Russia sells arms/transports to Chavez… pledges aid to build nuke energy program


Oh joy… While Russian warships were docked in Venezueal, awaiting training exercises with the Venezuelan Navy, we get the word that Russia is planning to help Chavez embark on a nuke energy program.

Uh huh… a country a’wash in oil and it’s profits is focusing on nuke energy. Okay… I suppose it’s possible. But somehow, I don’t get the idea the world will be any more comfortable with Chavez using a peaceful energy program to potentially mask an undercover WMD program than they are with Iran’s Ahmadinejad.

Right along with that “peaceful” nuke energy was $4 billion in Russian weaponry, fighter jets and choppers.

Bad time for the DNC and our President-elect to continue snubbing our Latin American ally, Columbia, over protectionist trade issues, don’t you think?

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obama cares not what other countries do, he only wants to look like the peace maker and to try and bring about one world power. he will ruin this country and we will be at the mercy of the russians. obama just wnats to look like he is trying to do the right thing, he could care less, he is just happy to be moving his whole family in to the white house.

Deleted by moderator Mataharley

Enuf… Adrian… Please do not keep posting petitions and off topic lawsuits against Obama on inappropriate threads. They will continue to be deleted.

Mata “thread nanny” Harley

Oh boy! Another huge problem ahead for the ONE if he ever gets sworn in. The Democrats with their stupid protectionism, just proves one thing: They do not understand economy.