The Hill: Dem Leaders Trying to Lower Expectations Already!


Yes, it didn’t even take a full day before Democratic Party leaders-fearing that they will be held to account for all their campaign promises and false expectations-have tried to worm their way out of actually doing the things they were elected to do.

Nuh-uh. Not this time. This time there is NO EXCUSE. House, Senate, White House, probably Supreme Court. If you can’t meet those expectations, and you are already saying so the day after the election, then those expectations-those promises-were flat out lies.

But an expanded majority, a Barack Obama administration and the “end of obstruction,” as some Democrats call it, mean they no longer get to blame failures on Bush. One of the thorniest issues will be passing legislation that is paid for without raising taxes, adhering to the party’s pay-as-you-go rules.

This time, you will be held to account.
This time, there are no scapegoats.
This time, you cannot point fingers and make excuses that it’s Bush’s fault (so ends Bush Derangement Syndrome)
This time the people who voted for you will see that you lied.

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This time, you will be held to account.
This time, there are no scapegoats.
This time, you cannot point fingers and make excuses that it’s Bush’s fault (so ends Bush Derangement Syndrome)
This time the people who voted for you will see that you lied.

If only.

This time they will blame Fox News.

This time they will blame talk radio.

This time they will blame white racists.

When was the last time Democrats EVER accepted responsiblity for their screw ups?


As far as they’re concerned, 9/11 is all Bush’s fault. The mortgage crisis is all Bush’s fault. Our gas prices rising and their refusal to drill here – all Bush’s fault. We all heard Obama – when he was asked whether he’d go back in time to vote on the surge, even after knowing the outcome, he said he would not because he disagrees with the Bush administration. He doesn’t take into account whether the proposed tactic will work or not. The popular mantra is “hate Bush, blame everything on Bush”, and they’ll stick to their figurative guns on that (they don’t like the real ones).

And I agree with ya, Scott. No more. They don’t have any excuses. Everything will be under their control, and we all know how the problems really arose. Time for putting the blame where the blame is due.

The big problem is the news cycle. There’s nothing to fill it anymore. There’s no more coverage of two dozen campaigns running for President. There’s no more Bush accountability stories. There’s no more right wing comedy material. The well is dry, and the water that will fill it…will now come from the a Dem White House (omg, I can’t believe they’re going to put a combative, argumentative, partisan hack in as Press Sec! It’s like a dream! This is like throwing napalm on the simmering embers of press discontent, boredom, and expectations).

Nothing will make the Bush Administration look better in the eyes of history than the ignorance and political cowardice of an Obama Administration backed by a politically gutless, do-nothing Democratic Congress.

Scott, I can only hope that you are correct in your thoughts, it is one of the few things that gives me any hope about the election. However, I really don’t think they will stop blaming Bush simply because there is no one to hold them accountable. The media is awash with “Bush derangement syndrome” and that will not go away. This election is a referendum on the last 6 years of brainwashing done by the main stream media. Just about every person I talked to that was for Obama could not defend ONE position he held, and when confronted with actual facts they would almost turn blank eyed and repeat the “we need change” mantra.

A prime example of the media brainwashing is this one simple example.

For almost as long as Barak has been running for President, the media have been touting Michelle as the next Jackie O, and they just fawn over her designer clothes… describing them as “the opposite of Talbots-y” and they give special credit to a designer from Chicago named Maria Pinto, a designer that, when talking about Michelle Obama wearing her clothes, even makes the blogger who runs the site called “The Black Snob” state that “Boy. Makes me wish I was rich.”.

So ok, for about a full year that is the story line… Michelle Obama/Jackie O/designer clothes. Then along comes the October 21, 2008 story about how the RNC spent $150,000 on clothing for Sarah Palin, and less than a week later Michelle Obama just happens to be on the Tonight Show, and just happens to be asked about her clothes, so she tells America that she is wearing a “J. Crew ensemble” and in an instant the American sheeple forget the ‘Michelle Obama = designer clothes = Jackie O’ storyline to have it replaced with a new one… the ‘Michelle Obama is down to earth, she shops at J. Crew’ in order to contrast her with the other wardrobe storyline, the ‘Oh my god, Sarah Palin spent $150,000 on clothes’, and you know what, it worked! I had three people in my office last week say the same thing, Michelle Obama is so “down to earth” and just such a “normal” person, all three used the exact phrases I have in quotes, none of the three knew each other, and they all said it at different times.

The only thing that scares me more than the prospects of the Obama Presidency combined with both houses of congress being almost completely controlled by the far left, is the thought of the media realizing just how powerful they are, and how easy it has been to manipulate the people!

Yes, there should be no excuses, since the Dems have full ownership of government now. But don’t be surprised by the tactics they use to push through radical “progressive” initiatives while still taking no responsibility for it. I’ve been reading some of the other blogs discussing upcoming Dem tactics and here’s a synopsis of what they could do with big help from their friends in the MSM:

1). Sneak “progressive” items into larger legislation pieces that inlcude popular, essential parts (military funding, etc.) – things that will give Dems amunition if Republicans oppose.

2). Cram a bunch of radical legislation through during the first year, the whole time saying, “we’re just trying to clean up the Bush/Republican mess,” we can’t be held responsible for anything that’s happening right now.

3). Already, they’ve talked about governing from the “center” with lots of bipartisanship. What they mean is they want Reps to give them cover for all the tough or controversial decisions that they make. If Reps don’t support their “perfectly moderate” measures, the Reps will be attacked as obstructionist and against the middle class.

4). When they do have to moderate their agenda, they will countenance no rebellion from their left flanks. They will use Fairness Doctrine et al as much on their demanding left wing, shut them down and shut them up.

Look at the Dem leadership now: people like Pelosi, Rahm Emanuel. These are “progressives” who play dirty, nasty, cynical politics – they have no shame. Dems are masters at spin, attacks, blame game, race card, divide and conquer, identity politics, slash and burn. Yes, they will be radical, but they will not be held responsible unless the Reps stick by their principles and work just as hard at holding them to the fire. No, Reps should not act like slash and burn Dems, opposing every Dem measure for purely cycnical reasons, but they must stick to their guns.

there are alot of people who think things can’t get any worse, we know they can, and they will. was watching the today sjow this morning, and they had a guy (can’t remember his name) who was embedded with the clinton campaign and then the mccain campaign. he was shooting his mouth about how the obama campaign was always very clam and organised and that clinton and mccains were just nuts. he also went on about how much mccain didn’t like sarah palin and that he really wanted joe lieiberman as his running mate and how he was pissed he had to choose her. he also trashed palin and said the clothing scandle was far larger than the media let out and that they were asked to not report it. funny, he didn’t mention the obama campaign workers who aren’t beng paid, just trashing the repubs. the dems are gonna back way off on what they want to do and blame a poor climate due to bush for everything. we can see the writting on the wall on that one, and when they end up to their necks in shit i won’t be handing them a towel.

I have come to a conclusion. From here on out whenever I am confronted with an Obama supporter I too will “become” an obama supporter. And instead of all the hatred that was heaped upon me when ever it was found out that I am conservative, they will greet me with open arms. Once inside the gates, I will question Obama’s decisions from a liberal point of view. I have already begun this starting with the appointment of Rahm Emanuel.

Rahm Emanuel, who has been chosen by Barack Obama to be the White House chief of staff, is known by colleagues as “Rahmbo” – a nickname reflecting his reputation as one of the most ferociously combative figures in Washington.

Is this the change that I was promised as an Obamabot.

Following the messy end to the Clinton presidency, Mr Emanuel went into investment banking, reportedly earning $8million in his three years as managing director of Dresdner Kleinwort.

Investment Banker..As an Obama supporter we are supposed to hate these people.

Ray LaHood, a Republican Representative from Illinois, said at the time: “He legitimately can be called the golden boy of the Democratic Party today. He recruited the right candidates, found the money and funded them, and provided issues for them. Rahm did what no one else could do in seven cycles.”

Old school politics…is this change?

During his original 2002 campaign, Emanuel “indicated his support of President Bush’s position on Iraq, but said he believed the president needed to better articulate his position to the American people.”

Are we not supposed to be against the war?

He once sat on the board of Freddie Mac and recuses himself from any Congressional votes on the mortgage giant.

I thought the mortgage fiasco was the fault of Republicans..

November 9, 2006

Emanuel already sits on the powerful Ways and Means Committee, an appointment he demanded when he took over as chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

You know this appointment by Barack did not just materialize. This has got to be Quid Pro Quo. I see alot of this on the horizon for Obama. He owes alot of people. The next four years will certainly be fun for the Republicans as we see all those lofty promises never actually come to pass.

Until then, Divide and Conquer.

BDS will go on for years. Remember Clintons lip biting apology for not being able to provide that middle class tax cut? Well the Bush economy will be responsible for not being able to cut taxes for that 95% of taxpayers. Never mind how phoney the whole thing was.

BDS will go on for years, but this is 2008. Clinton’s lip biting apology didn’t go on the web and hit THREE 24hr news channels with nothing to report and a news cycle that repeats such exposure every 20 minutes.

Emanuel is a GREAT example btw-thanks.

Oh yeah….and Clinton never had the internet as a check and balance where his list of campaign promises (see also transcript of Obama’s dem nomination acceptance speech) could be checked off as “Broken” “Broken” “Broken” “Broken” etc.

These guys promised the sun, the moon, and the stars, and their history is to deliver nothing bigger than a higher min wage and non-binding resolutions.

as a whole we are more informed, but we have to seek out the informatin for ourselves or we are up a creek. i have had one friend say she would convert me to a dem, not gonna happen. i actually told her she would have to wrench it from my cold dead heart along with my rifle,lol. she chuckled but i think she thinks she can. thank god we all have brains and can look stuff up on our own.

Not only that, but the left will have nothing to whine and point fingers about. Yeah, they’ll run the “Bush’s fault” gig as hard as they can, but they were elected to power on the idea that they could “fix” that which is “Bush’s fault”. If they can’t deliver, then they lied. Moreover, never forget the “It happened on his watch” bit.

Unlike the Clinton era, the web is ready. I know I AM PERSONALLY ready and eager with Obama’s checklist of promises to be checked off as they fail.

I noticed last night that besides the Dems, commentators were already trying to lower expectations and that things were “worse than what they said during the campaign” and the big O “has a tougher job ahead as a result”. Well, since the media chose this guy and helped get him elected, THEY are also on the hook, and they don’t want to appear to blame… let’s make it out to be worse than it is, and make obama’s new job out to be harder than it should have to be. Laughable stuff all right.

I also laughed out loud this morning when I heard a guy on the radio say that obama was looking at Jon Corzine as his tresury secretary – well, as Governor of New Jersey he has done SUCH a wonderful job of driving us deeper into debt and growing the budget annually that, my gosh, he MUST be the best choice for the job! (For you non-New Jerseyans out there, a couple of years back, the State Legislature was complaining about the somewhere near 9% increase in the budget when we had another shortfall in revenue the year before -Corzine’s solution? Let them add in a lot of pork to the budget for the Democratically controlled legislature (the Repubs got little or nothing) – this pushed the budget well over the 9% increase (closer to 10 as I recall) – and it, of course, passed! So when the Dems complain that budgets are too big and increase the debt – well, let’s just make them bigger! Yay!

Let The Games Begin

The Media will do just as they did during the Clinton administration. They will only report the “good news” of an Obama admin and not mention anything adverse unless they can find some way to re-assign the blame to some Republican or Independent congress-person as a scapegoat, particularly if that individual’s term ends in 2010, so they can use it against them. Might be a good idea to examine which seats will be coming up so we can keep score when the attacks start.

I see the U.N. is already expecting Obama to push the U.S. to sign the Kyoto Accord which is due to expire in 2012:

The United States rejected the Kyoto accord, arguing it would harm American business and made no comparable demands on emerging economies. China, India and other large developing countries signed the accord but refused to accept a binding agreement that they said would limit their development and their ability to ease poverty at home.

Obama has said he wants to make the U.S. a leader on climate change and re-engage with the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change, the parent treaty of the Kyoto accord. He said he plans to introduce emissions caps to the U.S., and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 80 percent by 2050.

As we suspected, they are gleefully anxious Obama will force America to bend over and take it. L.O.S.T., Global Poverty, and other “bad for America”, plans will not be far behind.

On another note:

He declared “change has come to America” and closed with his “yes we can” campaign slogan, but not before speaking of the certainty of setbacks. “The road ahead will be long,” Obama warned. “We may not get there in one year or even one term.”

Amazing how quickly “Yes we can” became, “Maybe we can”.