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I hesitate to be critical at this site, but may I point out that clues as to where the Clintons live are frequently given out through TV sources. You’ve just given out the exact location of the current president’s future address. And I think I just heard that a few people were fired for looking up Obama’s address in Illinois state records. I object to disclosure for all concerned. There are plenty of kooks around and safety first needs to be the watch word. Let us not make it easy for anyone to inflict harm.

Welcome Home President and Mrs. Bush! We are so glad to have you back. Thank you for keeping me and my family safe and being a true man of character. Job well done in the face of self-indulgent and whiney American culture. Your service is much appreciated.

There are plenty of kooks around…

I think this site is proof of that. Obama’s address isn’t “classified”, I don’t think any American politican lives in a secret location. Dick Cheney may have some undisclosed safe houses. I think Barney Frank does too, but for totally different purposes… The Secret Services should be more than capable of protecting the soon-to-be-former President Bush. That whole neighborhood just became one of the safest places in America.

I think Reverend Wright’s house is nicer.

Pamela: I wouldn’t worry about it. The Bushs have been living in that large white house on Pennsylvania Ave. for the last 8 years and every kook knows where that is.

Besides, the exact location of the house has been widely published, with links from sites that get millions of hits. I doubt we are contributing to any security problem but I do understand your concern.

Robert: Wright’s house is brand new. I guess he’s got more money to throw around.


It was featured on Foxnews, so I hardly think that this site’s mention of it will make the situation any less safe.

Ah, mike, you beat me to it.

Heck, I’m still keeping the photos of Sarah Palin in a swim suit under wraps so I guess I can be discrete when the situation calls for it.

Well, it’s not like CindyLou Who had any problem finding the President’s ranch in Crawford. And it’s not that hard to figure out where daddy’s house is in Kennebunkport either.

Mikes America: Swimsuits!!?? U want my e-mail address? I’ll be happy to take care of them for you. 🙂

fitfit: really?? kooks on this site? name some of the kooks..go ahead feel free…..elaborate..get ’em out of the closet!

Fit, you have no business calling anyone a kook.

This is what someone that had done secret service duty told me:
If someone wants to kill the president badly enough, they can do it.

I imagine an ex-president with less Secret Service protection would be easier to get to. I hope they have additional security set up as well. Some of the moonbats would love nothing more than to whack W.


I think Mr. Fourty-Nine Posts in Four Days from the previous comment would qualify.

Coming from you fit, that’s a compliment.

I am happy for president Bush and he has earned a peaceful retirement. He kept us safe for the past seven years…….Thank you President Bush

To Hard Right:

Other than posting inane comments all day long, do you actually do anything? Of substance I mean…in addition to the knuckle dragging.

Just wondering.

And before you reach back into the cave you dwell in a grab onto those childish phrases such as “moonbat” make sure you know who you are talking to….I am a conservative you neanderthal.

I’m singling you out simply for being the bullish oaf that you are and for giving Conservatives a bad name.


To Hard Right:
Please go back and visit the Torture thread where I responded to you growls and snorts. I believe I have an ear of corn I can place in the trough from which you feed. Bashed any conservatives today? You would probably eat your own young as well being the cannibal that you are.


The truth hurts I see. You Conservative. Buwahahahahahaha! Suuuuure you are.

Yes you are right..let me wipe the tears away. There all better Have you taken your medication today..to soften those screaming voices in that thick paranoid and delusional head of yours. Find any liberals hiding under your bed oh no wait it doesn’t matter whether there are conservative or liberals so long as they don’t disagree with you.

You completely dodged my question. Do anything of substance? Thought not!


I have a bone for you to gnaw on Hard Right.


Still waiting Hard right…..waiting….waiting……I know…it’s feeding time at the zoo and you want to be first.


Steve: You’ll have to look for those Palin photos yourself… sorry.

Ron: Take a chill pill.

I think the house looks absolutely beautiful. I know many, many good memories will be had there. And, I am pretty sure there is good security around there as well! 😉

Welcome home, Mr. President!!! 🙂

DummiesU started their own thread from your post Mike, its enlightening to read the comments from the idiots:


DU? Kookville at it’s finest!

More like PU.

That’s a nice piece, at a reasonable price.
A townhouse in central NY would be abt US$3Kpsft, down here it’s abt US$1-2Kpsft for the central areas. But these are pre-crash prices, so let’s knock off 30% for china and SEAsia and 50% for the US.

Actually I refer to DU as DUNG. Granted it’s an insult to dung because dung is actually useful, but it is a good fit.

I don’t think we are given the right to many secrets anymore. While he is our president and has served our country, whether we like him or not, he was everyone’s president (U.S. residents) and whether or not we like the next one, he too will be everyone’s President. They all need lots of prayer. As to the security issue, seems to me if no one has “hunted” him yet, they probably won’t now. No one can hide in this media infested United States now, where nothing can be a secret.

” No one can hide in this media infested United States now, where nothing can be a secret.” (India)

You gotta be kidding, right? Obama has hidden and sealed all of his records. Why? Because he is illegal for POTUS. So even if he is sworn in, he will be an usurper and will be NO ONE’S President.

Welcome Home President Bush and Laura:

You have protected us well, held tight to your convictions, been comfortable in our own skin, and never worried too much about polls or focus groups. You have earned a relaxed retirement in Dallas and at the ranch. We love you here in Texas.
Critics are a dime a dozen. Someone once said that a leader is the guy with the arrows in his back. You have been called “dumb” but you have a MBA from Harvard. Gee, that is more than Teddy Kennedy has – he was kicked out of Harvard for cheating. You have been called a racist and yet, Rober Byrd was once the leader of a local KKK group. You have been called a liar because you led us to war because you were told that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. They did, you know. Just ask the Kurds. Yet, President Clinton lied to a grand jury and is hailed as a hero.
It is all about where you stand politically, Mr Bush and you know that and accept it with all that it brings. Good for you!
Thank you again for keeping us safe and welcome home!

Welcome to that fascinating place Mr Bush ,you have to feel ok for what you did, because you gave them safety ,well standard of living and dignity in all your political affairs,I will always admire you .These are the commonest words of a teacher from Chile.Enjoy your new life and appreciate nature !!!.-

All our family want to thank you for the way you kept us safe. Some how the American flag just flew more proudly the day you became president. We have always been proud to be Americans and never more so the eight years you were in office..wish you still were..