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Hussein O’s early population reduction in D.C., brought to you by guns, knives and drunk drivers.

they are showing they are a classy bunch, my oh my. wonder what bill thinks of this. who cares what bill thinks, he will be waiting for dyunk intern wannabes to be leaving the bars. kiinda makes the enlightened ones look like drunks, wonder if they will have guns and religion in the mix.

Why not keep the bars open all night. They have Sodom. Why not at Gomorrah?

Scrap, I think you nailed it. If you think it is crazy on New Year’s Eve…

Only IF there is an Inauguration… I am still hoping that the SCOTUS does their job. Like Dr Kate said: “If the Court is silent in its dismissal I believe at that point the ‘take over’ feared and discussed in the Trojan Candidate has occurred. Mission accomplished: take America down from within”.

What a model for the world.

Well, with a ten percent tax on drinks and food, who wouldn’t expect the DC Council to vote to take advantage of the crowds?

The day before the 2001 Inauguration, my wife and I flew back to DC after my son’s graduation from Air Force basic training in San Antonio. The skies and airport bars were packed with drunk Texans headed to the Inauguration. Back in DC at night, we avoided packs of roving drunks in cowboy boots and stetsons through out the city.

I can only imagine what it’ll be like this year.

This is exactly the attitude that I would expect from Obama oriented thinking. Hell this is just the start. I’ll not be amazed at anything during his tenure.

I think it’s great. Good for the economy. Plus, I’m going to be there, and I don’t relish standing out in the cold all night!

Ok then, the same mentality that will deny homeowners from owning firearms, fully assembled and loaded for home protection will allow a mob of folks to drink all night to get loaded to wander the streets to celebrate the coronation of a frevent opponent to the 2nd Amendment as POTUS. (as if DC really needs a huge boost to their crime rate stats)

That really makes a lot of sense.