Obama Broken Campaign Promise #63: Not Gonna Tax Big Oil Companies


Pres-elect Obama isn’t even waiting to take office to throw away his campaign promises. He’s on track to get them all out of the way before he’s even sworn in. Smart move politically, but with each new broken promise, with each pledge to continue a Bush policy, he reveals himself to his voters as more and more of the empty hat that Republicans (and pre-nomination Democrats) claimed he has always been.

CHICAGO/WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President-elect Barack Obama is not planning to implement a windfall profit tax on oil companies because prices have dropped below $80 a barrel, an aide said on Tuesday.

“President-elect Obama announced the policy during the campaign because oil prices were above $80 per barrel,” an aide on Obama’s transition team said. “They are currently below that now and expected to stay below that.”

Oil prices have fallen from a record $147 a barrel in July to under $50 this week.

Obama, who signaled early in his campaign for the White House that he would take an active approach to oil markets as president, had planned to use the revenue from a windfall profits tax to fund a tax rebate for low- and middle-income families struggling with high energy prices.


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The communist loving moonbats will be crushed. They needn’t worry. When obama’s policies cause the price of gas to go up he’ll have his excuse then.

Obama will want to get money from “Big Oil” even while he plays his base against them.
The scent of money is just too much for him to ignore.

Makes his spending plans look more and more like pipe dreams when these proposed sources of additional taxes to fund them keep going belly up.

You guys starting to believe me now? Obama is not a principled leftist/socialist, driven by ideals to transform America into a European-style socialist democracy.

He is a very shrewd politician, who embraced the liberal Chicago politics required to get him elected to the Illinois legislature and then to the US Senate. His ambition, however, is not to implement any particular political agenda, but to make wise pragmatic decisions, in the context of the changing economic and national defense landscapes, and secure both re-election and a place of esteem in Presidential history.

In short, Obama’s only agenda is to succeed, and he’ll continually adapt his policies and actions to the conditions on the ground. Part of his present strategy is to secure the political center for himself and therefore secure a 65% base of support among the electorate and thereby marginalize his potential GOP opponents on the far right 35% of the electorate.

– Larry Weisenthal/Huntington Beach CA

Nice dreaming Larry. You will be so disappointed when you will see the mess he will do to this country. He is a socialist just pretending not to be one anymore, you will see, never forget that he is a manipulator and a very secretive person… a snake or would a scorpio be more appropriated?

“… he’ll continually adapt his policies and actions to the conditions on the ground” (Larry)

You mean he will be like a chicken without a head running in all directions? HUM! He will be seen as the worst President of the USA in History books in a few years from now. Obama a “shrewd” politician? LOL and re LOL!

Boy people will miss Bush!

Well Craig, i don’t think people are going to miss Bush, not in the least but i am not sure people are going to end up liking Obama, that’s for sure. I can’t believe he is already bailing on so many of his promises. I mean, seriously! Big oil is still making millions upon millions even if oil is down to $50 a barrel. Tax those people! Spread the wealth Obama! That’s what you and your illuminati friends promised. Let’s see it!

Feigning right and going left.

This is a must read from Melanie Phillips, the author of “Londonistan” and a regular contributor to the British newspaper “The Spectator.”

“…Obama is practising stealth politics with a degree of sophistication and success with which ‘even Lenin would be impressed’.”


So Larry, if Obie-1 makes a promise and breaks it, we are just calling it shrewd but ‘smart’ politics? So in the end, no matter what Obama does, it is a win-win correct? If he sticks to his guns its is savior obama doing what he said he would do. If he deviates from them, he is just being smart? Wow, that biased hypocritical line of logic makes no sense to me. Basically it just means Obama is a loose cannon that will be very unpredictable. Just what I want in our current world theater.

I guess that has been my problem with him from day one. He had his kids baptized and raised at a very racist church; oh but wait, Obama didn’t really know what Rev Wright believed after almost 20 years. There was no way the surge would work, oh wait, what he really meant was that it would work all along. His property wasn’t sold to him by a straight up crook, he’s advised by some of the largest thief’s in the last several decades (his fanny mae and freddie mac crew), he doesn’t hang out with a terrorist (and work with on projects that effect our kids) that killed several people back in the 70’s. He is having to constantly defend the people closest to him. Did they all just get a bad rap? Or is like company attracted to each other?

You’re right, chicago style politics is all he is playing at. Didn’t that term come from the heavily influenced politicians that were bought out by the mob? Sounds like many things don’t change, just the names and the faces.

These posts are laughable – sounds like a lot of sour grape addicts are just waiting with baited breath to bash Obama. Sounds like a lot of speculation regarding broken promises – would someone tell me just what promises he has actually broken? Or are we just relying on comments by “spokesman for Obama” as being facts? I would really like to know what I have missed as to actual broken promises?

would someone tell me just what promises he has actually broken? Or are we just relying on comments by “spokesman for Obama” as being facts? I would really like to know what I have missed as to actual broken promises?

Technically, J broadnax, none… the guy is not even President yet. Tho I think that’s hard for many to believe as prominent as he is in the news. I even caught my local anchors calling him “President Obama” already. Ooops…. Only one President at a time, please.

However the first broken promise is likely to be nixing raising the taxes on the rich as he promised. He’s already said he’s “delaying” this… but still, without the POTUS title, it’s “just words”. The only tax increase he will be giving is sunsetting the Bush tax cuts… and that’s an increase on everyone, not just the wealthy.

And it’s unlikely he’s going to give the tax cuts to the middle class he promised because he’s also having a hard time giving up his spending plans. If he’s not going to take more from the “rich” to fund his plans (which already fall way short in math than the potential income *with* tax increases…), he sure isn’t going to let the “poor” keep more. He’s got to keep Congress fat and happy with taxpayer cash to accomplish his promises of universal health care, taxpayer funded preschool and college… plus adult re-eduation training on the taxpayers’ dime. Oh yes, the energy program, the expansion of federal govt departments and the creating of new ones. All require taxpayer cash.

Interesting how conservatism is “dead”, but yet everyone voted primarily for Obama because he was running on the conservative theme – tax cuts. Quite revealing, actually

It was just words that he’d immediately get us out of Iraq… except for those 50-60K troops that have to stay there. And of course, that’s already been the plan from day one… to start withdrawal when the Iraqis could take over more of their own security. That’s happening now already. Will he speed it up? Or will he slow it down if events on the ground change? We shall see.

But overall I agree… he hasn’t broken any promises yet because he has no power to do so. Right now it’s more “just words”… first from a master campaigner who catered the message to the audience, and now from a President-elect, getting the real skinny whispered in his ear with briefings.

What’s funny J broadnax, is all you moonbat head cases rushing to defend yor messiah from (gasp) legitimate criticism!

last I heard obama’s spending plans were near 1 trillion dollars. BTW, does anyone else think of Dr. Evil while they are typing…… 1 trillion dollars?