especially with Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley (D)). I am glad they went to the Govonors house in the morning and hooked him up in cuffs and hauled his ass to court and on top of that he was not released on his own recognizance. {{edit : CNN said $4,500 bond, AP is reporting recog. we will see}}

I am glad Fitz moved fast before an appointment could be made, and hopefully Fitz will follow in the footsteps of James Thompson (former US Attorney in Illinois) who convicted a dirty Governor, and then went on to become Governor of Illinois.

You think Blagojevich could end up serving time with the last Illinois Governor? Cellmates?

“Question for Obama, 1,2,3,4 ?” Why question this fraud? He lies all the time. What a waste of time. All they have to do is to dig deeper in this matter and they will have real answers, not Obama’s lies.

Obama was in a basket of rotten apples for so many years, do you really think that he is not rotten himself? Can the Messiah come out of this basket sain? Come on!

Of course they aren’t friends, none of them are friends, this is cut throat stuff. but that doesn’t stop them from doing business. They are all cut from the same cloth around here. Start paying attention to the names that will be out soon, some of them are found right in the middle of Obama’s campaign staff, transition team and now named for WH positions. I told you before, no one advances out of Chicago without as they say, “paying to play.”

Even Ryan cozied up with Chicago dems when it got too hot for him in the mansion, to late, all the sucking up he did didn’t save him. But, maybe some have noticed Bag’s and Durbin’s recent efforts to get him out of the clink, also note there aren’t any Illinois Republicans wanting a pardon for Ryan.

Dear Governor Blagojevich,

I’m interested in the Senate seat vacated by our new President-elect. I will be moving to Illinois soon to establish residency. Will trade 1982 Toyota PU (still running), three Jose Canseco rookie cards, and a one original Marilyn Monroe Playboy Centerfold. Please respond by email, ……….

Mattews just ran a McCain ad, (Obama, not ready to lead) that showed corrupt Chicago politicians including the Governor , and Matthew’s said after the clip: “WELL, THAT WAS PROPHETIC”……..Priceless!

Rovin: What a shame no one paid any attention to these warning signs during the campaign. What we are seeing now may be just the tip of a very large Watergate-style iceberg.

Let’s deal with some more important issues… Monday’s Press Conference.

“Should the state members of the Electoral College cast their votes for Mr. Obama in the face of such overwhelming evidence, and without verification of Mr. Obama’s eligibility, they would be committing treason to the Constitution,” said Schulz.

Let’s see… either it was some insisting Obama’s replacement needed to be black, or apparently it went to the highest bidder.

Ah yes… Chicago politics – the foundation of our President elect – at it’s finest. Either criteria for Obama’s replacement is politics as usual.


MataHarley, Chicago is one of the most racially polarized cities and in the area of politics (which is all Democrat, all day) they divvy up City and County roles as well as attempts to have African Americans represented in select spots (now they claim a US Senate seat). US Sen Carole Mosley Braun a few years back was an example. These back room meetings select who the “Cook County Democratic Central Committee” will endorse for a specific job. It keeps the peace between black and white in the party. Funny thing is Obama did mess up the neat arrangement when he took a run at Congressman Bobby Rush a couple of years back. That was against the normal deal making and Obama lost in the Democratic primary and instead ran for the state senate. He was lucky the party gave him a second shot for not following their machine system.

I have been told that boss Daley (Richard J) the old man who was Mayor of Chicago during the 60’s and the riots made back room deals to share power with the black community. It was never an even split and so after old man Daley died there was open hostilities for control of the party. Harold Washington was elected first black major of Chicago (against the wishes of the machine and Richard M Daley the boss’s son. Washington died suddenly and the black Hispanic coalition was fractured and Boss Daley’s son came to power in the mind 90’s. I don’t think they have a single Republican elected alderman in Chicago.

People tell me that Daley wanted Blagojevich to appoint Jesse Jackson, Jr. to the post as Jackson might be a future threat to his mayoralty. Who knows, but Daley and Blagojevich don’t like each other and that is well known.

The horse trading part of politics is not so unusual, but if Blagojevich wanted a high paying job for himself or his wife… wow, that man really needed to watch a few episodes of the Soprano’s to know not to talk on the phone.

The last Gov of Illinois was a Republican, but he is now finishing up a 6.5 year bit in the Federal system. He was vigorously defended by his party, I don’t see that with the current situation. Also it will be interesting to see which Dem signed the affidavit so that Fitz could get his wire tap. My money is on Rahm Emanual as the one that called in Fitz. Also remember back when Fitzi was a “renegade, over zealous prosecutor” ? back when he convicted Scooter? I also do not hear ANY Democrats saying similar things now. Corruption will always exist, what matters is how the parties deal with it.

Is anyone really surprised? I have watched Obama/Clinton, Obama/McCain from afar for a couple years now and this does not surprise me one bit. How anyone can believe Obama is not dirty is just silly. Nearly everyone this guy has EVER associated with is either in jail, was in jail or should be in jail. How can your American messiah be any different?
Sad thing is that your biased media will make Obama out to be the only GOOD, HONEST, and DECENT politician to come out of the Illinois scene. Anyone with a brain can put 2 and 2 together and get 4 cant they?
The media doesn’t mention how his people strong armed the Clinton voters in caucus states and won all but one of them. They ignore Ayers, Wright, Rezko, et all and now this governor. They ignore how Bart Simpson, Daffy Duck and Mr Good Will made millions in untracable campaign contributions. How they didn’t follow the rules for verifying those contributions. How they took illegal money from foreign nationals. The list goes on. He is untouchable. They will not audit Obama or anything. I cant wait to see what else is swept under the rug in the next few years.
Even up here the Dems (called Liberal and NDP) are trying to out our ruling conservative government be teaming up with a Seperatist party from Quebec. Talk about no morals!! These douchebags cannot get elected so they try to take the government without winning.
Its quite a sad state in both of our countries right now.

Another sad thing is how many people vote for these idiots. Wake up North America! Stop believeing every hyped piece of garbage you see on TV. It proves the 80/20 rule. 80 % of people are either media sheep or simply stupid.

Good luck America, I fear you will need it.

This will have to be further investigated. What is interesting is that some of the “positions” that BLAGOJEVICH is asking for can only be granted to him by a president. Also interesting is that, in the indictment, they use “[president-elect]” instead of “Barack Obama.” How quaint. Is this suppose to remove Obama from involvement?

There seems to be ample proof that Barack Obama was in on “dealings” with BLAGOJEVICH for the vacated seat. Check out Natural Born Citizen Liar, at

Obama, Rezko, Axelrod, Obama, Blagojevich, and Obama are corrupt. My hat’s of to the prosecutors. Some say it’ll never “stick,” but what the prosecutors have is not fuzzy facts but rather WIRE TAPS. Nice.

Actually John, I don’t recall anyone defending him. You see, normally when a Rep gets caught doing something illegal we want him/her out of the party. The dems? They give them promotions……if they avoid jail. Jefferson, Rangel, Frank…

what’s all this talk about calling for Blagojevich to “resign?” … “throw him in prison” sounds a lot more fitting

it gives me chills to see how calm and collected he continues to act

@John Ryan:

“The last Gov of Illinois was a Republican, but he is now finishing up a 6.5 year bit in the Federal system. He was vigorously defended by his party,”

You couldn’t be more wrong. He planned on running again and the party told him they would not give him any financing, he then announced he wouldn’t run again, we wanted him out, period. After that he turned to the Chicago dems hoping he could avoid the expected, they couldn’t or wouldn’t save his sorry rear end but they used him until the end.

I worked for my Repub congressman at the time here in Illinois. He was not ever vigorously defended by his party.